[Official] UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Holland - Live Discussion Thread

  1. We just had an entire card of amazing fights for FREE. Meanwhile boxing had a PPV with Fury vs Chisora… and people wonder why boxing is dying.

  2. I hate that I’m probably jinxing this but……. Dustin porier never breaking his hand even though he has like a million striking wars in the cage is so damn impressive, and that includes some quick turns like his Garth into Eddie fights

  3. Pretty sure Brian Ortega almost started a fight cageside last night and got escorted out. I was right below the nosebleeds and I'm pretty sure that was him

  4. That’s really not that fun of a fight. Leon would clinch and outgrapple the shit out of him. He’s not a dumb brawler like Kevin.

  5. Wonderboy looked good but definitely a bit past his prime. Wish he could go out on this fight. It was a textbook Wonderboy performance.

  6. I wonder how many fights left he has on his UFC deal, Wonderboy can still be a massive asset to Karate Combat

  7. Was the main event as good as the commentary made it sound? Could only listen to it Edit: missed the main event

  8. It was a really good fight, first 3 rounds were back and forth, there was a moment I thought Holland was gonna get the finish late in the 1st, and then Wonderboy just styled on him in the 4th with body shots and head kicks. I think Bisping hyped it up a little much, I wouldn’t call it a top 10 fight all time or anything but definitely a top 10 fight of the year, maybe top 5.

  9. Every fight on the main card was a finish. All 7. Which can’t remember a time we had so many fights on main.

  10. That jumping switch kick was beautiful, as well as all of the hook kicks thrown! Would love to have someone post a clip!

  11. I’d bet wonderboy would have set the record for most heel strikes thrown/landed in a single bout if they kept records for it.

  12. This fight most likely motivated him to read his opponents better. At 30’s still too young to call it quits and throw in the towel. He put up a great fight even hes been bested by someone nearing his 40s and retirement age.

  13. I honestly respect holland for standing and banging with Stephen fucking Thompson. We all wanted to see a striking match between the two and that’s what we got.

  14. That fight was way more fun than I thought it would be. Wonderboy clearly spent time praying at the Cro cop shrine this camp.

  15. Blocking head kicks with one hand over and over is not a good idea. I think those kicks fractured Kevin's hand / wrist. Then wonderboy noticed it, so kept spamming those left kicks along Kevin's upper body, knowing how bad they'd hurt to block, and if not blocked, how bad they'd hurt the the liver. Smart shit.

  16. Ate a hundred billion kicks on his arms. An underrated thing you learn in muay thai/kickboxing is to kick the arms. Even if they're blocking, it fucking hurts after a while especially when they only block with one arm. X block is a life saver. Canelo attacked the arms of Callum Smith. Legit strategy.

  17. Yeah, might be time to really commit to winning before entertaining too. He fought a hell of a fight but despite recent results, he's not shabby at all on the ground and should really mix that in against a guy like Wonderboy if/when winning is your #1 goal. He's got an amazing chin but each big shot he eats shortens that chain, and that's something you want to rely on when you're getting tagged in contender/championship fights years from now...not a 'fun' kickboxing match with Wonderboy after a loss. Or, he might not see a path to the title because WW is packed with grappling specialists at the top. Or, it's neither of those, lol. I'm glad it was stopped in-between...I really like Holland.

  18. Now that it's clear that WB is never going to be champ in a division full of grapplers they should just feed him strikers. Conor, Jorge 2, Michel Pereira, Daniel Rodriguez...would be fireworks.

  19. DC keeps trying to sell that Wonderboy should retire. He has taken minimal damage, he won’t be champion, but the dude has some high profile wins in him if he is selective

  20. I really like holland but I’m happy wonderboy won Kevin will be fine but if wonderboy lost it wouldn’t be good for the rest of his career

  21. one of those liverkicks he took was so loud I actually felt like I took some of it for him lmao i winced instantly

  22. Idk why they even would want to match Wonderboy up with grapplers at this point in his career. That should be the very last matchmaking options for him.

  23. It's very rare for a fighter to retire after such a good performance. Too bad I see two more wrestlefucks and maybe a KO in WBs future. Not too many people will just let him stand up like Holland tonight.

  24. Don't think that fight goes any differently than the first lol. Wonderboy looks like hasn't lost a step since the fought and I think Masvidal just gets pieced up against to a unanimous decision.

  25. That was like a fight you'd see in a video game where neither of the guys know the grappling and takedown controls so they just go all striking, and then in the 4th, just spamming all the kicks lol

  26. Thought about it this week a few times. I think he could, but it would be a longshot. Would LOVE to see it. Wonderboy taking the belt at 40-41 years old would be fucking BADASS and couldn’t happen to a better guy.

  27. Leon's striking is leagues worse than wonderboys. That being said it doesn't take much to hold wonderboy on the ground.

  28. All champs have good ground game except Pereira. And that's just because he fought Adesanya, who has great TDD but no grappling. WB's TDD and grappling abilities are quite bad. Considering that, he couldn't be champ in almost any division.

  29. I couldn’t be less excited for jan vs ankalaev. At least glover vs jan would have been somewhat exciting. What an awful main event

  30. Statement fight for Wonderboy. He lost to grapplers, but his striking still what it always was. You can't hang with the dude there.

  31. Especially after that Hermansson performance, Sean beat Uriah Hall and Hermansson by split and got toward the title picture LMAO

  32. crazy fight, UFC has some things to work out. they can have better more exciting fights with favorable match ups... they need to copy onefc, and quickly start the stand up only division with 4 oz gloves. we would have never seen such a display of kicks and karate.

  33. Totally agreed. Although that would be an entirely new thing as one has muy thai and kickboxing but not a general stand up only division right ? I love that idea haha

  34. It wasn’t until watching Holland fight Wonderboy that I realized how sloppy Holland’s hooks are. I can see how he broke his hand. Either from throwing or blocking

  35. I liked real hate between Khabib and Connor. But let's be honest, real lovers of MMA has to have this fight in their top 10 ever.

  36. UFC should just manage both those guys with good matchmaking for maximum entertainment. I don't need to know who can outwrestle and I don't want to find out

  37. Yeah, not enough back and forth to match Jiri/Glover. It might have turned out that way if Holland didn't injure his hand.

  38. Everyone giving the corner credit when they were probably ready to just throw Holland to the wolves again. Kevin’s a smart dude, he said “get this shit off of me” meaning “take off my wraps, I’m done” and THEN they stopped the fight.

  39. Kevin had clearly been hoping the ref was going to help, he made no secret his hand was broken, he was hoping for it to get called because of that

  40. Wonderboy has list a little bit of speed, power at least from the sound looks the same. Kevin just has a meme chin. That 4th round he just wouldnt go down

  41. I’d say Kevin has a chin and Stephen is getting a bit older. Stephen has power though, but it’s not his style to throw hooks from a boxing stance

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