Paddy Pimblett correctly predicts the outcome of Edwards vs Usman

  1. I still don't understand how he balloons so fast. I can't gain the weight he does as fast even if my actual goal was to get as fat as possible

  2. He’s also just such a strong and domineering fighter that even if you have better technique the pressure will be incredibly difficult to overcome. It always wows me how he gets right in guys faces and they just can’t keep him off.

  3. Yeah that was the best striking I've seen from Usman. All of his other fights, he dips his head low and throws wild overhands. He was much sharper vs Edwards.

  4. No. it was the predictability of his stand up that was what lost him the fight. For the third fight he'll try to wrestle even more.

  5. I watched an interview of Jorge from earlier this month and he said that Leon could win with a head kick. Mystic Masvidal?

  6. “Yes Leon, hopefully Kamaru thinks he can stand with you lad, and you’ll absolutely kick his teeth in, good luck my man”.

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