[Official] UFC 280: Oliveira vs. Makhachev - Live Discussion Thread

  1. I think Oliveira either threw the fight away or it was fixed. Islam's striking was wild and loopy and oliveira was way to wide open and looked gassed to early. No killer instinct like normal, and the punch that landed before the Islam got the submission barely connected and just lets him pass and sink the arm triangle. It looked way to easy, Not to mention Islam spent 1million dollars on camp and in the UAE, if you watch khabib and trainer during fighter intro on the cage they were acting strange with the water bottle they handed Islam. Make of that what you will. And there were rumors that one of them was struggling real bad before the fight as well. Supposedly oliveria! Just to many red flags, might be true might be not

  2. Anyone else having a hardtime with fight pass!? I’m losing my mind! Trying to watch these fights! Been trying all day yesterday and more this morning! The app isn’t working for me!

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  4. Yan was definitely robbed. If yan had little more reach advantage, he would have landed much more. Did not know that yan could wrestle as well

  5. Luke Thomas is right in saying all this (I paraphrase): What the fuck was TJ's team thinking in sending him out there when his shoulder popped out 20 or so times during camp and he couldn't even hit pads before the fight, only to have it pop out twice during the fight? There was never a reasonable chance of him winning that fight, and it's a waste of the fans' time, Aljo's time, and even TJ's time, plus a waste of the fans' money.

  6. He definitely went for one more pay day before retiring. He’s done in my opinion, he can’t fight like this. Besides, he should be done just in principal for his steroid use.

  7. Can someone please do me a favor and tell me, without spoilers, which of the main card fights ended in finishes? Thanks!

  8. Who's on the come up? Once DP handles Chandler, I don't think Chandler will be in that convo anymore.

  9. Wrestling mostly focusses on taking the opponent down bjj mostly focusses on ground control and submission… its mma Islam just performed better.

  10. Chandler sparks Dustin, asks for a title fight. Islam says slick little call out, pretends like he doesn’t exist. Reality is an echo

  11. Yan must be dirty af right now loses to a guy that holds him down and does no damage then loses to a guy when he holds them down and at least does some g'n'p.

  12. He said the opposite in his post fight presser, said he wants to defend it 'a lot of times'. Why do you think he'll retire soon? Khabib foreshadowed his retirement once islam became ready for a titleshot years before he actually retired. Islam doesnt have a reason like that to retire 'early'.

  13. I don't get why Charles was so hyped..he was knocked out in all previous games refre could have stopped any one of those fights and it would have been legit stop...

  14. You don't get how someone who finished Gaethje, Dustin, and Chandler all within 12 months was hyped? I can't stand the guy but this is an insane revisionist take

  15. I think the people who “are okay with Sean winning the fight even though I had Yan winning” make no sense. How are you okay with, in your opinion, the wrong guy getting the decision? Something like this alters careers

  16. Super close and Suga did a lot more damage. Yan had plenty of tip control but didn't do anything. Just because someone can hold onto you to avoid getting light up doesn't mean they should win the fight.

  17. There are plenty of close rounds I watch that I score for the fighter I'm rooting for. I know I'm biased, so I allow a "margin of error" in my own judging.

  18. because its a razor thin fight that could go to either guy depending on what the judges value, like come on that makes sense

  19. I was wondering how he’d close the distance with Charles then realised I wouldn’t know how to close the distance with a bear either so I should probably shut up lol

  20. why are people saying Sean thought he lost? did you see him when they were reading the scores? dude looked like he was having an anxiety attack. why would he be dying of anticipation like that if he thought it was a foregone conclusion that he lost?

  21. The other thing is this isn’t a basketball game where you can think back to all the moments of the competition you’re literally in fight or flight mode and getting hit for 15 minutes all the people saying he wasn’t sure of course he wasn’t he was just in a brawl for 15 minutes I’m sure it’s a blur

  22. Yan is probably the best fighter on the roster to have 'lost' 3 of his last 4. Thats a fighter you can be certain will put together another win streak. Crazy how much his career would be different if he knew the rules and never kneed aljo. Probably be on his 4th title defense or something crazy

  23. He just needs to fight couple of guys with his height and reach... he outclasses both Aljo and Sean in striking but a big reach advantage is a huge factor! He is the most talented striker for sure! Though Sean is very good too, but needed that height and reach advantage that night for a lucky decision win!

  24. LW is going to need their own Aldo to dethrone to Dagestani Boys. Someone with crazy td defense and great kickboxing as well as leg kicks

  25. You know there was probably many folks who heard about the problems in TJ's camp and proceeded to either tell their friends, or themselves, to bet the house on AlJo.

  26. Charles was looking real good until he fought someone who trains grappling lol, in all seriousness tho, neither dustin or gaethje belong at the top anymore and wins over them will mean nothing when it comes to how the new breed will match up now, lightweight is in for a big change and charles, dustin, justin and likely chandler are not a part of it sadly

  27. Charles definitely is still apart of it even tho he lost, I do agree Dustin and Gaethje both aren’t, idk about Chandler, would actually like to see that between Islam and chandler. Just because Islam beat Charles doesn’t mean he beats chandler, he may have something different for him with his TD defense and wresting/striking. If I were putting money on it I think Islam beats chandler but that’s still a fight I would like to see

  28. Seriously how the fuck you gonna pop your arm out 20 times in the last 6 months and still fight knowing there's plenty of other contenders in the division

  29. Honestly Oliveira did a pretty good job of defending Islam takedowns in the second round. But he completely disregarded Islam striking and paid the price.

  30. A few tweaks… if you know anything about judo you’d know Islam literally toyed with him 99% of the time. He passed Charles guard like a hot knife through butter, and the clinch don’t get me started. A few tweaks won’t change anything

  31. I completely forgot this happened, but my fav moment today gotta be Mokaev completely shitting the bed and having a competitive fight in a bout he was so favored in, and then having THE WORST “50 G’s babyyy” ever. I would’ve taken his win bonus for that

  32. Honestly I’m not even sure if his wrestling as a whole is that great, might be the best scrambler in the division but if he can’t get that low single he just spazzes out

  33. Imagine losing a 4 leg parlay off the O’Malley robbery. I think I’m done gambling on the shit. Ultimate Fighting Entertainment

  34. It's probably just judging inconsistencies more than anything, but I am pleased to see judging going in favour of guys on the back foot alot more lately, it really seemed like for a while as long as you were walking forward you were winning the fight, regardless of the exchanges. I'm sick of guys winning fights just by having a better gas tank(which is meaningless this day and age with PEDs all over the place), its refreshing to see counter fighting being taken seriously

  35. I think in the spur of the moment you're not gonna know for certain if things get heated or not, which may be why DC said what he said.

  36. So I'm away this week and couldn't watch the fights, when I clicked on the spoiler video for Oliveira vs Islam and saw the clip was on the feet, I was like "holy fuck this is it, Charles knocks him out doesn't he??" Never did I expect Islam to be the one getting the Club and Sub finish. What a sad, wild 30-odd second clip that was.

  37. I just took a nap and had a dream that khabib and islam had a falling out, and khabib came back to fight islam for the title. Woke up before the fight happened tho

  38. Islam starts partying with Dana and the nelk boys, doing blow with Dana’s interim wives, and khabib has to teach him to be humble again.

  39. Beneil looked so good tonight. Big statement for him to do that to Gamrot — who was so hot prior to tonight. TDD was next lev

  40. I don't think he was that hot tbh, he came off a pretty questionable decision again tsarukyan and imo didnt deserve the beneil fight to begin with, justice has been served

  41. I mean most people who didnt have their hearts involved probably saw that coming, I found it more impressive that charles had nothing for him on the feet tbh

  42. I’m not sure we can call Charlie the greatest submission artist of all time but I get what you’re saying.

  43. Fuck man, it’s a card like this which brings me back to my prime. I have a villain to hate again at LW, a hated flashy striker winning fights, and I get to shit on Sean Brady for his sins to the sport.

  44. I don’t disagree, I feel like Yan was robbed. But the significant strikes were obviously considered very significant?

  45. I believe chiesa was piecing him up on the feet and Brady won on the ground, but chiesa has less power than a max holloway jab

  46. Dana brought up Henry twice and the reporters Didn’t even seem to care. He was fishing on whether or not people thought that was a good fight and people were totally silent. Why is the media so stupid about this? Henry is a good fighter.

  47. Idk why some people are pretending that Yan did nothing on the ground evne though he landed some good ground and pounds.

  48. I mean you could say that, but was the ground pound more significant then O’Malley’s strikes on the feet, because O’Malley outstruck him, thats the major rift

  49. Every single loss Yan's had has been pretty weird. Loss to Magomedov due to point deductions, loss to Sterling for a really stupid illegal knee in a fight he was easily winning. Second loss to sterling in which an incredibly close first round that could've gone either way cost him the fight, and then this loss to O'Malley that almost everyone seems to have scored for him besides 2 judges.

  50. LMAO, every time Yan loses its a new excuse. “Well the UFC just wants to push Sean” like it was a close fight and it goes either way

  51. Not every fight is a robbery! Speaking specifically about the Yan vs O'Malley, it was an extremely competitive fight the whole way through, with rounds 1 and 3 being really close. Especially with damage being weighed more then ground control, these types of fights are always going to be razor thin. Can we just appreaciate how well they both fought and how bantamweight got even better?

  52. If you can explain how sambo is not just mma with a gi jacket on I may be down. Or if you can name 3 techniques that come from sambo and not another striking or grappling art I may also be down.

  53. The only reason people are so shocked Sean won is to protect their fragile egos about how obscenely wrong they were about this fight and they can't admit theyre clueless about he sport.

  54. But who did he beat ? Was the funniest shit ever whole division dodged him for years now he’s got the belt let’s see some slick little call outs

  55. Does anyone remember what Khamzat and Abubakar were beefing about like a year or two ago? I'm sure today was a continuation of that

  56. O’Malleys back take at the end of round 1 had me pretty hype ngl. Love seeing the Mcgregor’s and O’Malleys of the world mix the martial arts

  57. For the amount of name value this card had, the only truly great fights were somehow Islam-Charles and Yan-OMalley (honorable mention to GOATlal)

  58. It’s crazy that the same people that said yan got robbed In the sterling fight bc aljo won with control time are saying yan got robbed now bc he had control time. You can’t have it both ways

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