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  2. I have a fair amount of surgical steel in my arm. One day I fell up the stairs and landed on that arm…about six 2 inch needles shot out the back of my elbow like some deformed wolverine claw!

  3. I had an ingrown toenail when I was about 13 years old. My mom thought it would go away with time, but no, it indeed did not. The toe swelled to the point that I can feel the throb of my heartbeat, and waves of pain came and went in intervals.

  4. Reminds me of mine when I was in the military. Ran everywhere in steel toed boots and eventually ended up with a nasty ingrown nail that became infected. Smelled horrible and puss oozed out every time I took my socks off. I was stationed in Japan at the time and the toe was so bad I had to visit the local off base hospital with a translator. Ended up cutting a few millimeters off the sides so it wouldn’t grow as wide. Anyway, my nail was so disgusting I could see the poor nurses face wince behind their masks but the doctor was very happy I allowed him to take before and after pics lol.

  5. Yeah man, ingrown nails are seriously one of the worst pains. I've never experienced childbirth or a kidney stone, so I can't say it's worse than those, but holy fuck the pain. Mine got so bad that even a thin sheet on my toe at night was agonizing. I never saw how big the piece was, but the podiatrist said it was one of the more severe cases he had seen. It was definitely infected for months before I got treatment. Removed the whole nail, and my quality of life immediately improved.

  6. This happened to me my ingrown nail was about the size of a standard thumbnail just growing inside my toe. They put some chemical on my toe so now it only grows on one side. Idk what they did but my toe looks ugly now. I was 12

  7. when i was in 8th grade i was shaving my pubes, and i used to shave up against the grain because it got a shorter, smoother cut. well the razor clipped the tip of my clit and left a flap of clit skin dangling. still have nerve damage. worst thing i’ve ever gone through.

  8. I am TERRIFIED of doing this, so I have always held my clit and labia away from where I'm shaving. I cover it all with my hand, and get as close as I can. I used to shave against the grain too, but now I prefer to shave with the grain because I stopped getting ingrown hairs, and honestly thought the lil bit of hair that's left is kind of cute. I'm still scared I'm going to cut my butthole shaving around it one day :/ I can't really cover that up

  9. Was in class in 7th grade, 5th period and stomach killing me, had a spicy Tijuana Mama sausage for breakfast and was feeling the consequences. Anyways sitting in my history class trying to get through the pain, trust a fart in hopes of some relief, then end up sharting my pants and ruining my underwear. The lesson I learned was to never trust a fart.

  10. I had major abdominal surgery in 2007 & my dad thought it was a great idea to bring me Joe's Apartment while I was still on the pushbutton giggle juice which had me laughing so hard the nurses took it away to avoid exactly that type of damage.

  11. I remember 30 years ago playing basketball in a friends backyard, the ball bounced up against a wooden fence and I scooped the ball up with my right hand. I hit the fence and got a splinter under my rude finger's nail. It's an understatement to say "splinter" it was a half inch chunk of wood.

  12. I started having pain in my leg the night of september 16th. on the 17th and the pain was worse in my upper thigh/groin area on the left leg with a bit of swelling. pain and swelling got worse so i saw a doctor on the 18th. she ordered an ultrasound which i got on the 20th and they said it was a clot, gave me blood thinners and told me to follow up the next monday.

  13. I hope all goes well for you and your husband in the future! It sounded like they were going to have to amputate your leg

  14. never had any kind of broken bone or any sort of surgery until my wisdom teeth were pullled in bootcamp. i panicked at the door and started crying at 24 yrs old. they taped your eyes shut and covered them and put the numbing shots into the roof of my mouth. they numbed you but didnt put you under so you felt the pressure and heard the cracking. felt like chewing on a tootsie pop with the cracking and pressure. went to chow right after and ate cottage cheese and oatmeal and gave me 6 tabs of some kind of heavy duty pain killer

  15. Oh god I had a wisdom tooth pulled recently, fucker had grown sideways and was damaging its neighbour

  16. Had a baby tooth pulled as a kid, I flinched when I got the needle and as a result it didn't quite work. I was too scared to say anything so I sat there at about 10 as they got the pliers and started wiggling it. Was probably only for a few seconds but in my mind it was a minute or two before I finally said the needle didn't work.

  17. This year a nurse pulled out my catheter without deflating the balloon in my blatter first. Never saw my dick bleed so much. She told me it was her first time removing one and I trusted her 😭😭

  18. I broke a small bone in my wrist in uni, went to the closest ER and got a cast and a referral to a specialist etc, no follow ups whatsoever afterwords and they ignored all my calls/emails to the point where I went back into the ER to have my cast removed and they told me they couldn’t do it without the specialist signing off, I ended up having to remove it myself at home. Fast forward a year and a half, I moved cities and started a new program and going through w my career as an artist. I break it again the day before my finals, and after i had the imaging done and my cast put on, they told me to come back first thing in the morning and they have me on a priority list bc somethings not right but they’re not allowed to further investigate bc ER, no other info. I get there at 7 am the next day and immediately 3 specialists show up, booking me in for an emergency CT. Turns out, they set it wrong the first time and it healed very incorrectly, the blood supply to the bones around it was completely cut off, causing the bones around it to collapse and the one underneath it collapsed and died. If I’m able to restore some blood flow I’ll be able to put off anything invasive for at least 10 years with no dangers, just nerve blocks, if not I’ll need full reconstructive surgery from my wrist down to my elbow, artificial bones, completely restructure my arm and will lose at least half of my mobility from the first surgery and will need to go back at least every 5-10 years for damage control. I don’t recommend

  19. My mom walked in on me masturbating, ran out of the room, and then returned waving a giant pink dildo in the air. Exclaiming “it’s ok!! I do it too!”

  20. When I was a kid I was with my dad and Grandad for the day. As we were walking I was picking up acorns and putting then in my pockets. When we stopped Ata small shop, I showed my hands in my pockets. A bit of the acorn chipped off and went deep under my thumbnail. A doctor tried to remove it but it was too deep!

  21. When I was younger I was playing in a creek with my family, and I fell in the water onto this large rock that was sticking out of the water that had moss on it. Somehow, moss for shoved deep under my thumbnail! Like going under my nail over/into my nail bed. It hurt like a mother fucker at first, but I can't remember if it hurt afterwards or anything. I can't remember if I tried to get it out or not either. I just know it hurt and I was confused as to how moss even managed to get shoved that deep into my nail bed

  22. Was riding my mountain bike down a really steep hill near my house as a kid. Slammed the brakes near the bottom, but forgot that my rear brakes were disconnected, so it just locked my front wheel and neatly flipped me over the handbars. I was wearing shorts and I skidded on my knees on a gnarly old New England asphalt road for a good 15 feet. Found out you could see the tendons after I walked all the way home.

  23. Last week at an airport bathroom. Four urinals, three normal and one shorter urinal. There’s a man in the middle of the three normal ones, so as per mens bathroom etiquette I must either wait or use the short one. I really have to go, I’ve been holding it all flight. I opt to use the shorter urinal. The other man finishes up and leaves. In walks a little person who proceeds to stare at the asshole using the only urinal he can use. His worst nightmare has come true. My worst nightmare has come true.

  24. When I was a kid, I tried to be the Pixar lamp and balance myself on a ball. The ball went out from under me and my bottom row of teeth went through my lip, causing it to get stuck. The doctors had to basically "unhook" my lip off of my bottom teeth and stitch it back together. Still have a faint scar, but it's covered by facial hair.

  25. Once when I was a kid before a cub scout meet all of us scouts were on this playground at the part and one of em was drinking a bottle of red Gatorade and I think he pretty much drank the whole bottle in like 10-15 mins but all the sudden he doesn't look so good. Then he sneezes and barfs at the same time all over his hands. It comes out his nose bringing long webs of stringy snot dyed by crazy red food coloring with it. This was like 18 years ago. I'll never unsee that. I still remember it clear as day. The strangest most awful thing I've ever seen. I still don't trust red gatorade

  26. One time when i was really little i ate a massive tub of red jelly and felt ill later that night so asked my parents if i could sleep in their bed. After a while i started to feel really sick and ran to their ensuite and i threw up a huge amount of red jelly but the thing is my mum didnt know i ate that much and she thought it was blood, she was so worried and was very close to calling an ambulance before she saw that it was chunky (ew) and realised what it was. Your comment just reminded me of this lmao

  27. One time when i was about 7 years old. I came back home from playing in the playground. I went to the bathroom and pulled my pants down. I found seven different colors/species of ticks on my balls. Had to pluck them off one at a time. I was so scared and disgusted. I never told anyone.

  28. I had an impacted wisdom tooth extraction once, and the dental surgeon, after realizing the tooth was deep inside my jaw's bone, had to break enough of the bone to see the tooth, he shattered it and extracted the pieces.

  29. Once as a kindergartner I was in class excited to get to color. So I left my table to grab the crayons and when I came back I slipped. My mouth landed exactly on the sharp edge of the wooden table and I ended splitting my lip from my gums.

  30. Was working in a kitchen when I was younger and was using a meat thermometer to check some chicken. As kitchens tend to function, it was a fast paced environment. I walked back over to my prep table and was carrying a pan of chicken and a thermometer in the other hand. I set the chicken down and accidentally dropped the thermometer over the table, and my reflexes told me to try catch the thermometer, but my hand hit the sharp part of the probe at just the wrong moment as it was landing on the table, puncturing deeply into my hand. I shook my hand, and after a second the thermometer came out. I tried to keep working but it hurt like hell, and after a minute I looked at the other side of my hand, and apparently it had gone all the way through my hand.

  31. Something similar happened to me in my biology class a few years back. At the end of our fetal pig dissection we had to clean off all the tools, and some girl accidentally dropped the scalpel in the sink and tried to catch it. Landed inside her pinky finger and nearly removed all the skin off the tip of the finger.

  32. I remember the first time I experienced a wet dream. It was on the fucking school bus, happened while I was sleeping, and it was going to a field trip. Ended up just tying my jacket around my waist and just living with jizz all over my inner thigh.

  33. Buddy, that's a wet dream not premature ejaculation. That being said, I feel your pain since I always get wet dreams at the worst time.

  34. I fell down a mountain (150 feet) and broke both my legs. It was late at night in January and I was all alone. No one came looking for me until the next day. I was in the dark in 40° weather for over 10 hours before the rescuers found me.

  35. when i was a kid my dad was attempting to use a chisel to carve out a large block of wood (idk what he was trying to make lol, my dad liked starting diy projects just for the heck of it. even if he didn’t really know what he was doing he’s always had a creative and artistic streak, and is good at making things up and improvising). anyway, somehow he held the chisel wrong enough that he ended up slipping and splitting his hand from the base of his thumb to his wrist. he was lucky he got away with no major nerve damage and just needed a ton of stitches.

  36. I was working my clinical rotation and was giving a confused patient his morning meds. As I walk up he’s putting his dentures in, being careful not to spill the water from his denture bin. :) I offer him his meds and a cup of water that he REFUSES because he has perfectly good water in his denture cup

  37. At age 7 when I was cleaning out a barn I saw an old kick scooter that I had before and tried kicking myself away with it. Since the wheels had basically no air in them and I didnt have any balance, I fell onto the harsh concrete floor that also had a crowbar lying there.

  38. A few days ago there was this news article online that a 41yo man was killed by a drunk 35yo female driver. The man was on an electric scooter and the woman was in a car. The woman is now in custody (offcourse).

  39. When I was a kid (around 5 years old) I used to watch my mom get ready in the bathroom - do her hair and makeup, shave her legs, etc. I loved watching her do these things and wanted to be like her. So one day I took a disposable razor from the bathroom and decided I was going to “shave” my legs in my bedroom. Obviously had no leg hair, but my little 5 year old brain didn’t care. I was determined. I snuck into my room, took the razor to the top of my shin, and shaved off a huge piece of flesh. Not a good time.

  40. I was like 10 years old at my granmas and just finished a nerf battle with my cousin. After the game we started to look for all the nerf darts and i found on the terrace roof so i went and got a small two way metal ladder. I got on ladder picked the nerf dart and as i was standing on the ladder i thought to myself if i could purpously push down tge ladder and do a cool landing. I pushed it and as it fell i fell over landing with my back scraping of the side of the ladder peeling my skin off. It didn't bleed but i was in immense pain and for a few days i couldn't lay on my back.

  41. once had a girlfriend that had a mattress that had a broken spring. used to hear it twanging and boinging while we were, y'know..... one night after some "athletic exercise" I rolled over having finished and discovered the broken spring had popped up through the fabric of the mattress and entered perfectly into the opening of my urethra. blood, pain and panic ensued. long story short, went to ER only to have the triage nurse insinuate I had been practicing some weird shit, got to have 2 stitches inside my bellend for a souvenir.

  42. When I was 6 I wanted to run from one end to the room and jump onto my parents bed. I ran and jumped but fell short and the mattress frame rod was sticking out from the bottom. I landed it in it knee first and I had a nasty gash on my knee oozing blood.

  43. When I was 15 I went sledding and fractured my jaw, sinus, and eye socket on a tree I had hit. I also had a blood clot in my brain and a bump on my head the size of a baseball.

  44. Pure solid potassium does react explosively with water, yes. Potassium chloride solution (99% sure what your drip was) does not. It has been reported as painful, but it is extremely common and has absolutely nothing to do with the high school chemistry experiment.

  45. All of my seizures are tonic clonics, and I have at least one breakthrough a year. My memory is to the point where I'm forgetting vocabulary and stuff. Plus, I've dislocated my right shoulder twice and my left shoulder once. I could go on...

  46. the one time i got food poisoning, i went into the bathroom to shit, i thought i was done so i got up and wiped, but then right before i flushed i had to puke, so i puked standing in front of the toilet, but i’m quite short, so when i leaned down, a shitty-pukey mixture splashed onto my face.

  47. Once when i was a smol rez kid, my dumbass was running around with a big ass stick in my mouth. I tripped and fell and it ripped my uvula half way off and fucked up the back of my throat. I don't remember it at all but my mom said it was a bloody fucked up mess. I still have my uvula.

  48. I was playing hide and seek at a friends house in 3rd grade, I went to hide in their bathroom and didn’t turn the light on before, that part is important. I stood against their bathtub with my back to what I later realized was a shower curtain. Feeling something against my heels I leaned back only to crack my head open on their soap dish. Woke up a few minutes later to the bathtub filling with my blood. 9 staples later I am perfectly fine.

  49. I was walking to a Halloween party yesterday and this drunk girl stepped on a mouse and killed it, without even noticing. I watched it squirm around before stopping, and it’s like the girl didn’t even feel it. Shit was fucked.

  50. When i was younger at a family members house, someone was using this treadmill they had, and i wanted to talk to them but didn’t have anywhere to sit, so being the little genius i was, sat on the edge of the fast moving belt. Naturally it caught me and sent me behind it, slamming into the wall, and scraping my back like a belt sander. Horrible burn on my back and had the skin scraped off, couldn’t lay on my back for weeks

  51. My grandpa was climbing over a fence to a baseball field when my dad was young. Fell off the fence and landed just so perfectly that he broke both wrists

  52. Was playing around in my grandma's backyard when i was 3 years old. Running around, tripped, and fell right on my face. Mouth was open, my two front teeth took the entire impact and shattered; had to be rushed to the dentist to have tiny bits of my teeth extracted from my gums

  53. I ran Cross-Country and tripped on an exposed root on a course. Ended up with a black eye a there was a flap in the palm of my hand that was pulled up

  54. doing tech theatre in middle school. we had this huge soundboard we had to lug around in a big heavy suitcase to put it where we needed it for our shows. i tell my classmate to put it down, gently, so we don't damage it...and she drops it directly on my foot. my big toe had a massive black spot on it for a YEAR, that had to grow out by itself. hurt like a motherfucker.

  55. I said something my family didn’t like and they ostracized me fur having an opinion. So in order to be true to myself, I pissed a whole bunch of people off. So what do you do, stay true or keep the peace?

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