The doggo is blessed to have such a caring parent!

  1. It helps having a sugar momma that will buy it all and prepare it for you. I bet that freeloading dog didn't buy a damn thing.

  2. You’d actually be surprised. Yes this is an absolutely over the top meal prep but I fed my dogs raw for over a decade and, while I’ve switched back to high quality kibble for the time being, I much prefer raw. Not only for the obvious health difference it makes but for the cost. It costs me about $60 a week to feed my dogs with some quite high quality (60% protein) kibble. It probably cost about $40 to feed them raw. Generally they’d get a bit of brown rice, a raw chicken drumstick or thigh, an egg, some sweet potato, some beef kidney and heart, and whatever other odds and ends were on sale that week like chicken feet or pork neck bones. From silky coats to fresh breath to boundless energy, they difference is incredibly noticeable and I took a great deal of pride whenever people would guess my dogs were half as old as they were. My old dog has recently developed a rare brain tumor and it’s sort of sucked a lot of the wind out of my sails so I’ve kinda gotten depressed and lazy but I can 1000% recommend raw.

  3. It's a black chicken. They're hard to find, but absolutely delicious. I've been able to find some once in a while in the Asian market.

  4. Fibromelanosis or hyperpigmentation is caused by a dominant gene that gives them melanin in their skin, flesh, and even bones. They are leaner than your average chicken, but have many health benefits.

  5. I was always told to never give your dog chicken bones because they can splinter in the mouth, stomach, or intensities and puncture something important which can be deadly.

  6. Black chicken is common in Asian market. It is good for stews. But unlike white chicken, it is not good for frying, grilling, seasoning, nuggets, schnitzels etc. The meat is more rough, intense and harder to cook completely. Also has stronger odor and flavour. Only boiling can make it desirably edible. Soups and stews are the common way to consume it.

  7. Actually all that food cleans their teeth, especially the raw bones, so their breath is way less stinky than dogs who eat processed food!

  8. Might be just a one time thing for the media. People do this shit all the time. It’s awesome if they do this every day, multiple times a day for their dog. But I’ve seen so many things done just for the social media, I’ve lost faith.

  9. I'm over here impressed that the owner knows the real name of a pig's penis (the pizzle)

  10. Vet Tech here… the amount of salmonella, bacteria and parasites that this dog is ingesting is unreal.

  11. Veterinarian here. Can confirm. I can’t unroll the eyes from the back of my head after seeing this. Not only is this unnecessarily expensive, it is not balanced and not healthy long-term. Ask a vet what they feed their dog. 99% chance they will tell you “dog food”.

  12. If anyone wants actual feedback on why raw diets are stupid: First and foremost, dogs are not wolves. There is tons of research at this point to show that they’re very different animals. So the idea that you need to feed a dog like it’s a wolf is dumb. But even if they were the same, wild animals only eat raw food because they lack the ability to cook things. Just because something is done in nature doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do things. It just means it’s the only way for the animal to do it given its situation.

  13. I started feeding my dogs like this and told my vet and she was basically like “the food you feed your dogs has everything they need in it, there is no benefit and some of it can hurt them”

  14. Veterinary nurse here, this is 100% accurate. For people who want to do home made diets for their dogs there are veterinary nutritionists (actual veterinarians who specialize) who will creat custom recipes for you (the university of Tennessee was the first but there are others now).

  15. I’m no vet, but this is what I was thinking. How the hell do most of my animals end up living a full life off dry dog food and these people need to spend my monthly food allowance on a week of food for their dog? These types of dog owners drive me insane.

  16. Exactly this. Kibble might seem boring, but simply it has everything your pet needs, and they don't really care. Feeding them complex diets like this is expensive, and if not researched and put together properly risks toxic ingredients and or missing out key nutrients.

  17. I'd be careful with the kelp, humans have fucked their thyroids by eating too much dried kelp on a daily basis due to the high iodine content. I'm not sure about dogs, but I imagine they need less iodine on a daily basis than humans due to their lower bodyweight.

  18. With raw chicken, I would be concerned about salmonella, honestly. The fact that it is a more premium chicken could suggest it's been farmed in better conditions, but there's still the possibility that it has contracted salmonella

  19. Also, dogs still gonna die when its time is up. Can't make a dog live till 90 or a thousand with pricey food. People need to accept this is how it is when they get a pet.

  20. Same. My dog has a delicate stomache, and it's just best to give him my vet approved dog food than risk him getting diarrhea

  21. First off, so happy fort that pup, that’s a hell of a meal. I do however know farm dogs that have lived 14-17 years and have eaten kibble and critters.

  22. Not if the video is for clout. In which case, dogo got this treatment only once for the sake of the video. Nevertheless, happy that the good boy got the treat.

  23. It's a lot of effort as well. How many times a week does this dog get this diet? Or is it just once for the TikTok?

  24. The dog has rich parents who like to show off what they can afford. Full stop. Dog doesn't give a shit how expensive that nonsense was. Just give it some rotisserie chimken and it'd be STOKED. ...I'm surprised I didn't see any Uni or caviar in there.

  25. Also it’s not even particularly good for it. That much offal everyday is a great way to give your dog a Vitamin A overdose. Raw diets carry a lot of risk because balancing the nutrients and vitamins and minerals your pet needs is very complicated and very easy to fuck up. Pet foods like kibble are very stringently researched and carefully balanced for a reason.

  26. Do not give it rotisserie chimken waaaay to much salt for a dog. But that is besides the point, just needed to say it for the doggies out there.

  27. This is purely performative, I bet the guy would never feed his dog like this if it wasn’t for internet clicks and points. He knows it’s extraordinary, overpriced, and absolutely not efficient, but that’s exactly why people are going to react to it.

  28. I've come to the realisation that these raw food diet pet owners are about as informed as antivaxxers. Lots of "do your own research" and calling out conspiracies of big pet food propaganda but all their sources come from crunchy fools who either sell the shit or blogs with no real sources of proper research.

  29. The benefits are in knowing exactly what your dog is eating, BUT too many people think they can just wing their dog’s raw diet )like this guy) when, just like us, they need very specific things to sustain. And this dog is getting too much of a lot, not enough of over stuff, and some things it shouldn’t have at all.

  30. Vet tech. Supplements for animals have been around for a long time. A lot of them are actually good and still recommended OTC by veterinarians. I do not support the raw diet fad, however.

  31. Until he bites a chicken bone. Since they are lightweight they are very brittle and can pierce digestive organs.

  32. How/why are you the only top comment talking about this? This is how you kill your dog in a painful agonizing death. You should NEVER let your dog eat bird bones. They're hollow and splinter when broken. You're just as well feed the dog broken glass.

  33. Can’t believe nobody has said this before now. Like people don’t know chicken bones are extremely dangerous to dogs… this whole dish is terrible for the pup compared to other food and I hope the owner gets told to fuck off

  34. If you look reeeeeally closely, all the pills they put in there will still be in the bowl - untouched. Because dogs be like that.

  35. Had a shitty husky that hated pills sooo much but loved treats. So we put her pills into a one of those "Pill pockets" (treats that are super soft so you can just mush it in there). Well I think she figured out what we did the first time because the second time she was chewing it weird, then she spit out the treat. SHE ATE THE FUCK AROUND IT.

  36. My family dog is 21 years old and all we’ve fed her through the years is kibbles and bits and table scraps

  37. What does dragonfruit have that all the other more commonly and cheaply found fruits and veggies couldn’t give the dog? This is more theater than anything else.

  38. This doesn’t seem like a great diet for a dog however much they’d like to spend on him. There’s really high end kibble and prepared meals much better suited for doggo stomachs.

  39. You would think if the owner is this over the top feeding their dog, they would at least know chicken bones are VERY dangerous for dogs to digest.

  40. As a person who very recently lost his best friend of 14 years all I can say is.. They are family. Love them and spoil them. We don't deserve them.

  41. I just said the same thing the other day- they don't live nearly as long as we wish they would, so spoil them while they're here. Sorry for your loss

  42. Dude used a different utensil to put each different variety of foods in that bowl. I reuse the same fork for cooking, eating, and snacks in the same day.

  43. I doubt it is only his love for that dog. That person simply has the means to take this much care of this dog, I am sure that many of us would do the same if they could

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