The Dutch are a gift.

  1. I found an article about this and it’s pretty funny. The Dutch government gives this t-shirt to people reporting a bug. Apparently this t-shirt has become a thing in the hacking community and hackers now try to find bugs in Dutch government organisations to be able to show off the tshirt.

  2. This reminds me of that computer scientist who writes checks to people that find errors in his work, and now his checks are like trophies for computer people.

  3. Why pay people loads of money to find vulnerabilities in your systems when you can just give them tshirts?

  4. It's only logical isn't it, if you've got a community of people who can bring your state security to it's knees, you encourage cooperation and reward it as a good thing, not crush them like insects. That's a totalitarian regime kinda move.

  5. Is it called White Hacking? Where they only hack to help the person find vulnerabilities in there security system?

  6. There’s a good story about three Dutch hackers who broke into Trump’s twitter in 2016. They attempted to responsibly notify him/the secret service but weren’t getting a response, so they notified Dutch CERT and they handled it from there.

  7. Or they arrest you for using Inspect Element like they did to some poor guy in Missouri because the dumbfucks said he hacked the site.

  8. And the Dutch don't even have a government. They have been trying to form one since the election in March this year.

  9. the us governent would just counter hack you and you'd wake up in a dark site with a cloth over your face, struggling for breath as someone demanded over and over again who you work for.

  10. Imagine walking around town in that and not knowing if people think you’re the villain or the hero

  11. The government is very open to reporting bugs or vulnerabilities! There are some do's and don'ts of course, and there's a reward program... Below a few copy-paste quotes from the NCSC website (National Cyber Security Centre):

  12. That's nothing. The US government wouldn't even have to ask your address, and they'd deliver the shirt almost instantly. It'd be tied to a hellfire missile, sure, but it'd get the there so fast.

  13. It's probably in English so that they can send them to non-Dutch folks that find vulnerabilities too. There's no guarantee they speak English, but it's more likely than them speaking Dutch.

  14. The "[...] and all I got was this lousy t-shirt" thing is kind of a meme, so I'm not sure how well it would work in that context translated.

  15. No offense to the entire rest of this website, but this is the kind of content I originally came to reddit to see. I wish stuff like this made it to the front page every day.

  16. I agree, this produced a very big smile on my end. Not that I don’t care about peoples’ dead pets but I don’t like those posts much.

  17. Nah offense to the rest of the website. This place has become utter dogshit in the ten years I’ve been here. Fucking sad to watch honestly

  18. Shit, I did something similar with an FBI van back in 2011 and literally got an email back that said, "Thanks." And that's it. Pretty cool of them to at least do that.

  19. Reminds of the Missouri journalist who found out the socials and other info of teachers was just open access on a state website.

  20. Then after 30 years of unjust imprisonment, there's a tiny tiny chance they'll review your case and go "Hey, turns out the hacking was not your fault! Real sorry mate. Here, have the equivalent of having earned $1000 a month for the past 30 years and be on your way."

  21. No there is actually a platform for disclosing these kinds of things to the US government. But I can't remember what the site was called

  22. There is currently an ongoing case regarding Missouri and someone who exposed a bug. Nothing says ‘Merica more

  23. First post here and I should’ve clarified I saw this on an Instagram story and thought it fit here. My bad.

  24. One time, I smoked a joint outside their airport in Amsterdam, before departing. When I got to the gate, all passengers were questioned. My questioning lasted the longest. I noticed everyone had left for the plane except me and the questioner had more questions. At last, my stoned ass figured out what was going on and I asked if I could board. The questioner told me I could. When I started to walk away, someone yelled. I turned around to see all of the questioners about 12 of them waving at me, smiling. The Dutch are a gift.

  25. I hacked the Dutch government too. It was just full of plans! They always have plans. To hack it I just needed some faith

  26. Can you go and hack the rockstar servers next? They've been down for over 24 hours now and I can't even play the single player campaign.

  27. I lived in the Netherlands for three years, this sounds like something they would totally do and I love it.

  28. I used to work for Australia's CERT and I can say with full confidence that the Dutch CERT is one of the best and most forward thinking. It absolutely influences decisions made by other government CERTs around the world.

  29. This is the running gag in the cybersec community. It's common to give hackers cups and t-shirts for their efforts, usually with something printed on it like "I hacked X and all i got was this stupid cup/t-shirt".

  30. This is genius. Techies love collectibles especially if they’re rare or difficult to find/achieve. Dangling an incredibly rare prize on their face that no one outside of their circles will get it be impressed by at a glance is pure genius. I bet they treat that t-shirt like some people would treat shoes custom designed Jordan’s given out individually by the man himself.

  31. They do. Possible rewards are a tshirt, a voucher or money up to 300 euro, depending on the severity of the bug that was found

  32. The US government has a program on . You can find and report vulnerabilities on their websites as long as you stay within the bounds of the program. It's actually a great way to get into bug bounties. I've reported one before and I'm still ali.....

  33. It depends on who you notify, unfortunately. The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Is poorly written and can target well-meaning researchers.

  34. I mean that’s high key smart of the Dutch govnt. Give people the promise of a cool Tshirt and all of these random people will locate all the bugs in the system for you. No need to pay people for it.

  35. That's actually sick! I mean money would have been better but I'm guessing bug bounty programs are kind of asking for trouble.

  36. That is actually amazing. Imagine doing that messaging them “I was able to reach you thanks to my sponsor Nord VPN.”

  37. Human needs are like food/shelter, respect of peers, possibility for advancement, love. Free shirts saying you are awesome check 3 of 5 boxes.

  38. Its direct and blunt when they're talking or rude when its you expressing yourself the same way to them, speaking from experience.

  39. most Dutchies have English as second native language! some of my friends who are not native Dutch have a hard time learning the Dutch language because as soon as people know they also know English, they change the conversation to English to make it easier on (all of) them.

  40. "There are only two things I hate in this world. People that hate other people for where they are from.... And the DUTCH!"

  41. There's only two things I hate in this world: people who are intolerant of other people's cultures and the Dutch

  42. Meanwhile, in Missouri, a journalist found that the state's website exposed thousands of teachers' social security numbers. He notified the government, and now Governor HeeHaw has vowed to prosecute the journalist for hacking.

  43. Meanwhile, in my home state, the Governor is suing a reporter who brought something like this to light. Sigh.

  44. going to the netherlands in 6 days. dutch people seem amazing from the people i know so far. cant wait to see more random things like this across the country lol

  45. This reminds me of the shirt you get in gta vice city for completing the game 100% that said "I completed vice city and all I got was this stupid t shirt.".

  46. No you didn’t this tee is photoshopped the text should be wrinkled along the wrinkles in the shirt…. If I am wrong don’t mind me

  47. I notified the hospital I worked at that their printers were using the default login and password and I got reprimanded for trying to login to something I shouldn’t have lol

  48. In America, you'd have been suddenly inspired to unlive yourself with two bullets through the back of the head.

  49. This looks badly photoshopped. The clearly visible wrinkles aren't affecting the letters on the shirt.

  50. Tbf, I am tired, and wasn't thinking of computer hacking, just like more violent hacking, it did seem odd though, but oh well

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