Oh dear god no

  1. If this post makes you suffer, UPVOTE THIS COMMENT. If not, DOWNVOTE THIS COMMENT. If this post breaks any rule(s), be sure to report this post and downvote this comment.

  2. Yes 110%. Many things on this sub are just kinda like whatever. But fuck the spawn of satan that made this video right to the dark underbellies of hell itself.

  3. I remember when i posted a long time ago a gif of me stepping into a bathtub in shocks and got deleted because it is not actual suffering.

  4. IIRC there was an unpopular opinion post from a while ago with someone going into great detail why they like the feeling of their cuffs being wet after washing their hands. I’ve tried it in the summer and it’s not bad. Not preferred but not bad.

  5. This is the first makemesuffer I’ve seen which made me suffer and not suffer at the same time - with the former being worse than the usual ones.

  6. How is it that after scrolling past so many videos of people getting injured, this is the video that makes me feel most uncomfortable?

  7. Staaaahhhhppppp!!! Oh my God, I thought a snake was going to come out of the drain and/or faucet, but this was a million times worse.

  8. This is how I feel always seeing those fridge restocking videos! They always have their sleeves over their damn hands and will wash/chop fruit and veg with their sleeves like that. So irritating!

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