Surprise proposal from soldier

  1. The pockets on those specific pants have absolutely no use, because those pants are usually fairly form fitting. Also, we don't wear those that often, so when we do, we're usually a little thicker next time they go on.

  2. I’d rather hear them talking. She doesn’t seem surprised AT ALL, which I’m pretty sure would make more sense if I could hear them.

  3. I almost always watch videos on here and Instagram on mute because I hate when people add music to their videos

  4. Why do military people always wear their work clothes for big events? Does anyone else so that for their job?

  5. Thought the same lol like this should be for you and your wife idk why you need to bring the military into it when it’s that main reason they’ve been apart.

  6. It was a great proposal but those pictures will just show a big red hat in front of the guys face. I get it’s part of the uniform but they won’t have pictures with the expression on his face and that’s the good stuff

  7. Make with ittttt Boy or girl.. I didn’t come here for some lame ass proposal give me the cannons and blue powder dust pooffed into aunties face!

  8. I get it that you are in a military. But, can’t they just come in regular clothes, something that is more comfortable to wear and appropriate for the occasion? I don’t get it.

  9. I was thinking the same thing. People who wear military uniforms to non-military events weird me out. Do they not own any other nice clothes or is that just their whole personality?

  10. Military men love to wear their uniforms to every formal event instead of.. y’know.. regular formal clothes. I think they look ridiculous every time

  11. I think it’s the training during which they get it drilled into their heads 24/7 that their entire identity is “MILITARY MAN”.

  12. What’s gonna suck is when he finds out the baby isn’t his because he was away so long and she “has needs”

  13. Because she’s being actually emotional instead of acting like a cartoon character on Tik Tok for views?

  14. Why do people romanticize military relationships?? Not hating, just genuinely asking. There’s nothing romantic to me about being gone most of the time… there are soooo many fish in the sea. Even when a 18/19 year old military guys want to get married for benefits people think it’s so sweet and romantic. I just don’t understand it.

  15. I have literally never seen a less emotional, more boring proposal video. I doubt they can even stand to watch this themselves.

  16. I don't like being negative or pessimistic but I'm just going to say it. I am sick of these type of video's, there are so many if them. And they're all the same. Are there others who think the same way or is it just me?

  17. This is a very heartwarming video. I’m happy for them, really I am. However, I feel we were left hanging on what was going to be a gender reveal.

  18. This is great but I’m not a fan of these high pressure proposals. You want to leave enough room for the other person to say anything other than “yes”.

  19. I don't want to ruin the mood but wtf is going on with his beret? He looks like robin hood or something

  20. The number of people who don’t recognize normal human emotion in here is shocking… TikTok is acid for your brains

  21. The pockets, always the pockets. Can't put shit in them, can't take shit out of them... WHY CAN'T THEY MAKE BETTER POCKETS ON THE DRESS UNIFORMS?!

  22. But do we know if she said yes? And what colour was the powder that surely landed in someone else’s face?

  23. Pockets in military dress uniforms are notoriously shitty. The working uniforms have so many spacious pockets, still can't put my hands in them :(

  24. I was in the Marines and I don't get it either. To a lot of us, this is a fucking mistake on his part.

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