25 years sober as of today. A note to anyone just starting this journey; you can do it, I believe in you.

  1. As the grown (48yo) daughter of a now deceased alcoholic father I applaud & respect each and every one of you who has been willing to try, work, fail, try again and everything that comes in between and after all of this. I know it’s not easy! So proud of all of you!! 🖤

  2. I stand with you here!! I’m so proud of all of these folks. My mom was a drinker and for anybody to fight back against their addictions is always something I will be proud of and applaud.

  3. Fuck yeah man. Me too. I was spending too much on drugs. I feel fuckin' great now. Except for my back. I was gettin' Norcos from a guy cause they only prescribed me extra strength Tylenol.

  4. You got this bud! I'm almost 9 months in and it's the best decision I've made in a long time. If the cravings come, call or message someone and talk out what you're feeling

  5. Congratulations! 7 years for me this past March. At one point I had 17 years sober, than fell off the wagon. But I got back on. Someday I hope to reach that 25 years myself.

  6. Haha I wrote a song called "seven years sober" when i hit the milestone because it just rolls off the tongue. Congrats on the sexy sobriety and good on you for getting back into it, which is often harder than starting in the first place.

  7. This might be too personal but what was it like for your identity and those around you when you were 17 yrs sober and relapsed. I feel like most people probably thought of you as a great success story and identified you with sobriety before the relapse.

  8. Currently 1 month sober, from alcohol. Been drinking hard for 25yrs, looking forward to being sober for the next 25.

  9. I drank hard for over 2 years, I am currently 22 days sober. I feel so good. I have energy, I'm happy, and I can remember things. Proud of you for 1 month!

  10. Welcome to the knew you. Stay strong. If you ever need someone to talk to if you feel like drinking shoot me a pm.

  11. Depending on where you live, as long as it isn't too expensive for me to ship to you, I'll happily 3D print you a coin!

  12. that coin doesn't say anything about drinking, it just says recovery. Get yourself a coin on that website where you can order stuff online.

  13. One day at a time! Congratulations and keep going! I'm proud of you internet stranger! I struggled with an ED in my teens and I've been "sober" for 13 years now. It is possible!

  14. These type of posts are some of my favorite on all of Reddit. People kinda just taking turns sharing their successes and I’m sure there are lots of lurkers who find inspiration in everyone else’s success. If you’re one of these people and are waiting for a sign to begin your sobriety, here’s your sign! First step is the hardest but you’ll be damn proud of yourself after you get a bunch of steps behind you.

  15. I’m proud of you for beating the pills. My younger sister struggles hard with them. She’ll get sober for a few months every year or two but always goes back. I wish I knew how to help her stay off them

  16. Currently 31 days clean from all substances, finishing up IOP this Thursday and feeling better than I have in a loooong time. Congratulations on 25 years and good luck with your recovery

  17. Currently on an out of town work trip. Everyone just went out for drinks after a long day of physically taxing work in the Texas heat. I stayed in with Netflix and a glass of ice water.

  18. Great choice. Sucks we have to make it sometimes but you do what you have to do. Tomorrow when they are nursing dry mouth and headaches give yourself permission to do a knowing smirk.

  19. Congrats my friend. 25 years in quite the accomplishment. I’m coming up on 12 years in the next few weeks!! A lot has happened in the last 12 years..dog, marriage, house, child, business, to name a few. Anyone reading this who’s struggling right now, it is possible!! Get busy living or get busy dying!!

  20. Just past 4 years and heading to 5. I’m at the part where it’s gotten easy.. but too easy. Like I feel like I’m in control enough that I can start drinking responsibly again. But I really know the only reason I feel in control is because I’m sober. This is gonna be a hard year for me.. really hope I can make it to 5

  21. You'll make it to 5!! I whole heartedly believe in you! Don't let that manipulative magician we call alchohol fool you, alcohol is the best liar.... You got this!! Really, YOU GOT THIS!!

  22. Hey, the thing that helped me through those times was listening to people who had relapsed after some years. And basically realizing no one plays those odds and wins. Don’t plan for your whole year to be hard! Take the opportunity to recommit to whats worked, or redesign it for what you need now. You can absolutely do it.

  23. Congratulations! I just hit my 2 year mark back in February. I quit the day I found out i was having a kid. Best decision I’ve ever made.

  24. It must be the hands. Never knew I had man hands before. :) I have been sober longer than all of the people who just became of legal drinking age. That one hurt my brain.

  25. Good for you! That's a big accomplishment! I think my mom just celebrated 25 years clean as well. I'm not sure since she decided to become an even worse parent than she was when she was on drugs/drinking recently, so we don't speak anymore. Hopefully your 25 years have been a lot more positive!

  26. My 2 year old went to the fridge and got herself something to eat. I was so hungover I couldn’t get up to feed her. She deserved better. In the beginning I said I was doing it for her. As time went on and life punched me in the face repeatedly I stayed sober for one reason. I liked me without the alcohol more than I liked me with it. I was exceptionally selfish when I drank. I hope with everything I am that I am not that person anymore.

  27. Amazing. It is an interesting journey full of tiny small steps. It requires a true adventurer to take such a journey. Look at you go brilliant human!

  28. Congratulations, what a great effort! I’m sure you are very proud of yourself. At least I would be. I wonder, do you have to pay for these badges? Or rather pay for attending the (I assume) the AA? I always thought the AA were a non-profit organization. But they got to pay for venues, drinks, those badges, etc. How does this work? Sorry for asking this, I’m just being curious.

  29. AA is 100% self supporting. They accept no outside contributions. At the end of the meeting they pass a basket around and people will put in a dollar or so. AA has some really great parts and some that didn’t wash with me. The biggest thing to learn there is how to live without alcohol and that it is an addiction and not a choice. You can choose to be sober but you will fight for it because your brain is wired for addiction. However, millions of people have gotten sober or clean or stopped gambling. It can be done. If you are interested there are AA meetings at all hours of the day and night in most areas. They are a VERY welcoming bunch even if you aren’t quite ready to quit drinking today.

  30. 25 years is a huge deal. Congratulations to you. And congrats to all the rest of us who have one day or more of clean time. I celebrated 39 years of recovery on May 31.

  31. I’m at a couple months now and I’m losing weight. My emotional state is slowly equalizing though it’s taking longer than I thought. Except, I never did anything but just stop liking alcohol. I been arrested many times for it. Got to the point where I get the DTs and night terrors from drinking. Even had alcohol hallucinations a few times. Then one day I just didn’t like it anymore

  32. meanwhile I’m here on the opposite side of the spectrum, my life’s falling tucking apart and the only relief and happiness I get anymore is through substances... things are going to get bad for me these next couple years...

  33. I hear you. Life has a really bad habit of aiming for the teeth and not letting up. I could give you all the ra ra platitudes and blow smoke your ass. Quitting isn’t easy. The first month or so sucks but it does get better. If you want to talk DM me.

  34. It will be 4 years Aug 6!! I don’t know you but thank you for the guidance that you provide for our community. I owe a great debt of gratitude to the people who have guided me through these great steps. Heroin was my life and through AA, I have learned a new way to live!!🙏

  35. Cool, at 7,5 years myself. Wasn't an alcoholic, but decided I didn't like the buzz alcohol gives me and just quit one day. Same with caffeine, last coffee was about 10 years ago. Next step is sugar.

  36. Congratulations! 10 years here! I remember being in meetings in the beginning, and meeting all of these people with so many years sober...I used to think 'damn, there's just no way I can do it'! My husband has 28 years...it's a big deal!

  37. What if getting drunk every day after work is the only way to cope with the reality that nothing we do matters and society as a whole is corrupt and is a morally bankrupt bed of lies. Kind of hard to stay sober when our governments lie and murder and steal from the poorest and most desperate people and a large chunk of people buy into the propaganda that fuels the growing disparity and hate towards the most impoverished.

  38. Can I ask you a serious question about this? Does sobriety in your case mean that you haven’t had even a tiny bit of alcohol (I’m assuming it’s alcohol) in the last 25 years? Or does it mean that you’re capable of having a drink or two here or there without spiralling into some phase of addiction? Genuinely curious as I have no clue how this program works.

  39. As someone potentially 25ish years behind you, what made you realize it wasn’t okay? I know I drink too much, but it’s just a bit too much. No major impacts on my life, but I know it’s too much.

  40. About 34 years for me and if I can do it anybody can. I keep Abita in the fridge when my daughter comes and I am not even tempted.

  41. Huge congratulations. My Uncle made it nearly 40 years when he passed. He went to a meeting every. freaking. day. His funeral was filled with all the people he touched from AA. Thank you for the inspiration ❤️

  42. My spouse just got 25 years on 6.5.21! I got 21 years on 2.14.21. Congratulations!!! It took a lot of pain to get you to where you are today, Thank GOD, one day at a time, that pain is lessened in sobriety. May you always walk this amazing path❣️ 💕🙏💕

  43. My 2 year old daughter had to get herself something to eat out of the fridge because I was too drunk/hungover to do it for her. Not the only horrid thing I did when drunk. I was not a good person when I drank. Nor could I only have one drink. If I had a drink I would get blackout drunk.

  44. So @Stitch-point, honest, respectful question… after so long a period of sobriety (and I’m sure a ton of work), do you think you could go have a drink somewhere and not slip back?

  45. Nope. Today I have been wanting the taste of scotch. Not the effect just the taste. If I have one, I will finish the bottle. Some people can developed a healthy relationship with alcohol, I’m just not one of them.

  46. Awesome OP. I’m proud of you, amd I don’t even know you. What do you fill your time with now that your not drinking or getting stoned?

  47. This is what I want to see, people over-coming their struggles. I’m grateful that you’ve made it this far and thankful that you continue to choose the better life of the two; you’re a hero to many you don’t even know for this post, Thank you.

  48. I would be dead. Without question. Had there been a major miracle and I wasn’t I would be broke, homeless, alone, and addicted to everything I could ingest. I was a mess.

  49. I’m in withdrawals right now and feeling horrible...I’m broke from using a lot and down on my luck. It sucks pretty bad because I was a shining person now I’m a shell of a man.

  50. Congrats! And thank you! I really needed this motivation today. I am 44 days clean today and every day is a battle, but getting better . I am grateful to be going to bed sober tonight.

  51. I’m at 1 yr 3 mo 21 days - 476 days. It’s hard to imagine 25 years! Even knowing you did it one day at a time, that seems amazing. Thank you for posting, you may have been the nudge someone needs to quit once and for all. For me, it got easier every day once I got past the first few months. And I’ve never regretted being sober for one minute.

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