Rescuing a bunny and becoming best friends

  1. My ex and I found a tiiiny white bunny on our way to a dinner date (13ish years ago). During the dinner I held the bunny the whole time, just laying in my forarm and by the morning when we could find a home for it my ex convinced me that we should go to the petstore and be the proud owners of a new bunny.

  2. Yep, they’re very social and affectionate if they’re treated well! And some, like this guy, have big personalities too

  3. Yes, they’re really animated. It’s funny how we all grew up not realizing it. Once they feel safe they are little maniacs. They love to play, socialize, mine loved when people would sing to him. They are sassy too and will boss you around, and they adore routines so you often get them bouncing about when you come home on time.

  4. Yes, I've had 5 rabbits till now, all like this little guy, some even more affectionate. The key is to litter train them so that they can be free roam. Not very different from a cat (and I've had cats and dogs too).

  5. Its very personality dependent. I've had 6 in total, 1, Caramel, was extremely obsessed with me and my company and would always want to be near me. He was extremely well behaved, not counting his droppings (normal behaviour). I had some more affectionate than others (Hazel and Coffee, also being very affectionate bunny's).

  6. We also at I trained our rabbits when I was young. Just like training a dog or cat(yes we did same with cats). Also you can litter train rabbits to use a litter box like a cat does.

  7. I can relate to this! There’s something unique about when a bunny chooses you. It’s like you have a mental conversation like you wana come home with me? And they’re like yeah sounds good you seem nice. And then you claim youre not sure you are ready for a pet and are fostering them until you end up adopting them.

  8. Hi, I’m glad he did and the bunny definitely knows. But I hope you don’t think that it’s me in video as it’s not.

  9. There were at least 10 times in this video that I touched my hand to my heart and made an “aww” or “ohh” expression. I’m sitting over here tearing up next to my snoring husband.

  10. Give him something hard to chew on like a piece of wood or bark His teeth dont stop growing and u will eventually have to cut them shorter Or its gonna start chewing cables That is why it chewed your wall

  11. Cardboard works too, and building them whole castles can be a blast. Then they spend months chewing on it which gets their teeth ideally filed down.

  12. We had a rabbit and honestly they’re crafty little buggers when it comes to escaping. We thought we had a fully sealed backyard but he would always find an escape, even after we’d plug up the area he just used to get out. So I don’t think anybody would have purposefully left this rabbit somewhere like he says at the start of the video to be honest, especially with how friendly it is, I’d say he was probably just a little escape artist

  13. Not necessarily. Rabbits are often abandoned when people realise quite how different their needs are to cats or dogs, or are bought as an Easter gift for a child who then loses interest. It's really sad, especially since a domestic rabbit like the one in the video hasn't a chance in hell of surviving in the wild.

  14. I don't know for this guy but all my 5 bunnies were all litter trained. Even easier to train them if they are fixed. If this was an escaped/dumped pet he might already have been litter trained.

  15. Years ago, my brother-in-law and I were standing outside of my house. A rabbit came running right next to us and went into the crawl space. A couple of seconds later, two cats chasing it saw us and put on their brakes, immediately. The cats, slowly turned and walked away. I never saw the rabbit or cats again, hopefully we saved the rabbit that day. Just being at the right place at that time.

  16. This happened to me the a few months ago. I was coming home from a late shift saw a rabbit hopping about in the road at about 3am.

  17. God bless you brother!!!! Beautiful karma coming your way - helping this helpless baby bunny 🐰!!!! Have fun and enjoy each other’s company!!!!

  18. More likely to have wandered off confused and lost his bearings ....than to have been dumped she is so well fed and groomed Just hoping OP checked to see if he/she was microchipped. Picturing a distraught child realising Flopsy had disappeared from their backyard never to be seen again 😞

  19. Most rabbits are! And even if this one wasn’t originally it’s super easy to littler train them.

  20. They all do. You have to litter train them. Buy a wide cat litter box, line it with wooden pellets, put their hay in it and Voila! They eat while pooping and if their litter box stays clean, they will come back to pee in it even in the middle of a nap, like my buns.

  21. Thank goodness you found him, as a home pet he def would’ve died in that cold. My dad let our pet rabbits go in the wild when we were kids. I was devastated. I absolutely knew they would be dead the first day. And it was even worse since I didn’t know it was going to happen ..just came home one day…bunnies gone. 😫 and I always was responsible and took good care of them …he just didn’t like them 😢

  22. This was so heartbreaking to read. My mother used to do the same thing, bring new pets at home saying it was presents for me, then they would suddenly disappear.

  23. Were they? I didn't see any turd and you won't see any in my bed because my two rabbits are both 100% litter trained, like many others are.

  24. Bonding process can fail and you end with two rabbits that will kill each other on mere view. Single rabbits are happy too, and can bond with humans, like here.

  25. Interestingly my neighbor released her rabbit into the woods by my house and it must have found another rabbit or something because all of a sudden the forest was alive with rabbits then came owls and foxes and so on super cool

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  27. In Saskatchewan we called hooded sweatshirts bunny hugs and it has never been more appropriate than after watching this video

  28. This is exactly how I thought my first experience would go. By pet rabbit turned into a guard rabbit that would growl at anyone that came into my room lol. Evil little ball of fluff.

  29. DEFINITELY not a wild rabbit. Way too calm around the hair dryer. Even domestic cats get stressed about that.

  30. Crazy ? But I figured I may get some help out there. How often are you suppose to trim bunny’s nails? If you have a pet bunny/rabbit? Asking for a family member. TIA!!🐰

  31. Let him go where he belongs! You will never be his kind or family! You should have put him back in the forest where he had a change to find his mom.

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