Conor Mcgregor's shares his opinion on the recent drama

  1. Mcgregor’s 145 post scale interviews are always great to watch. Like how tf is this guy even talking 💀 prime Mcgregor’s mindset was just different from now that he’s rich.

  2. He did force fights to be pulled from a card because he turned up with a gang of his mates and tried to attack a fighter and ended up injuring other fighters supposed to fight that weekend

  3. True, always made weight, has fought injured, and accepted late replacements. An asshole outside the cage, but mans always delivers with the fights.

  4. He's absolutely correct. Should have had Dustin step in and kept the card the same but either way I'm MUCH more interested in this card now.

  5. Showing up at the stipulated weight and fighting despite last minute changes is a big part of super-stardom in MMA. TALK THE TALK. WALK THE WALK.

  6. Yea he may have attacked a bus full of fellow fighters even causing glass to fly into and damage the eye of one of them and he may have also made a classless comment about the dead father of another fighter but at least he didn’t miss weight

  7. I disagree. He said Holland is a more favorable opponent. While Nate has better bjj, Holland actually has real KO power. Not to mention that Holland is way bigger than Diaz. He might even weigh more than Chimaev in the cage today.

  8. Same, I was shocked by how reasonable this take was, considering Conor's the only person who would pull some stunt of this magnitude. What's even more interested is that he's taking issue with this even though he benefits hugely. This means that there will be a guaranteed victor between Nate and Tony that will likely call Conor out if there's no retirement.

  9. The smirk on his face shows that he feels like there's no real consequences for his actions. I mean, he doesn't have to cut weight, gets a fight that he wants, doesn't get a percentage of pay taken away, I doubt he was getting PPV points so he's probably taking home the same amount of money at the end of the day.

  10. Well, he did lose an easy win with one of the biggest names in the sport and now he’s fighting a dangerous contender who’s a higher weight class. It’s stupid that he’s not getting fined but I doubt his situation got better

  11. I think he was closer but had to get some fluids into him. Didn’t look dehydrated much. But yeah, 7.5lbs is still 7.5lbs, that’s what the records will show.

  12. Conor has always been all business. He’d distract people with his antics but he was always in control when it came to promoting the fight and showing up.

  13. Saw this earlier and was shocked at the level headed, non-shit talking response from him. I actually agree with him.

  14. Conor is generally right, but the part about the more favorable bout arranged for the failed cutter is false. I understand that it makes Conor look good the more Diaz looks good, but Diaz was a dead man walking until yesterday. The perfect situation came up, allowing him to not fight khamzat while claiming some kind of victory. Holland on the other hand is the same size as Khamzat and has dangerous power in his hands.

  15. I see his point though, we've seen Holland absolutely dominated on the ground in multiple fights now and that is obviously his biggest weakness by far, and now he's fighting Khamzat who is an absolute monster on the ground.

  16. I partially agree and disagree. Khamzat is gonna wrestle Holland and dominate him, while Nate has great bjj so he'd probably stand and bang.

  17. It's still favorable in that he's getting a welterweight. Khamzat can't make 170, he struggled last time and this time he completely missed the boat. He's gotta be forced to go up a division.

  18. Everybody agreeing with Conor here, but Khamzat didn't get a more favourable matchup. Now he has a short notice fight against a non washed fighter with better striking and something to prove. He probably still wins easily, but he was going to walk through Diaz's journeyman ass who already has one foot out the door and couldn't give two shits what happens.

  19. He’s completely right. Now Khamzat gets to beat up an inferior opponent and flex on the crowd after being a complete amateur

  20. Holland is not a more favorable matchup, he’s just sucking off Nate bc he pretends to be respectful every once in awhile, he’ll be back to insulting dead relatives in no time

  21. I don’t really buy the “everyone else is gonna try this”, but he’s right about Khamzat not getting punished is whack af

  22. The only reason we don't have the final form of Dana Red on our hands is because the miss/drama hyped up a sleeper card and the shifts actually made the card better on paper. Khamzat got lucky the stars aligned, that's all. Next fool that does this will probably get crucified.

  23. Hate McGregor, but don't like seeing Khamzat get rewarded for this. Leech and Holland getting the short end of these sticks, being suddenly thrown against opponents that are 10lbs heavier or 10x scarier. Holland been training for a boxer and now has to fight a wrestler.

  24. Even when Conor is right he can't help but gaslight himself. Holland is a much more difficult fight than Nate.

  25. This weight cutting stuff has to lead to a dimished product there’s just no way you can fully recover from putting your body into severe dehydration in 24 hours so why do we keep doing it? If I had to guess your chin takes the biggest hit and there would be less knockout finishes if they took away weight cutting. Shit, maybe that’s why they haven’t taken it away. Finishes are good for business after all. The fighters are going to do whatever they can to get an edge and at this point you have to weight cut or youre at a disadvantage because everyone else is.

  26. He’s exactly right, which is why I think Khamzat and Dana schemed this crazy shit up. It turned into a significantly better card because he missed weight and didn’t even try to make it. This is some WWE shit honestly

  27. Weird that they advised that, after he was photographed relaxing at a restaurant for hours the night before. It's almost like he stopped cutting, or hadn't been cutting at all really, because he knew something in advance.

  28. Khamzat went from fighting number 2 contender Gilbert burns to fighting a unranked kevin holland who gets raped in wrestling

  29. The guy who threw a dolly through a bus and injures several fighters in the process causing a card to be re-configured said this. He also got rewarded with the most high profile fight ppv of all time.

  30. Conor ruined an entire ppv throwing a dolly at a bus, got glass in Ray borgs eye when he was fighting to earn money for his sick kid. 4 fights got cancelled and conor got a title shot with the footage used to sell the fight.

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