[SPOILER] ONE on Prime Video 1: Adriano Moraes vs. Demetrious Johnson

  1. It’s crazy that Adriano was saying he would submit DJ on the 4th. On a side note, I’m so happy that Prime picked up One Championship. I’ve wanted to watch this for the longest and man it was brilliant. I really hope Prime will keep this going and the support grows.

  2. That was so sweet. I wanted DJ to win this so bad. I don't think I would have been able to handle seeing him lose twice in a row. I watched this with my balls in my throat which were somehow pulsating.

  3. DJ was like a terminator in there. He was scary chasing the bigger guy down and hitting him with big shots. That finish was crazy

  4. DJ is the GOAT. Doing this to someone like moraes while at a noticeable size disadvantage is super impressive. And not to mention, he's 36, that's ancient for a flyweight.

  5. It’s so crazy how small DJ is but was walking down Moraes and had him running off like he was 6’1

  6. People were writing DJ off so much because Moraes was bigger than him. Size difference was bad, but not worse than Dominick Cruz lol. Don't mess with the Mouse

  7. He literally framed his head while Moraes was stumbling back, couldn't have been more of a perfect shot

  8. 9/10 guys would've thrown that way too early and given him a chance to recover. DJ waited the exact perfect amount of time, absolute precision

  9. Let’s fucking go! DJ is just elite! So good off his back, making sure to not give Moraes his back. Moraes wanted that choke.

  10. The gap between DJ and the 2nd best FW of all time might be larger than the gap at any other weight class. Just the undisputed GOAT.

  11. Look, Figueredo is great, Moreno is great, but are we really gonna stand here and say that either of them beats the beast that is Mighty Mouse? I don't think so.

  12. So on the card earlier this morning everyone from the blue corner won and now everyone but Moraes won for the red.

  13. ONE hadn't been as frequent this year. But when it does it's way better than a lotn of UFC stuff. Makes you feel satisfied with your product.

  14. Now imagine if the co-main event was Rodtang, like it was supposed to be. I really hope the promotion takes off with this Amazon deal, they have a really cool product and some truly elite talent.

  15. Avenging a loss to a bigger opponent at the age of 36 with such a brilliant knockout. No one can argue that isn't GOAT material, especially considering how threatening Moraes looked tonight.

  16. That was amazing. Moraes is a world-class, well-rounded fighter with an obvious size advantage. DJ worked through some scary positions in the first 2 rounds, and serious damage in round 2.

  17. The ufc just casually traded away a goat for a dude who got iced by pewdipie. And now One headlined a big card on prime with one of DJ’s best performances.

  18. Fairytales do exist people...and i go to sleep tonight with a big ol' smile on my face. The GOAT is still adding more titles, we aint done yet.

  19. Can we talk about DJ's bottom game this fight? Not accepting the top position and opting for a traditional butterfly guard and instead aggressively sweeping his legs, throwing elbows and using armbars to advance a better position to throw elbows...that was some creative and interesting stuff that exposed himself to way more risk but paid off big time in the end.

  20. First two rounds were a little rough, but it definitely looked like Moraes faded in 3, while DJ was picking up steam. To me, at least.

  21. Unfortunately it's a double whammy of people just love DJ and people having no respect for anyone outside the ufc or that's never been in there.

  22. DJ was catching Rodtang clean in that first Round as well imho. Rodtang just has a ridiculous chin and ate them while moving forward…

  23. That finish was brutal, it was clear that DJ was going to have the advantage going into the later rounds with all the muscle that Moraes has for that weight class.

  24. I loved the adjustment by DJ in the 3rd. Adriano was getting his takedowns off caught kicks in the 1st and 2nd. In the 3rd DJ stopped kicking to the body and started pressuring Adriano when he was trying to reset. This was a great card.

  25. There couldn't have been a better way for MM to win this other than with a walk off flying knee. Tremendous.

  26. That was amazing. The patience that DJ showed as Morales started stumbling backwards towards the fence before booming him with the knee was beautiful to watch . So happy for my man DJ let’s go!

  27. Even more impressive when you consider how fucking huge Moraes is. It looked like DJ was fighting a Bantamweight out there.

  28. DJs post ufc career has been really great. Cemented him as an all time great in my eyes. Being an aging FLYWEIGHT and getting finishes is insane. Even if the competition isn’t the top of the top, many folks at his age in these weight classes are getting smokes on the regionals

  29. What’s crazy is that if you slow it down, the knee was so beautifully timed it would have been legal in the UFC too.

  30. Actually landed that knee before Moraes even hit the floor so it would’ve been legal in the UFC too.

  31. Going to be honest, idk if too many UFC fighters are throwing a knee there (due to rule differences & how close he was to falling and being grounded)… but DJ obviously had no hesitation and has a walkoff KO on his resume 🐐

  32. I was talking this morning. I thought this might be where we finally see a DJ who is used to the new rules and has settled into comfort. It takes time to drill that so it’s automatic and natural. That was fun to watch: the duckunder, that punch followed by a very measured beautiful knee for the walkoff. DJ always gets me hyped.

  33. First 2 rounds had me worried, DJs gas tank really started to take over half way through the 3rd round, great KO!

  34. DJs shorter height actually helped him here to slip into the pocket. Just smooth and crisp timing and execution from him. Weathered the storm early to pull this off. Phenomenal.

  35. The size differential in this one had me shook, Moraes has no business in this weight class lol unreal win for DJ I thought this was curtains after round 2 but he broke Moraes down perfectly

  36. Lmao hate how ONE keeps comparing flyweight classes to the UFC. Moraes could easily fight at 145 when DJ is a natural 125er. But that’s what makes DJ the GOAT

  37. First few rounds I was really worried for DJ. I thought Moraes was just too big. But DJ's pace was relentless and he wore him down, then we saw the limitations of Moraes without the physical advantage. What an absolutely brilliant performance. He deserves the 50k.

  38. This is what happens when you paw aimlessly like Moraes did here. You get slept every time. Throw with intent.

  39. He’s the GOAT man to join the UFC at that time dominate for the length he did. Join a different organization win a few fights lose, own up to the lose instead of saying it was a fluke. Learn from his mistakes and put on a dominating performance again. Man he truly shows there’s levels to MMA. Him and George St Pierre are game changers to MMA.

  40. DJ is so under appreciated, always fought bigger guys, endless tank, creative striking, bed-spring tdd, and a long reign, god. damn. legend.

  41. "We" didn't give up anything, cuz we still get to watch him kick ass :) Dana and the UFC fucked this one up (though they did get a bit of a bump with Masvidal's KO).

  42. Watchu mean “gave this up”?….DJ out there helping build ONE up and bringing it to the masses meaning we get even more world class MMA. Seems like a win to me.

  43. I use to hate on DJ in UFC. But DJ in ONE seems so dialed in against some real killer strikers. His work from the bottom in the first was so busy and offensive.

  44. That setup was beautiful. The high knee/step through into a quick step he was using carries some risk (it can get you blasted like Holm was when she missed the kick vs Nunes on the first part), but it's a nice aggressive feint, switch, and way to make distance and take an angle, all rolled into one.

  45. Yo he landed the knee and didn't even glance at him. He KNEW his ass was done. Absolutely flawless technique. Watch his footwork leading up to the knee. Perfection

  46. An absolutely gorgeous sequence from DJ. Enters with a feint knee into a shift, feints the left hook that makes Moraes overcommit on the reaction, DJ ducks under while throwing the right straight which lands hard, then DJ shows incredible patience and waits because he knows when Adriano rebounds off the cage he'll be moving into the knee.

  47. Dj is the perfect fighter. If you could give him OSPs body he would be the undisputed goat because he would of killed jon jones lol

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