Legalize Psilocybin petition

  1. I support the movement but things like this have to be better written to be taken seriously and get more acceptance. I would remove text about your feelings and remove everything about comparisons such as the alcohol part. I would keep it to research findings and medical pros about the benefits of psychedelic drug therapy. PTSD, depression, anxiety, migraines, aiding in cancer recovery or acceptance like you mentioned. If any comparison is made, the cannabis framework might be worth bringing up because it has stimulated economies and is being handled pretty successfully in terms of safety and regulation. It would be a valid argument that using the recreational cannabis model, shrooms could be handled just the same.

  2. I also support the movie but I would have to agree. This seems more along the lines of a conversation with friends. Much less a major legal push. I don’t have much to add than I would hope OP takes your advice, it seems like a good start

  3. Not that I believe what any politician says, but the Biden administration has said both psilocybin and MDMA will be federally legal by 2024. I think the more we can get this out there, the faster it will happen. Hell, there is even an official shroom dispensary that just opened up in Florida, and nobody has messed with them. I think it's possible to get it federally legalized before marijuana even! I'm so excited!

  4. I think that the work of Hopkins, Compass and other research orgs needs to be completed before there can be a lobbying push for legalization. It needs to be done properly. Otherwise, if the narrative is anything less than “the science has demonstrably shown this to be safe and effective at treating all kinds of psychological issues”, it opens itself up to attack. It needs to be completely unassailable. Let the research orgs do their thing. There are large forces at work to legalize psilocybin. Be patient, legalization is coming.

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