Is madden 22 worth it if you only play franchise?

  1. I’ve never had a corrupted save file and I think the changes to weekly training and scouting are pretty good. If you find it for under $30, it’s worth it.

  2. I agree, around 30 is what I paid for around Christmas. The game is about the same. Different scouting to franchise which is a nice change, but same madden every year

  3. So I’m in the same boat as OP. I just got it and I’ve started franchise but have a dumb question. Do you just assign scouts to regions and they just scout players for you? Is that all there is to it? Or does it do anything if I add them to favorites?

  4. This. I got it for $25 and it seems as though they brought back some cool features from past maddens. I only do offline franchise, and I’d say worth it.

  5. I got it for 8 bucks. Definitely a solid upgrade, but I find the new scouting to be far more frustrating than it is healthy. I have to assign regions before I know who the prospects are??? Why??

  6. Not at full price. Foe the most part, I am enjoying CFM in M22 on ps5. If you have EA play, it will be free after SB also.

  7. Hello I’m new to madden series I can get madden 22 for $30 Australia dollars but will it be on ea play I’m on console I only wanna get madden 22 to play career mode and offline ultimate team but I have madden 21 currently I can’t play and upgrade my team since there’s no solo battles

  8. I’m a big fan of franchise, it’s not perfect obviously but it’s a huge improvement over anything we’ve had recently

  9. I’ve owned several Maddens and this is by far the most frustrating in franchise because the defenders on All-pro or All-Madden must all be able to leap 7 feet and have the catching skills of Randy Moss. I also don’t see a significant upgrade even on Xbox-X except it’s brighter. I’m left with a choice of lowering the sliders to cheese levels or lower my difficulty which makes me feel like I’m cheesing it too. Last night i honestly almost deleted it

  10. You should just start playing on pro and get a feel for the new pacing better. I had that issue too but once you get used to the new pacing and start figuring out how the DBs cover it becomes easy. I've been on All Madden Sim with brutal sliders for a couple months and it's not impossible once you've learned the plays or screen formations that flat out don't work

  11. Just played a game I won 31-28 get to the main menu and it's marked as a 28-0 lost smh not even the first time this happen

  12. It felt like the gameplay took a few steps back compared to last years... but I only played it when the demo was available on xbox live

  13. Good chance your save file becomes corrupted at any moment, forcing you to start your franchise over. Could be after Week 1, could be after Season 5. Never know. Also, you could play out a game and win or lose, when you get back to Franchise home page the game will be counted as a loss and all of your players stats for that game will say zero, completely killing your franchise experience. If you are good with those things as well as many other glitches and bad design, then I’d say Madden 22 if for you.

  14. Try doing online franchises? I used to only do offline in 21 but everything corrupted after a few seasons and I've had less control but no fear of corruption since

  15. I'm the guy who was here telling all of you not to trust EA when they promised franchise would be fixed... Later some time after launch. After launch is as good as never with a yearly release game. Just stop buying it until EA makes an actual commitment. Money is the only thing that will influence them

  16. You need to organize an actual boycott for that to mean anything other than you not having to deal with it. They make billions off of just microtransactions. If it's an organized boycott or something that goes nuts like #fixmaddenfranchise (which granted, only made them look at a mode and tweak it some. Now they do updates though... guess that's somethingish) did, you and the few tens thousand that don't buy the game anymore doesn't mean anything. If somebody organized it it'd have a chance.

  17. My main problem with 22 is actually what you mentioned about 21. I think 21 menu loading is way faster than 22s menu loading. Just because of that it takes a lot longer to get through a whole season/ off-season. The scouting takes way longer to do because you have to click on each player to look at their combine results there's no combine grade to quickly reference. You can only fully scout a few players to unlock everything, everyone else you just have to look through and decide if it's worth the risk. Which can be fun but also takes forever to do. I used to be able to get through a full season and off-season in about 2 hours or so, now you're looking at like 4 hours or so. Some like it taking longer but at a certain point it's just annoying

  18. I jus bought it. Havent played since M18. The learning curve is steep. But so far enjoy the challenge. I also only play chise.

  19. People aren’t going to stop buying madden on console it’s no other football game to play. If there were EA would be in trouble

  20. Had it then too and Jesus the CONSOLE CRASHING bugs were insane. Those have been fixed though so it runs about the same now. Fuck EA though

  21. I get disconnected from franchise because of the servers after every couple games and at least twice during the off-season so probably not. Not an internet issue either

  22. Menus are faster at least on next gen. But franchise is mostly the same, with some changes that make little difference. Also, gameplay in 21’s better, with smoother running and better WR/DB man coverage interaction, where the game doesn’t feel like it’s forcing an outcome

  23. Personally I’d just wait until 23 at this point unless it’s on sale for $20 or less. The new franchise mode is definitely an improvement on the previous version but there are still of bugs.

  24. The weird interceptions issue is pretty annoying in 22. You’ll throw a wide open pass to a receiver and the DB will almost teleport to the pass and contend/intercept it. For that reason alone 21 is a bit more enjoyable. But the running game is better in 22. Pick your poison

  25. I enjoyed it for a while. I even wrote a little review about it. But within a week after that review my opinion had soured a bit because progressive fatigue was very broken and you could not switch it mid-save. I mean you could switch it, but nothing changed.

  26. I bought it during the steam sale for 30 and am enjoying franchise so far. I miss the 21 scouting but still a solid buy for 30 IMO. Dunno that I would be willing to pay more than that though.

  27. Slashed on sale yes. But only to download the shared files/rosters, so you don’t have to buy this shit again next launch.

  28. I haven’t had any issues and have been having a blast running a franchise with a buddy! It’s not all that bad honestly. It you can get it cheaper than full price tho so that because I’m not sure it’s worth the full 60, I just paid it full because it was worth it to me

  29. I really love franchise with Sabo's Franchise Mod. Not sure what you play on, but if you're a PC player then it can be made really, really fun.

  30. Not worth it in my opinion. So many glitches and bugs (some may have been fixed as I haven’t played in a couple months). I played an entire game and won only to come back to the lobby and it was a huge shutout loss and all of my players had zero stats. I also kept getting kicked out of drafts and it wouldn’t save the progress. I haven’t even started on the gameplay bugs

  31. I only play franchise and it was worth the purchase for me - however it was to be able to play on a next gen console and my first in 3 years…

  32. I seem to have saving issues when playing franchise... wont let me save past game 1. I just bought the game but 3 times I have tried franchise now and each time it boots me to home screen after I finish game 2 and won't save

  33. I've had cfm files get corrupted bc the game either crashes randomly or the ea servers randomly disconnects you and it happens a lot for me

  34. I wait for it to come out on EAplay every year. Cba to pay for a full game that takes 4 months of updates to even be playable

  35. No. I only play franchise as well and you will win games and then get back to the Home Screen and it will say you’ve lost. That happened to me in the Super Bowl and several times during the season. Also sometimes it doesn’t count your stats as well. Stick with 21.

  36. Not worth it IMO, app frequently crashes/freezes for me. Sometimes when I finish a franchise game it send me to an infinite loading screen and the game freezes. Just play 21 bro. The last one I had was 20 and it was way better than 22. I wish this franchise would improve, but since EA has monopolized the sport, we’ll never get a quality football game again.

  37. The infinite load screens are usually if you skip weekly strategy and let it Sim and there was an injury that dropped a position below the required. It's ridiculous that it doesn't tell you and you have to completely reboot the game.

  38. Bought it just for franchise mode and the last madden I played was 19. the first few hours were good and then you realize all the flaws.

  39. Worse, actually. Franchise hasn't even gotten the work done that EA said would be done, as one of three updates have been implemented so far. The issues with the mode are too numerous for me to rattle off right now. Do a search and you'll see what's what. Madden has been a shell of a game for some time now and it just feels worse now that he has died that this game is nowhere near where he saw it originally.

  40. madden franchise for me has been extremely glitchy for me. it’s a fun mode but a lot of bugs. definitely worth it if you don’t count them.

  41. As a 46 year old gamer who took a decade off from Madden (really hit COD hard in my spare time) I actually love this game. But that makes sense, right? I'm casually playing, I don't know enough about the same old same old since I took so much time off, this is the only way my Giants will ever be good, the Play The Only Important Moments of the game mode is really fun and a nice way to sneak a few games in AND I only paid around $30 at Christmas. So, if you're casual like me, it's a win. Just bought NHL 22 the same way and I'm loving that as well. All of this happened when they Broke COD during an update to Pacific. Blessing in disguise maybe.

  42. Trade glitches are still there. But you get weekly strategy which can be fun. If you're upgrading to have less glitches... then it's not worth it just for that. The menus really aren't much better. Just a different layout

  43. I mean if you enjoy the same 6 catch animations. If you enjoy wr and cb animations not triggering so only one of them attempts to catch the ball. Poor tackling. Being forced to celebrate after every play. Playing a franchise but the cpu doesn’t understand how to trade, draft well or the salary cap. Awful sim stats? No weekly wrap up show? No immersion? Not signature movements. Sure purchase it. I did. And I feel stupid for it everyday. No, I am stupid. Because it’s been the same game for 2 console generations.

  44. I only play franchise and I say absolutely worth it. Definite improvements in franchise and in gameplay. Sliders are so important.

  45. I honestly hate Madden 22. I been playing Madden 21 since release. Madden 22 does have a good superstar mode or w.e it's called. Btw, is MUT done being overhyped yet?

  46. I’ve never once lost a save file. I rarely have the glitches that fill this sub on a daily basis. I have Madden 22 and play franchise regularly. All that said, no it’s not worth it.

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