guy proposed on taylor swift concert with perfect timing as song lyrics

  1. It’s more than smooth. It’s perfect. That’s a man in love perfectly pulling off the perfect proposal. That’s a move he can only do once for one woman.

  2. Same, I think its the simplicity and nailing the vibe of the song. Dude hasn't done some big showy stunt shite.

  3. It was public but he managed to make it an intimate private moment, and it feels tailored (ha) to her and her interests. It’s kind of perfect

  4. The difference between this and what you typically dislike, I imagine, is that most of the time the proposer is doing it FOR the crowd in the public setting, or because it's public.

  5. The beauty of this is all the work was in the thought to match it all up perfectly and have a huge impact. No need to coordinate a 40 person flash mob dance.

  6. Oh shit, didn't even think of that. Every time that songs plays on the radio or anywhere she's remember. Awww this got even cuter!

  7. I was not prepared to like this; much less find it incredibly adorable and romantic. Public proposals are usually a bad idea, especially in a venue such as a concert. But this felt so carefully catered to what his partner would like and be comforrable with. He looked so happy and excited, because he knew she would love it. That jubulee of doing something you know will make someone you love absolutely over the moon with happiness. It's palpable and illuminates every angle and shadow of the face. It seems like they actually discussed moving their relationship to marriage, communicating with one another about their wants and desires. Too many goddamn people don't do this and it's unimaginable selfish to decide to take the next step in a relationship without any line of communication with their partner. Remember to be like this guy and be best friends with your partner.

  8. Wow, you were not kidding with that title, OP. That was perfectly executed and what a fantastic moment in their lives. Love how all the people around them react to it as well.

  9. My husband proposed to me during a Paul McCartney concert when they sang “he buys you diamonds rings”. It was also very cool:)

  10. You know my boy was repeating the first few verses of lose yourself before doing this because that took some major balls to do.

  11. my 60 year old dad (at the time of his death and i was 13) would blast this song on the way to his shop every saturday on the car ride to work. will forever love this somg

  12. Maybe Taylor Swift is awesome after all? Does she have good songs about heartbreak and betrayal with a dash of sadness. Where at the end of the song you feel empowered or smth?

  13. She hasn't necessarily done country in like a decade and I don't remember any songs off the top of my head but her Folklore and Evermore albums are rather somber and melancholy, and some of the songs on them were definitely about heartbreak.

  14. Her last two albums (folklore and evermore) were all about a long term relationship ending. And as a guy in his late 30s going through a divorce at the time, I say those were some of the most meaningful and well-written songs I've ever heard. Taylor is a mature storyteller.

  15. I won’t be the first to say it but check Folklore. I am nowhere near her target demo and I love that album.

  16. I don't like Taylor swift or the idea of getting married but if I saw someone do this I'd be so giddy with cute and excitement for them. What a way to do it. Combining something she loves in with the moment!

  17. That's so fucking cute. Not only might this be the perfect proposal for her, it's also gonna be a lifelong memory for everyone around who saw it. "Remember that time we went to that Taylor Swift concert and that guy proposed to his girl while THAT song was playing?"

  18. Of all the horrible, heartwarming and straight up sociopathic things I have seen on Reddit how and why did this one make me cry? I don't even like Taylor Swift!

  19. So are we not discussing the fact that the girl recording on her phone in the background wearing black disappeared for half a second then reappeared suddenly?

  20. I don't really like her music but I immediately recognized the lyrics and was just... grinning ear to ear. This was so awesome! Perfect proposal dude, absolutely *chefs kiss*

  21. I hate these kind of guys honestly...... proposing at a concert singing gf favourite song by their favourite singer..... how do we even beat that???!!!!

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