From my little home in a small village in Devon I have officially decreed that Russia has now been annexed by me. From now on Russia shall be called Maureen.

  1. The proud motherland of Maureen… yeah, I can get behind this plan. Look forward to your first United Nations speech, although I am unsure as to whether one needs to congratulate you with a Vodka or with a cream tea - instructions needed…

  2. de Facto Maureen president. He’s acting despite the duly elected will of the people to have this post’s OP be president

  3. We, the people of the kingdom of Denmark, recognize Maureen as a sovereign country. You wanna be in the EU as well?! Or is that an insensitive question? 😁

  4. Maureen how awesome! Can I become a Maureenian? Or, are you willing to trade off a little farm of about 50 hectares for some shiny coins? I declared the coins valuable.

  5. What are the people called? Maureenian? Or is everyone just Maureen? For example: I dated a Maureen guy before. Or My ex was Maureenian.

  6. Finally, Russia is returning to its roots, home. People are voted 999.98% to join Maureen and return to historic home.

  7. Nooo, the Monarchical Republic of Trabuco already annexed it. I see nothing but a brutal dispute between you and me. A deal: mutual upvote and Maureen is your's

  8. Careful op...everyone else who has said anything like that lately have fallen out of hospital windows...or boats...or choked on food...or some other calamity. Of course as you are likely not a Russian...sorry Maureen oligarc you may be safe

  9. I was going to announce annexation…. But you beat me to it…. Heretofore known as Maureen! Congratulations!

  10. By the power invested in me by absolutely nobody, I hereby recognize your annexation of Russia on behalf of my corner lot in upstate New York.

  11. Wait you annexed Russia too? I wrote on my napkin yesterday that I am the true ruler of all the territory. Your proclamation seems more legit, so I'll pass my official documents off to you so we have proper proof of ownership records.

  12. Wait, you can't annex Russia! I annexed Russia and it is not called Gooblagobblerville. We voted and it was unanimous.

  13. Sorry, but Belgorod is rightful Raised_by_cats soil and has been since 30 billion nanoseconds ago. The oblast, not just the city.

  14. Shut the fuck up. Köln has already annexed Russia officially and announced the great nation of Cologne. Now Köln has his historic accurate borders back.

  15. I feel that Maureen needs to clarify its position on joining NATO, the EU, Eurovision as well as it's attendance at the upcoming Frisbee World Championships as a priority.

  16. I’m sorry by I held a legitimate and legal referendum of my wife and cat who aren’t Russian and have never been there, and the vote was 98% in favour of Russia becoming part of my back garden. Hence forth the independent nation of Trans-Siberia, formerly the artist know as Russia will now be part of Back Gardenia.

  17. This is a heavy escalation as I have already annexed Russia earlier in the week. The Maureen army must withdraw from the whole territory of Brno-East immediately.

  18. Mother Maureen sounds a lot more caring and like a place where you would find good food and kind people, sounds like a great improvement

  19. ... and most of their people, seeing how they are indifferent or flee to other counties (and still are indifferent).

  20. Russia annexed Ukraine, now Russia was "annexed" and is now called Maureen because the anexion Russia had just isn't valid

  21. Recently, like two days ago, Putin illegally annexed territories in Ukraine even though the rest of the globe is like, “Nah, you can’t just say something like that and make it true.”

  22. Maureen sounds like the type of person that would complain there is too much crust on a loaf of bread and management needs to supply bread with less crust.

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