No way this dude deserves that much money???

  1. LOLB is a super expensive position. If you move him to ROLB it'll be somewhat cheaper but not by much. The worst is when your outside linebacker is a coverage/will/sam linebacker but get priced as an edge rusher.

  2. I agree 100% with that, I usually move my off ball linebacker to MLB to sign them to a reasonable contract then bounce them back out.. Ain't gonna pay edge rusher money to a non edge rusher..

  3. How do you make sure you have the right guys in the right places in this situation? Like when I go to play defense, how do I stop my team/myself from putting some rushing LBs in coverage and coverage LBs in rush?

  4. He’s 26, if he doesn’t get a dev trait in the next 2 seasons it’s a bad deal but it’s pretty easy to user a player and get the scenario thing where you need like 2 sacks or a fumble .

  5. what’s funny is i’m doing a seahawks rebuild right now and he asked for the same price on mine.. i was gonna make a post but too lazy.. i ended up not resigning him and picked him back up for a cheaper price in free agency. he’s good but not for that price.

  6. Look at their last 2 seasons and then decide if you want to resign em, that’s what I do on all my defensive players.

  7. I know people are saying this makes sense, but I personally wouldn’t sign him to this deal. Only 77 overall, and normal dev

  8. Obviously meant to be an edge rusher. Should have been moved to DE and made sure he was in blitz packages. Probably be in the mideighties by now

  9. LOLB's seem to be a much higher price tag than the other LB spots. I usually try and go with a ROLB or. Fast DE and switch them to LOLB for a little cheaper price at the same overall.

  10. This reminds me of the time i drafted a quarterback in franchise mode. His rookie comtract expired and i won 4 super bowls with him. 99 overall before his 3rd year in the league. When the contract expired and i went to resign him, he demanded so much money that it wasnt even an option to pay a player that much. Literally broke the game. He went to FA and nobody picked him up because of the maximum salary the game can give a player. Game retired the player and that was that. Tyler Harris #5 for New Orleans

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