[SPOILER] Charles Oliveira vs. Islam Makhachev

  1. Literally what happenes in all charles oliviera fights happened. Gets rocked, goes down and then gets back up. But this time he was against someone who didnt give a fuck about his ground game and just went for it

  2. You could tell Islam and team had drilled that exact moment. It looked like the 1000th time they drilled that, drop down, side control, immediately go for head&arm.

  3. I've been trying to tell the Charles fans this. Gaethje, Poirier, etc -- Yeah, Charles one but after a brutal back-and-forth that he happened to come out on top of. These risky fights could have easily ended in a loss on any other night.

  4. What happened to the people who said Olivera would beat khabib? Lol. Khabib was just way ahead of everyone. And now his boy Makhachev is.

  5. He's a worthy successor to Khabib in every way. Khabib's dad once said the true test of his legacy would be Islam getting a belt and he did it under Khabib's tutelage.

  6. I mean, I know bias is a thing, but Khabib clearly knows MMA and he's been saying Islam is fucking legit for years, before he even retired.

  7. It’s crazy how fun khabib and islams wrestling is compared to everyone else’s. I hate wrestlefuckrrs but they are always exciting

  8. Yeah it’s Khabib all over again. The brawler crew won’t stand a chance, but like Beneil, Gamrot, Arman, there are exciting challenges in the division.

  9. I’ve been yelling into this empty circle jerk void that Islam is NOT these chumps who give Olives a free pass to lay down and rest.

  10. The year is 2037. Islam Makhachev is now 43-1-0. He retires at the age of 46. Conor McGregor is still posting videos saying he’d whoop his fooking ass.

  11. Now we can put to rest this whole Charles v Khabib debate. Khabib is currently the lightweight goat and now I feel very confident he would have just Mauled Olivera the way he did everyone else.

  12. I see a whole bunch of fighters/fighter wannabes flying to Dagestan in the future. That Dagestani sambo is just a different level of skills and strength... I have to say Islam made Charles look like he's maybe a number 5 contender.... that was dominance.

  13. The conversation leading up to this fight was eerily similar to the conversations had before every khabib fight. Oh he’s just fought good match ups, this guy will embarrass him, he’s only padded his recons with a punch of cans.

  14. I'll never forget people saying "Khabib retired because he was scared of Charles". Some people let hate blind them instead of enjoying the fighters and the sport. Now Champ really has a name...

  15. I don't even think it's Coach Khabib. The dude was saying years before he retired Islam would surpass him and people don't understand how good he truly is.

  16. When Khabib and Javier Mendez were advocating for Islam, as to how good he is, everybody was like, they are saying that to promote him, to get him a title fight....boy, did he shut those people up....

  17. People were saying that because they knew deep down he would win the title. They just wanted to delay it for as long as possible

  18. Boy, Arman went full three rounds with Islam and even took him down on several ocassion....Arman sarukiyan is an upcoming star...watch out

  19. I predicted Islam dominating Charles, said it was easy money and I won +$1k off it. Yet the amount of people with recency bias I see using this to now say Islam is better than Khabib is hilarious. It's the same recency bias hype train that dominated this subreddit that lead to the complete delusion where 70% thought Charles would win on this sub and

  20. When a grappler starts dropping elite opponents it gets scary. When Charles dropped Chandler that felt like he leveled up. Khabib dropping Conor is one of the biggest “Holy shit!” moments

  21. Moment he went down I knew he was done. Unlike everyone else, Islam actually has the skills to make Charles pay for getting knocked down.

  22. Yeah, Khabib said in one of the interviews today that he wanted to put the belt on Islam today and told Dana to let him do it.

  23. Khabib post fight interview explaining how the UFC did not make the fight in Brazil, and explains how Volk should prepare against Islam but will lose anyway:

  24. Love how this sub was full of people talking about how Charles is Better than Khabib yesterday. He didn’t even last 2 rounds with Islam.

  25. Now people will finaly realize that Oliveira would have literally no chances against Khabib. Poirier and Gaethje were too afraid to go on the ground after the knockdown, Islam went for it and Charles immediately tapped. Khabib is the lightweight GOAT for a reason but now Makhachev can dethrone him

  26. Mma fans just don’t like Khabib cause he retired early. The first chance the community got to put the next big lightweight ahead of him a lot of ppl did. Never made any sense Khabib beat the same guys oliveira beat but he did way more dominantly.

  27. I can imagine Makhachev will develop better technique than Khabib ever did, especially in terms of striking. But Khabib had an otherworldly athleticism that Islam doesn’t quite possess. Every one of Khabib’s opponents seemed shocked and unprepared for how physically strong Khabib was in grappling exchanges. It’s like he had extra strength from out of nowhere.

  28. Yeah Khabib's clinch game and ground and pound is much better than Islam, I think that 1st round would look different if it was Khabib's prime in there.

  29. Welp, I'm a big Charles fan but the fight looked like Charles never had a chance. Totally dominated and submitted. Wow. I'm in awe.

  30. Charles looked absolutely neutered in the striking, I wonder what was up with that. Difficulty with southpaws? He looked better against Dustin, but that was probably because Dustin was terrified of the ground game

  31. I think it’s mainly because Islam was countering instantly off Charles’ pressure and angling off to disengage instead of going straight back which is what Dustin and Justin did

  32. Umar and Ankalaev are next to take over their divisions. These top Dagestani fighters are simply on another level. They dominate every second of every fight, regardless if it's a scrub or a p4p fighter. It's time to accept they are on another level. Hell the lowest tier of dagestani fighters are better than 80% of guys in their division.

  33. True I mean Oliveira just lost to a guy who hadn’t beaten a single top 5 fighter. So I think by default that means Oliveira isn’t top 5. The wait continues

  34. that’s the thing, chandler gaethje and them would clamour about how he hasn’t about anybody in the top 5, like you are the top 5 and you won’t fight him.

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