almost a year ago it was just a dream. but I worked all summer and finally bought my dream lego set! I'm 14, so if I can do it, you can!

  1. I thought those mean the number of years it takes to assemble. I’m sad now cause I was so proud of myself for finishing one in 2 years instead of 5 that box stated.

  2. I know you can with Porsche 911 as I’m tempted to but you might even be able to buy a lighting kit for the set just from searching up “Lego AT-AT light set”

  3. The financial advice: Now keep it in the sealed box and store it. Sell in a few years for profit, it is crazy how much value such sets gain after they get discontinued. The right advice: have fun building!

  4. Record the building process and stream on twitch. Hopefully earn enough through donations to buy a duplicate set and a new one to keep the ball rolling. But 100% agreed, that bad boy needs to get built :).

  5. I was always sort of pressured to this by others, but I never did it. I love the things I opened to this day. I don’t care if I could have had a million dollars from it today. I can never get 14 year old me back. Too much is set on monetary value but in the end, it doesn’t matter

  6. I remember watching an episode of the antiques roadshow, a guy had a HUGE collection of matchbox cars. All unopened and in box. He had been told as a child that “these will be worth something someday” and so had never opened them or played with them.

  7. Amazing! Great work! Keep applying that logic in life, you won't fail. Btw the finished product. I am a star wars nerd, ok?

  8. Hell yeah! Congratulations! I hope you have a blast building it. I don't ever ask my wife for anything during Christmas. However last Christmas time there was a video of a wonderful adult nerd who got this for his birthday, and was so overjoyed that he ran through the house a few times overflowing with excitement. I showed it to my wife and I said "Honey, if you get me one thing for Christmas, let it be this." I showed her the video a few times, told her all sorts of facts about the set, just really selling it. Christmas came, and she got me boxing lessons. Love that beautiful fool.

  9. This so much this, I know there's some costs in there I'm not considering but gees why are these things so high?

  10. Saw one of these sets in person a few months ago when I popped into a Lego store to catch a glimpse of the Saturn 5 Rocket on display.... when I went to leave I saw one of these.... WOW is that AT-AT an absolute UNIT! Cheers man, enjoy the build!

  11. How much did this cost? I’ve been wanting to get the Statue of Liberty Lego architecture for a while now but can’t bring myself to pay £90 for it and I’m gonna assume this was three times as much.

  12. Bruh I got adult money AND adult bills. I can’t spend more than $100 on myself without feeling like I’m about to bankrupt myself.

  13. Did the same when I was 14 bought the David Bowie box set and paid for my family to go see return of the Jedi in the theater. It was glorious.

  14. In 14 years when you’re 28 and making enough money to just go out and buy the things you want, I hope you still retain that same level of joy and excitement that you have today. It’s easy to lose when you get older and have less time for fun.

  15. I'm looking to buy something as well but don't know how to earn money as well as you did? I'm also 14, so what jobs did you apply for

  16. That's an amazing set and you did an amazing job. Enjoy the fruits of your labor and make sure you don't lose a piece and accidentally step on it.

  17. That’s awesome! I mean I worked all summer too but my house needs work. Being 38 brings bills! Haha

  18. You're a champ, kid. That dedication is really something to be proud of and it'll take you a long way in any direction you choose to go.

  19. You're 14 so I'm not criticizing at all, you're young and not fully aware of the words you use, but the words "if I can, you can too" is very in like with the rhetoric of "the grind" which is toxic and while I'm super stoked for you, that doesn't mean anyone "can too."

  20. I think what he's implying is that you can do lots of things if you set your mind too it. He seems like I nice guy so I doubt he meant it in a toxic manner

  21. You can do it because you have ZERO financial responsibilities and nothing but free time on your hands. Some people work three jobs just to make ends meet.

  22. Dude you don’t even pay rent, taxes or utility bills. You have no idea what it’s like to really make money or how life really works. You’re a kid with no other responsibilities beyond school and jerking off. Try say “if I can do it, you can!” when you have to survive on your own.

  23. I have stranger things upside down house been behind sofa since 25th Dec and my daughter won't let me build it...... it's hers..

  24. I just looked this thing is $900????? Congratulations on your achievement, definitely post the finished product.

  25. Its still so hard for me to realize how far leggo have come. Those boxes use to be at a dollar store or cheap on Walmart shelves and now there like buying stocks with actual value.

  26. Good work 👏 Seriously it's impressive to see a guy your age with the maturity and patience to go out and work hard for what you want. Keep that mindset always and you'll do well in this world. Nice lego set too. I imagine it's gonna take you a good while to build but definitely worth it in the end.

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