Here’s a screen shot of the ask price at $75 on Questrade from this morning around 8.30am. Thoughts?

  1. I don't think that means anything unfortunately. That just means that there aren't any sellers between 1-75, while there aren't any buyers between 1-75. Probably because it is the otc pre-market. Honestly I don't even know if there is an otc pre-market. As long as the live ticket doesnt day 75 bucks, this is meaningless

  2. Went back to set another sell limit order and price was $85. Then went back again and it was back to 1.9. I managed to get this screen shot though.

  3. Anything is possible at this point. I’m with you, got some crazy limit sells in place and if they don’t go I’m all for being long on next bridge.

  4. Not all brokers permit off hours trading. I know on ETrade I'm not able after-hours, so I assume that to be true of pre-market too. Others have stated they can. While those here are interested in MMTLP, the VAST majority of market participants don't know or care about it. Yet there are still market makers whose job it is to provide liquidity. They get paid for having a supply of bid/offers. If there's no other participants due to off-hours being empty in a tiny meme stock, they move their bid/offers to wayyyyyy off market. So you'll see these bid/offers at extreme prices. It just means there's no other orders in there that give the market makers a buffer to tighten up the range. Once the market actually opens they tighten it up to the actual trading range as everyone's resting orders come flooding in. For instance the market just opened and the bid/offer is 1.35/1.37 almost right away. It's all algorithm controlled by the MMs.

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