I left Magic Arena 2 years ago, when Ikoria came out, and I came back a few days ago...

  1. This current sound bug is a new one. The game hasn't been bugged for 2 years. I mean, it has, but not this specific bug. There's always bugs...

  2. Well fixing bugs is not making them money. Selling packs and gems and cosmetic does. As you probably noticed there are many offers in the shop :)

  3. Of course fixing bugs makes them money. Bugs make the experience of the game worse. That puts people off playing and, consequently, spending money in the game.

  4. Oh it’s worse than that. They’ve probably fixed this bug three or four times since Ikoria. They just keep adding it back by accident

  5. I have been playing since launch. This sound bug is relatively recent (last couple of months or so).

  6. Is it a bug on Mobile at all? I've not experienced it, and I have my sound on probably 2/3 of the time, but I'm almost exclusively using the android client.

  7. Nah, they are busy creating alchemy cards for more profit, can't waste time doing thing that won't generate money (ppl won't left the game because of a sound problem).

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