He wanted to go

  1. Imagine going through shit, like this dude looks like he's been having it rough, with mobility issues if nothing else, and someone just comes up and says, "Wanna go to Disneyland and just have a fun wholesome day all paid for?" It would just turn everything around.

  2. So many elderly people get forgotten about and their families don’t visit them… they are left to be bored till they die because they are too old to get out and do stuff on their own. It’s heartbreaking.

  3. It's really sad a lot of elderly people feel invisible in the world and a lot are abandoned by family. Some not because they want to but because we'll we have to work multiple jobs to keep a roof over our heads.

  4. I'm a car salesman at a Nissan dealership. I've been here 10 years and we have our regulars who come "shoot the shit" weekly. They're the older people who've lost their wives or husband's. So they come and talk to anyone willing to listen. Great people, some have passed away which hurt cause you make great friends with them. But you're right, they feel alone mostly.

  5. Yeah I used to hang out and take care of an older neighbor before she went to hospice and she missed being independent so much. She would just go to church, the library, bank, grocery store, anywhere really so she wasn't home alone all day. Even the neighbor kids would rush over right after school to visit with her.

  6. I work retail and I always try to chat a little extra to some of the older people, some of them seem like they really need it.

  7. Australia has started a program where they get kids and teenagers who don’t have nans or pops, and pair them with older people who don’t have any active family of their own.

  8. I’m working with a Medicare advantage plan right now and spend my days speaking with elderly people and this I so true. The lives of quiet desperation we all seem to live when we get older here in America is really.. disheartening. Life gets incredibly lonely the older you get

  9. I've felt invisible for a decade and I've just hit 40. Self-employed guy working from home. Horrible to think it's only going to get worse, and frustrating to know that the tools to fix it have to come from within me (ie going out and forcing myself to socialise on my own to make friends).

  10. Jumping on the top comment and hopping on my soapbox to talk about this issue. It's so bad, especially in the. US, and we don't talk about it enough. We have created worlds that are so isolating. We sold the American dream of suburbia to older generations and then left them there to rot alone.

  11. The seniors in my town have the same routine and become regulars and people in customer service know them everywhere. It’s really sweet honestly. And then sad when you hear one of them passed away.

  12. As a banker, I can confirm. Used to have lots of older customers that just wanted to pull out $25 and chit chat. Or they would call to check their balances and just talk for a few. It’s hard. I have my own things I need to do, but I try and make time for them to talk if I can.

  13. This is awesome. My neighbor used to be my bestie. She is 98. Her son moved her into a retirement home and the neighborhood is so quiet without her. I really love that this guy picked someone that would really appreciate human interaction. Most elderly people are written off and stuck in a comfy chair and left alone and it should not be this way. Other videos I really enjoy are the British show where they take young kids to visit nursing homes. These people just light up when they see kids. And the kids get so excited to see their special friends too. Each gains a new perspective and is valued.

  14. Do you ever go to visit your old neighbor? I imagine COVID would make it difficult, but I bet she'd like to see you!

  15. Sometimes I find myself hating the whole idea of doing something nice and putting a camera in the face of the person you are helping, but I’ve seen a few of these recently that make me really want to get out there and help people. This is so damn inspiring and I just hope at some point in my life my finances are such that I can afford to do over the top nice things for random people for no reason other than to give them a bit of hope or happiness. This guy is amazing and I love to hear that this is his whole platform. The world could use more of him.

  16. His instagram is pretty wholesome. I’ve definitely spent time I should have been doing other things crying at his videos.

  17. I’m a little afraid that some unscrupulous “influencers” will see this and this could go horribly wrong for all of the reasons you would expect.

  18. For those who are wondering a wheelchair does not get you an automatic advantage. You need a disability that prevents you from waiting in a traditional queue

  19. Before the "why do they have to film it" people show up. 1. A lot of these people can afford to do things like this BECAUSE they film/stream it for viewer donations/sponsorships. 2. Maybe it will inspire others to act similarly. 3. It's just a nice wholesome af video. Enjoy it for what it is.

  20. This entirely! I hadn't thought of doing this, but I want to go find a local elderly stranger to take to Disneyland now, too.

  21. Ha before I saw this comment I immediately commented “I wanna do this one day” because it inspired me… to your point.

  22. Yep, I used to be one of the "can people not do nice things without filming it" brigade. I was overly cynical and never stopped to think that it creates revenue so they can do nice things for more people

  23. It's only shitty when they pretend they didn't film it....or when they happen to have supplies for cleaning oil off ducks on hand next to a suspicious bucket of oil.

  24. If people want to spend their money and time being kind and giving, I dont care if its selfishly motivated/ just for the likes because the end result is more good in the world. Kindness should never be underestimated or overlooked, its one of the few things we can give to others for free.

  25. Also, this video is less than a minute long covering an entire day at Disney land. Snapchat stories can be longer than that.

  26. I mean, I can’t do much to help people financially seeing as I’m too poor. So it makes me feel really good getting to live vicariously through these videos. Screw the “wHy FiLm” people

  27. Of all the good deeds I’ve seen filmed, this one makes sense to film. This was a whole experience. Not just filming yourself giving someone money for pats on the back.

  28. Thank you for your comment! Hopefully more people will follow his lead and adopt a Senior, so many are youngsters in an old body, and each one’s life will be enriched for it.

  29. Just want to piggyback here and say that what this guy is doing has been done before in a similar way for a homeless guy. That video raised tons of money for the guy to help him out afterwards too, but that also proves that this is inspiring for others. Yes it gets big views, but it is also a big undertaking and the more it spreads, the better the world we live in.

  30. Absolutely. Frick yeah. This warmed my heart so much. I'm glad it's on film. Hopefully this gent can keep some footage and look on it when he needs a pick me up.

  31. I appreciate you making this comment. Personally I'm glad they filmed this outing and shared it. People might feel better watching it and be inspired to help others.

  32. Who gives a fuck if it's being filmed. The dude still took that man to Disneyland and gave him a good time. The fact that it's filmed doesn't change that. I doubt the old dude gives a shit either.

  33. i dont mind it being filmed because its more than just giving a homeless guy a 12$ lunch or dropping something money in someones lap and dragging it out for the video. He genuinely took this man to Disney Land and spent the day with him, and the elderly man loved it.

  34. Just about anything would be appreciated. If you play some guitar bring it in one day and hold a little concert for them. I think human interaction more than anything is what they crave, that sense of togetherness and belonging.

  35. I thought this was going to be another clout video but never expected to be a blubbering mess in under 50 seconds. What an incredible act of kindness ♥

  36. Isaiah Garza (the content creator) identifies the gentleman as a veteran and it just gives the video another layer of meaning. For what they are willing to give up for us, we do not do right by our veterans and they end up being some of the most marginalized, under-supported members of our society. Thank you for your service, good man and I am so glad you had a blast and made a friend. Hope others make you feel this loved and valued each and every day!

  37. I get the same treatment for being autistic. Turns out adults having panic attacks for being in lines doesn't look so good and they'd rather just let you skip the line.

  38. Beautiful. So many of my parents’ friends live very lonely and mundane lives. Some won’t take themselves to doctors visits because they see no point in carrying on. Their kids don’t visit or even call. You have this guy a wonderful joyous memory. Well done.

  39. What a retirement community should be doing every day. Too bad it's at least $5k for just room and board. OP is my hero.

  40. I hope that one day when I'm old someone will treat me with this level of kindness. Not saying they gotta take me to Disneyland, but rather just be a friend to me.

  41. I volunteer here in Kyrgyzstan for a group that visits Soviet WWII vets. Even though I'm American and have to use a translator most of the time these people welcome me into their house, give me the full Bald and Bankrupt experience. They are just so happy someone remembers them and cares. One man I visited recently passed and we were the last group the visit him and I'll always remember him smiling saying one day we will go fishing. One day my friend!

  42. Talk / engage with older gentlemen when you have the time, such as waiting for a bus or on a line, they love the interaction and more often than not it’s not only made their day but it’s made mine. A lot of them have incredible wisdom and have lived pretty insane lives, I live for those stories

  43. The only bad thing about this video is that he gave him MINNIE mouse ears. Not Mickey Mouse ears. They had the bow on them, so they were Minnie Mouse.

  44. It’s very important for Seniors to experience new things, as the brain is constantly learning. I’m glad to see this man receive an experience instead of just money

  45. A lot of people are struggling and hurting in complete isolation, and you’d never know it because they’ve always got a brave face on in public. It takes so little to be kind, and it can literally change someone’s life.

  46. Am I the only one who thinks he used him so he could get to the front of all the lines? That what we did with my grandma when I was little. It was the tits.

  47. One of the best Disneyworld trips that I had ever taken was when my husband and I took his 85 year old grandparents. It took A LOT of planning but it was well worth it. The cast members were phenomenal and we were able to get them on rides that were the safest for them. Wouldn't trade those memories for anything!

  48. I'm an old shut in. The best part of my week is when Mellissa my physical therapist comes over and starts our session by asking me how Michigan played and have I eaten better this week.

  49. Sometime I see these random acts of kindness videos and find them so scripted sometimes or like the receiver is just confused but this one was so genuine. He truly had a wonderful day. Loneliness is such a plague and I'm glad he got to go to the happiest place on Earth and made a friend.

  50. That’s probably what I would do having money knowing how it is to have none. Would give me joy till the rest of my life. But here i am with a 15k debt trining not to kill my self.

  51. The best thing in this world to me is making a change a difference in someone's life. This was beautiful I hope to have this effect on people one day.

  52. I sell insurance for a living, it involves making around 100 calls a day. The best are the elderly who just want to talk to talk and you can usually tell they just haven’t had someone to hold a convo with in a long time. If you see an old person out and about alone or eating by themselves it will literally take a few minutes of your time to make their entire day.

  53. I wish my grandparents would have been willing to let me take them to do fun things before they passed- towards the end they were all very reluctant to go out and do things, which is understandable but I still wanted to see them enjoy themselves. Please don't forget about the elderly, one day- if we are lucky to live long enough- we will be old as well and nobody should be alone

  54. All too often do we just accept the elderly as having "lived their life", yet, they are still alive. I completely understand why he says he has no idea how much this meant to him.

  55. I couldn't agree with you more! I lost my grandmother who was my best friend & I still visit with the folks in her building bc they are dumped there but even more so bc they give me so much! They don't ask for anything h& they are so grateful when ppl visit with them & listen to their life stories! It breaks my heart how we seem to think it's ok to throw elderly ppl away or visit once in a while! I'm so grateful to see other people showing LOTS OF LOVE & APPRECIATION 2 these angels! Simply put they give us so much more than we could ever give them but I love to see ppl try‼️🫡♥️

  56. This is really beautiful. When he said he felt like he was dreaming and before that thought his life was over. That really hit hard. Now I’m crying!

  57. My mom is 92 and lives with us. She’s starting a cognitive decline. My daughter brings her 2.5 and 1 yr old over every weekend and my mom lights up like a Christmas tree when they are there. She loves the interaction them. Can’t imagine if she was in a nursing home and lighting up with smiles like that.

  58. Western World needs to go back to Close knit families. This person is one of the many who feel lonely. I bet this gentleman would have been dreaming to spend time with grandchildren. They come from the old boomers generation, who only worked to provide.

  59. every year since i was about 4 or 5, it’s been a tradition for my father and I to go to Disney World. We’ve never skipped a year. He’s been going to both parks ever since Disney Land Opened. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man as happy as him when he’s there, and it will always be the one thing I look forward to every year.

  60. I’m trying to watch funny memes, why are you posting content about cutting onions brah?! Jokes aside this is wholesome af and it makes me think of my late grandma and how she’d love to have done this.

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