Anybody ever seen black Molly like this before?

  1. Never seen this stuff bro. The stuff I get is usually powder of like brownish tint and it also has chunks of crystals inside it. That looks sus as fuck

  2. That’s pitch black…definitely wouldn’t trust it personally. I’d be concerned that it’s dyed to try to trick testing kits since MDMA is supposed to turn to black with the marquis kit.

  3. I’ve had black molly before but wasn’t pitch black like this one, mine had like bright sparkly white specks all over it kinda like it was covered with glitter

  4. It’s becoming more prevalent. Look up MAPS mdma synthesis. They found a way to make mdma out of crude oil and it comes out dark purple to black

  5. it could be old molly and the inpurities are showing, alot of people wash it and it turns to normal color. But it could be totally different thing, cant tell by the pic.

  6. I got some of that at Forest. They usually will dye it black because that’s the color you want for testing. Be extremely careful not to misread test results

  7. This has been pretty popular in the NYC area recently. Haven’t tried any (and definitely won’t), but have tested about 2 batches. It passed the Marquis test (bubbling and black/purple), failed my Simon A/B, inconclusive Fent Strip, and inconclusive Frohede. Over all would def not take this. Luckily I got a refund, but if it isn’t Champaign or Light purple, I’d pass. And get a test kit!

  8. I’ve got stuff dark purple like this that tested perfectly and feels just how M is supposed to. I personally will always prefer champagne colored stuff and don’t like this new trend of colored mdma because it muddies the waters so to speak. This stuff was free though so not gonna turn it down lol

  9. I've had sassafras that's been cooked too long that looks like that it's very hard but it hits you so hard to but I'll get get a test kit and test it

  10. This looks like someone hiding a contaminant (probably intentionally) by use a colouring to stop effect reagent testing. Do not eat this.

  11. Testing mdma with fent strips needs to be done very particularly. It needs to be diluted down because mdma can produce a false positive on a fent test strip, but not too diluted or else the test might not pick up actual fentayl if there/s any there.

  12. I didn’t. I would before trying it, just wanted to see if anybody else in this group has ever seen black Molly before because I’ve never heard of Molly being black. The guy I got it from though shared an Airbnb with me and we were both at a music festival. He said he did it and it was good and blissful.

  13. That there is the ubiquitous north American shit roll. It is shitty domestic molly made only here in America and Canada occasionally.

  14. Yes, I got some black molly a few years ago, but it was not pitch black like that. The shit I got still had some clear/white sparkles in it, almost like the batch was burnt. It tested good, but was probably the weakest shit I’ve ever gotten. From then on I’ve stuck solely to tan molly

  15. ive had dark dark purple molly but you could still tell it was purple, definitely test, this looks like charcoal, it could be molly, but it’s not worth the risk without testing

  16. Don’t quote me on this, but the darker the molly, the dirtier the supplies used to make it were. In other words; the darker the molly, the more crud and grime is in it.

  17. It usually means that the impurities havnt been properly extracted when making the mdma. Get a testing kit to be safe but yeh. Just a lazy cook 😂

  18. So if it goes straight to black with the marquis it's good? Lol. Is that possibly the purpose of so much black dye in it?

  19. Usually color doesn’t = purity… but I wouldn’t take that shit tbh. The closest I’ve had was dark dark purple molly and it was actually the worst quality I’ve ever had. Though that doesn’t mean all purple is bad quality. I’ve had good purple as well as red, blue, tan, white, etc that were all great.

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