Looking for backstory on this artwork on church in S Portland, near Red’s Dairy Freeze

  1. I lived away for ten years and have returned to the area. My friend told me that during the interim,someone planted a tree in front of it to block the view from the street, but it is gone now. My friend would give instructions to his house as follows:”remember to take a right at the Googly Eyed Jesus.” Anyone have any information on when it was created, who the artist was, etc?

  2. Ha ha I always heard it referred to as Googly Eyed Jesus too! It scared the crap out of my son when he was little

  3. I lived in Portland for 25 years and we called this “Jesus with the fried egg eyes.” The paper did a story once, which I’m too lazy to look up. The artist created it decades ago, and sometime in the later 2000’s, the town lobbied to have it taken down. The artist, who lives in another state, I believe, refused. Within a couple of years, the tree under the picture had grown to cover a good part of it and, mysteriously, no one kept it trimmed back. It was that way for a few years, when they finally cut the tree down. My favorite part is the uterus & ovaries above his head.

  4. We called it the Googly-eyed Jesus too! I don’t know the details, but it’s been there since at least the early 2000s. I remember when they planted the tree to cover it up 🤣 (Edited for grammar)

  5. We called it the church of the Scary Jesus as kids. I only know that it was my great grandmother's catholic church.

  6. I worked at a hifi shop back in the mid 2000’s and a customer gave me driving directions with that church, using that nickname, as a landmark for a flatscreen delivery. I still call it that. I was sad when the church let the tree grow in front of it, and am happy that the tree is gone.

  7. Yup. Growing up that’s what my brother and I called it. Hell, it was only a few years ago that a tree was planted there to block it. They only recently cut it down.

  8. https://bangordailynews.com/2020/03/26/news/obscured-for-years-controversial-googley-eyed-jesus-mural-makes-return/

  9. I personally know the person who poisoned the tree as a prank 3 years ago. He’s in college now and doesn’t live in Maine anymore but he was a senior in high school at the time

  10. SCARY JESUS CHURCH AND THE HOLY UTERUS (ya I see the massive downvotes on everyone's posts...downvote this!)

  11. Every time I drive by this with my teenaged daughter I tell her this is the face she makes every time I talk to her. And then she makes the face. 🤣

  12. My favorite bit is the full blown uterus he is looking up at, gets me everytime when om stu k at that light

  13. The backstory is, this young girl gets engaged to an older dude, and he totally thinks she's a virgin. When she turns up pregnant before the wedding she's all like: "ummmmm god did it?". Hijinks ensue.

  14. My brother called it The Church of the Scary Cross-Eyed Jesus. Jesus was so distracting that it took us years to notice the uterus lilies above him.

  15. I went to the catholic school attached to this church. Creepy Jesus has always been a part of my life, never gave it much thought lmao. But I’ve always kinda liked it.

  16. Scary Jesus church!! I live right around the corner. Painted in the 1980s. They had let a big pine grown up and cover Jesus’s face but cut it down a couple years ago.

  17. Didn’t his eyes used to be bloody/bloodshot? Or am I misremembering this being even creepier when I was younger?

  18. Um…radical Jew’s teaching is misappropriated and twisted into power/money grab at the expense of the very people he hoped to help, perpetuated by assaultive patriarchy and tax-exempt status. Or is that too far back?

  19. We call it Creepy Jesus at our house. Family lore says there was a mosaic that failed the test of winter and shed its tiles all the time so they installed this. Many a family memory in that place.

  20. I don't know about y'all, but I always wanted to know what Jesus' vinegar strokes looked like... showin us the O face!

  21. What a weird weird painting to slap on a church. I had to squinch the picture bigger bc I thought the second from the top was a goats head apparently it is a nice set of Fallopian tubes under a white dress shirt. The guy at the bottom looks like he just hit the nearest weed shop. I usually love the offbeat art world but this is just plain weird.

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