[SPOILER] Khamzat Chimaev vs. Kevin Holland

  1. Dana White is always punking on DC, especially during the Contender Series. It’s not only super unprofessional but can you imagine having your boss call you stupid on live TV? Especially when you’re a recently retired MMA double champion and he’s an 80’s boxercise instructor? I’m glad DC got his tiny bit of revenge.

  2. I was glad Joe didn't let him off the hook on that. Sometimes Joe's irritating when he presses fighters, but Khamzat needs someone to remind him that this is a sport and not just "smeshankillevrybuddymutherfucka"

  3. Nate's been ragdolled once already, he got suplexed 3 times back to back to back lmao...Kamzhat weighing about 200lbs would have thrown him around even worse.

  4. I always think the US need more chants. During the London cards each home fighter got their own tune. It would be cool to see Dustin, Chandler, Tony etc get a personal chant.

  5. But Khamzat came across as a legit heel in the post fight interview. Like a WWE heel, with the beard and everything. It’s weird because I get the sense that he is a nice guy

  6. So many armchair psychologists in the weigh in thread. Even tho I wanted Holland to win I’m so glad those nerds got shown up.

  7. Really? I think this went 100% as expected. Khamzat didn’t have to make weight. And Holland is terrible against wrestlers. I think even Holland was expecting this.

  8. Honestly Holland had better wrestling defence than I expected. Those scrambles were impressive while they lasted

  9. Unfortunate for Holland but expected. The only upside to this it’s that he got the Bag Khamzat threw away on the scales.

  10. Iole tweeted that Khamzat wasn't fined and didn't forfeit any of his purse because the Holland fight was at 180. Holland probably got paid nicely though for towing the line.

  11. I thought Khamzat didnt relinquish anything from his purse bc of the weight agreement. Apparently the fact that the fight was agreed to be at a catchweight between Holland and Chimaev removed any penalties.

  12. I find myself agreeing with you, but it’s funny that not dying for 2 minutes is considered “REALLY well” against Chimaev.

  13. I honestly believe we have already seen Khamzat fight his toughest challenge in WW division aka Burns. I think colby is just too small and scrawny, I wouldn't be surprised if Khamzat ragdolls him.

  14. Went as expected. I don't know why anybody expected anything else seeing as Khamzat is an incredible wrestler and Holland is incredible at being wrestlefucked.

  15. Getting the fist bump pre-fight was more than I expected. I'm surprised Kevin went for it at the beginning of the round too.

  16. Kevin actually got a lot better at wrestling than he used to be. Fought more valiantly than he could’ve a year ago. But to no avail.

  17. While I think you're right, Chimaev should have to take another fight at WW before he gets a title shot to prove he can actually make weight. I hope the UFC don't just gloss over the weight miss at least.

  18. Khamzat is probably the best fighter at showing there’s a huge gap in ability. He has so much confidence in his abilities that he can finish both the Leech and Kevin Holland without taking a single hit. Better more cautious fighters probably play it a little more safe and get touched with a jab before they get the takedown

  19. Dunno why it has to be said, but IGNORING a glove touch is different from FAKING a glove touch. Chimaev just ignored him and feinted high and went low for the takedown like he ALWAYS does.

  20. UFC knew he wasnt making weight, so they made a fake story line of Holland and Kamzat getting into a backstage fight. Its basically the WWE, lol.

  21. He said the doctor stopped him from cutting in the post fight. It's a Costa Vettori situation and everyone will forgive and forget about the miss weight.

  22. I don't think so. Joe got him to specify that he thinks he could've made weight but was stopped by the doctor. This is good for Khamzat because it gives him plausible deniability for some people. The alternative would be him dodging the question entirely, which would give him nothing.

  23. Absolutely astounding that there are dipshits out here saying that Khamzat was scared of Nate. Khamzat spared Nate's life.

  24. How do people still fall for it and square their hips when Khamzat shoots every time within the first 3 seconds. Just spend the 1st round running. There's no set up. You know he's going to shoot. It happens every one of their fights.

  25. That’s the problem. With no set up and from distance he can shoot and get to peoples hips. He also flows very well. Starts from a single, transitions to the back, and kept control while Holland grambied. His wrestling is crazy.

  26. Especially after they already touched gloves by Herb lol. So stupid. Result would've been the same though. Khamzat was throwing him around like he's a hotel pillow.

  27. The post-fight chat is like watching a 9 year old after necking a bottle of Mountain Dew and hopping in to a MW2 lobby chat.

  28. I don't care what anybody says. Chimaev missing weight was planned as shit. Diaz fight never made sense, I think it's Dana sending a message that he could literally have him killed in the octagon.

  29. I hate that these fighters try to dap each other up during the round . You literally just touched gloves before the fight. I would say it was cheap, but it’s not.

  30. I think fighters that are scared of taking damage do this. Till vs Wonderboy had more high fives than significant strikes. The fight took place in Liverpool and Till was really playing to not lose. Wonderboy was typical "I didn't let my hands go". It was so friendly it was bizarre--UFC:ultimate friendly companionship

  31. this reminds me so much of wrestling. khamzat is playing a perfect heel. very entertaining, can't wait to see what's next

  32. What is the difference between Paulo and Khamzat missing weight. I still like both fighters and I don't hate Kevin/Nate or Marvin. Yet yall hated Marvin then hated Costa and then loved Marvin for winning and then loved Paulo for twitter but then liked Luke for going the distance and then like Paulo again for talking shit to Khamzat. Seriously yall too emotional for me.

  33. Honestly can't see how anyone didn't see this coming. Still fuck the weight miss and no punishment. The only one to lose here was Holland on all fronts.

  34. Wonder if Connor McGreggor pulled the shit Khamzat did would people be saying the same shit. I quite like the heel Khamzat. He's a lunatic, but he's very entertaining.

  35. Burns is fucking good man, he can hang with the best WWs on the feet or the ground even if he doesn’t get the win, he was dangerous with Usman and Chimaev.

  36. clowns in here on that hate circlejerk really convinced themselves Holland wasn’t gonna get finished in the first round lmao

  37. Watch the "second" time Holland attempts to roll out of Chimaevs hold, Chimaev has his head against the mat and his left hand next to it, he essentially slammed Holland back into position with one arm. Freak.

  38. This dude is so fucking terrifying. We all forgot after burns but this guy might be the best wrestler on the planet. It happened so fast I wish I could replay it

  39. Burns is at the top of the division for a reason, as talented and durable as they come. That said, Khamzat jumped into the deep end even though he is green and held his own even though he abandoned the game plan. If he actually followed what his coach wanted, it would have ended very differently, even with Gilbert.

  40. Anyone got a gif of that sequence near the end where Holland is spinning on the bottom and Khamzat is just floating above him like a cloud?

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