My Grandma used to paint amazing lifelike scenes until her stroke. This is her only post-stroke artwork, that she swears no one will appreciate. I told her I'd ask my friends what they think.

  1. This makes me so happy inside! This is adorable and it would cheer me up whenever I saw it (if I had it hanging in my apt) Pass on my praise!

  2. There is Robert Hughes, Pliny the Elder and then cometh dick-nipples in the Top Trumps of art critics. Heed their council well.

  3. add to that list some damn bozo who doesn't no shit but thinks it is kinda rad cause, you know, hyper realistic is booooring

  4. Even the small response on here can send her over the moon. I will tell her, and I'm glad your boyfriend made it. We send our heartfelt love to you both as well, more than I can say here.

  5. I had two strokes and I've found communicating very hard and remembering names. The only physical thing I've noticed is my hands shake a lot. I hope recovery goes well for OP's grandma as well as

  6. She went from being a realist to a surrealist. So did Salvador Dalí. Artists grow and change, that is nothing to be ashamed of! She should embrace her new direction and follow it wherever it leads.

  7. This is too long for an edit. Full story if you all care, which it seems like you do. Seriously, you all are amazing and I'm incredibly grateful.

  8. I like the idea you floated before - she can channel her painting to raise money for the cause (stroke, cancer, suicide, all three/others). She has talent, and every little contribution helps. Happy birthday to your grandma. I lost one of mine recently. Parkinson’s. Cherish every moment.

  9. So much pain, yet the painting expresses happiness and contentment. Art is not a photorealistic snapshot. It is to express emotion. To convey more than an expressionless phone picture. She has painted a woman of rare resilience in this picture.

  10. She has been through so much, but the fact that she can make this adorable smiley puppercorn speaks to her resilience. Please keep creating! We all love it!

  11. I love the warmth and delight I feel looking at her piece! Please send our gentle encouragement!! Sending love to you and her and your family!!

  12. You are a wonderful and empathetic grandchild. I want you to know that. I truly hope your Grandmother and family keep well. I'm 32 and dealing with that time in ones life where Grandparents are getting in there late 70s and calling every week to make sure they are doing okay. Much love from California!

  13. Judith sounds like a beautiful woman. I'm having a hard time reading the date in the corner - she painted this in 2012? Bless her in her continued recovery!

  14. Please tell your grandmother that I, an internet stranger who grew up with dachshunds, teared up with happy tears at this painting. I don't know if that's what she meant to paint, but art being subjective and all - it perfectly encapsulates the personality of a sausage dog. I would fully hang this is my home, I love it!

  15. Hi, would it be a good way to support her if she took commissions? I love how happy this artwork is. If it would raise her spirits I'd love to request one from her? She seems wonderful.

  16. Please tell your grandma that this happy little dog has made my week! I hope once you’ve read these messages to her that it can also bring happiness to her. Happy Birthday Grandma!

  17. So, one idea offered is that if she’s lost motor skills, you can mount a paper roll on a wall or even a whole room/floor and use large (Home Depot) paint brushes. Doesn’t work for everyone, but if she can move around and grip larger handles, it still offers a joy of painting—just on a larger scale.

  18. I love this so so much. I would love one on my wall to look at every day. Instead I will have to settle for looking at it on here. But that's ok, because it is amazing.

  19. I’m not sure if she’d be willing, but I’d actually be interested in a print of this? It’d go perfectly with my living room artwork, she’s done an amazing job here!

  20. I didn't expect this to explode. I'll work on getting her permission to digitize. Maybe we can raise money for her art supplies and a foundation for strokes. Something positive to lift everyone, as I know she wants to do.

  21. This is fantastic! Her artistic skill really shines through. People sometimes assume that it's easy to make simple art, but it's still difficult to make it good. And this? Is great. The composition, the colors, the textures, and most importantly, the adorable expression - she nailed it. This could be the cover of an award-winning children's book. I aspire to be this good someday.

  22. I love the detailed positive critique, and I hope all the same happiness for you that you've shown for her. I will absolutely pass this on specifically.

  23. I am a generally miserable person and this made me grin ear to ear. I would put this on my wall just to have a guaranteed smile every day.

  24. I wish so badly I could tell your grandma, how much seeing this, helped me. Helped my terrible day. Please tell your Grandma that she helped someone with her art.

  25. Not being a realistic painting doesn't mean that's not art, or that's not good. This artwork is so cool, maybe now she will find a new style for her art! Tell her that I think this is amazing. I also hope that she recovers soon from her stroke, and wish her an amazing birthday!

  26. Not going to lie, I’d definitely buy this from your grandma, and ask her for a commission for a second matching one!! I’d hang them right over my two puppo’s kennels ❤️

  27. An angelic figure filled with hades is crying out in anguish. The unicorn horn is a beacon of singularity, a trait made futile by the anguish of the conflicted, rare, angelic figure.

  28. Wow i really like the textures here, and you can tell she just did it to amuse herself as an artist. I love it. Tell her to keep pushing we are here for any artwork she wants to throw at us. Life tries to take away the things we love sometimes. We may be so spoiled with our level of performance that anything hindering that will make us want to stop entirely, but that is what living is all about. Hang on to what makes you you until the bitter end. Thise final works of art , if taken care of, could last just as long as your life has to this point. So put yourself into every piece. Show the world you can live on forever! I promise you your grandkids will be delighted to have their grandmothers artwork. I know i would be. Happy birthday btw!!!! Keep kicking ass and PAINT MORE BABY!!!!

  29. I would 100% hang this in my house! The different textures are downright delightful. And that little face! Oh my heart ❤️ tell your grandma she’s awesome and I would buy a print of this

  30. I love it! It’s super cute and you can tell she has a very lovely and fun personality. I saw in another comment that her birthday was tomorrow, so happy birthday OP’s Grandma!

  31. I'm literally going to make a simplified printout of the kind words here for her birthday. It takes her time to read, but she will and I can't wait to see her reaction

  32. Luckily for all of us theres more to art than "lifelike". Impressionism was a direct result of that. I really like this piece! From a techmical standpoint, it has a neat mix of patterns, colors, and textures! From a more emotional standpoint, it makes me smile

  33. I understand why she doesn’t think this will be as appreciated, but this is still good. If anything I like a style that doesn’t represent reality. Something that evokes emotion before awe is always good.

  34. The only thing I wanted from this was genuine positive comments to share with her. Hopefully I can post a video reaction so you all can know how much she will appreciate this. You all have already made me cry, and I'm really not the type.

  35. This is beautiful! I love the texture and it just made me feel happy (I saw the image before reading the title). I've been painting realistic paintings since I was little and would love to do something like this.

  36. I love this. It's art that makes you feel good, even if it seems silly. This is the kind of thing I would hang on my wall. It has a ton of personality in it

  37. This is called Beans for me. My happy go lucky beans, a Hispanic wiener dog from San Antonio I rescued in Portland. He learned to surf, rock climb, motorcycle ride, supply me with endless love when I was at my worst. He died a couple of years ago. I love this. Thank you. I don’t know how to send pics but I would love to send one of him. The blue in the picture matches his eyes and the unicorn horn matches his fabulous personality!

  38. After reading your title it took a while for the picture to load and I was expecting some mediocre art that I was going to upvote anyway just to make your grandma happier but it is genuinely beautiful. I hope your post and its responses encourage her to carry on and rekindle her passion for making art.

  39. I love it. I lost my 14 year old dog a couple of weeks ago. This picture makes me feel calm, happy and that he is in a place with other dog friends and still is watching over me. Best wishes to your grandma.

  40. The thing about art is its max potential is felt by the artist everyone else is trying to see it their way with their personal experiences so when they critisize you generally tell them to shut the fuck up they cant see what it really is even if i tattoed it to their forhead your grandma needs confidence and also she might not be able to do it and is simply telling you this to avoid the subject a stroke may have litterly taken the artistic part of her mind sweet heart so be carefull pushing this on her that being said there is nothing wrong with the painting art is usually personal or we would be walking around naked and how something appears would not matter thats how we will know the world is as it should be when you can show your true form in public think about that and hope it never happens i dont wanna see you guys to recap grandmas painting is good and if everything was perfect nobody would notice it and if she has lost her creativity to the stroke then her energy was given to something else thats how physics works just know that the universe always gives it where it is needed and that whatever she needed it for is no longer important she has accomplished it also im a naturalist that is in know way a reference to god but to the natural order of existence (purpose life some purpose pain no purpose death we long to feel accomplished for a reason yin and yang make her feel accomplished

  41. If you wanted an honest opinion you wouldn’t of mentioned all the stuff and just left it up and asked to rate it. Smh

  42. I don’t even know how to fully explain the joy this painting brings me. It’s like I can feel her glow and warmth.

  43. Better than anything I could do, and I’ve never had a stroke! Tell her her talents are bountiful and if she wants to paint some more, there are a lot of people on Reddit who would love to see it! ❤️

  44. Please tell her that it is really creative and imo better than 90% of the stuff I se here. Above all it seems to radiate joy.

  45. I so love the pattern of the fur and the texture on the background is so great! Such a cool piece of art.

  46. I think it's an awesome painting. Made me smile after a tough day. Happy Birthday 🎂🥳🎉 to your grandma!

  47. This dog looks so happy and so calm that I smiled. I hope you grandma keeps doing art because I'm sure it'll make more people smile. Wish her a happy birthday from Mexico, we love her art. I love her art.

  48. Honestly, this is beautiful. The expression, the little smile is just so perfect...this is the kind of art that makes you smile back at it every time you pass it in a hallway, and brightens a little bit of your day. I love it.

  49. I was impressed she hid it so long. She'd thrown all her supplies away in sadness. The texture really makes it real to me

  50. I think it’s fantastic. I hope she’ll continue creating for as long as she’s able. It would be a shame to deny the world more wonderful art.

  51. Happy Birthday Grandma!!! My grandma and I had art in common so this definitely made me smile. I would hang this in my home. Love it!

  52. I love it! The textures are fantastic and there’s something just wonderful about the natural colors and the surreal unicorn horn.

  53. Ariel view of a unicorn wearing an angel wing costume getting a hot stone Swedish massage in an outdoor raked sand spa.

  54. Happy birthday, Grams!!! I dig this piece so much... it just makes me smile 😊 super stoked to see the next piece she is willing to share with us!!

  55. Art is art. I can tell this one took time so i will automaticallt appreciate it. It was important to the artist so it has sentimental value

  56. This is awesome! Especially since she painted it after a stroke, since it would be awesome too if she had painted it before her stroke!

  57. Love this - there is such a sweet, quirky sense of humour. Ans she has lost none of her skills when it come to colour and balance.

  58. Oh my God I seriously ❤ it. I would definitely buy it and hang it in my front room. Something about painting itself makes me content, calm, happy, and somehow triggers positive memories from my life.

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