So after some research these last few days. I believe the Outfit is on it's last legs.

  1. Let’s just be honest here. No one really knows shit about these modern outfit crews. Just like no one knows shit about 99% of the drug operations in Chicago and all the other vast underground operations in Chicago. For example nobody on here has any real insight to who is a “made man” and who is being made all we can do is speculate and read Chicago tribune articles about people who get arrested in news worthy stories. It’s called underground for a reason. Even guys who are “connected” are likely only made aware of information that directly pertains to them or their crew. But Chicago is the most corrupt city in America. Even if it’s not with the same outfit entity, there will always be Italians and others in Chicago in the rackets running books taking bets extorting robbing selling drugs etc. But like I said the outfit is very underground and the majority of people with the outfit are not known publicly unless they are long time famous gangsters like solly d or guys who got told on and ended up in the news. But when you live in the city and the surrounding suburbs, you will sometimes come across bits and pieces of that secret organization, usually none of it’s on google.

  2. This comment is interesting but also at same time leads back to my point. Do they really exist if they are so hidden? It's 2022, everything is out there pretty much. It's like the Outfit guys are so secretive that no one knows they exist. The Genovese family is similar but you always find arrests etc.

  3. That’s a natural progression of success in a criminal organization if you ask me . Making enough money to go legit is every smart criminals dream. And the mafia may be a lot of things but they have always been majority of them smart criminals , which is why they fascinate me. Of course there tenticals and business practices will always be rooted from criminal activity and the people they do business with fear of telling them no and what happens if you don’t cooperate with them, but the smart goal ultimately is to have so much money and be so locked in legitemately to make it damn near impossible for the feds to indict you and to make it a waste of time for them to even prosecute your illegal businesses because you can show a jury that you make just as much if not more legally , which makes it hard for them to use their tax violation prosecution cheat codes when they want you bad enough . And on goes the cycle. The Italians won and did it right in my eyes, not the feds. They came here, started criminal organizations because they were deprived of opportunities, loaned money to their own people and helped other Italians start businesses and become entrepreneurs , and now most of them live in suburbs of their native cities with successful businesses , and other minority criminal groups are mostly the ones fighting for the scraps on the street . Are there still cosa nostra families and Italians deeply entrenched in criminal activity ? Sure , but the majority of the ones from back in the day that did it for the right reasons planned their end game correctly and their grand kids and family members have good jobs or own successful businesses and live in the suburbs now and don’t have to indulge in criminal activity. Which is I’m sure what most of their goals were . Sure they wanna keep LCN going and see a new generation keep the tradition alive, and I’m sure some are morally conflicted on that issue , but what’s more important to any smart person is legal financial security for their families .

  4. Isn't this a broad sunshine filled take? Feds killed the mob. Incompetent leaders killed them. Revenge killings and drugs killed them. Rats killed them. What you described is a fate very few families achieved and even then, it isn't some "we achieved our prefect retirement" dream. It's more of "the old ways are dead, other criminal operations took our money makers, feds focus on us so we can't do too much anyway so membership is low" reality.

  5. I hope you realize the Feds can prosecute you for more then the tax cheat codes or whatever you called them. Just because you can show a jury you make as much money legally as your illegal rackets do, doesn’t mean you’re all set and locked in from being indicted.

  6. Detroit mob is dead, Outfit while faded is still very much alive. Your estimate of made guys is not really a good metric for comparison, as Chi was always structured different and Many prominent guys were never made. I’d say chi is bigger revenue-wise than Philly or NJ fams. Maybe comparable to Bonannos/Colombos

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