"Anti-racism" in action

  1. But that’s how we know this teacher is a racist, xenophobic, bigot. He should be fired for not using Latinx. He isn’t woke enough for our current school system.

  2. So do these people have think all blacks, Muslims, Latinos, alphabet people etc etc, are all walking around on the verge of tears all day? Good lord man. You're not that important. None of us are.

  3. That is a big difference between left vs right. The left self-worships and the right tends to submit to God. Of course, that is a broad generalized view and does not include everyone in either category. There are definitely outliers.

  4. I kinda think that whoever wrote this actually believes the stereotypes, like muslims being terrorists and hispanics being rapists, but thinks that if they deny it loudly enough, not only are they showing themselves to be a good person, they will also manage to manifest that those stereotypes are not true into the world.

  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2018/11/30/white-liberals-dumb-themselves-down-when-they-speak-black-people-new-study-contends/

  6. Left wing racism is from the position of the self serving savior complex. They MUST help the poor because they can't do it on their own.

  7. I'm Jewish, and I can certainly say Anti-Semitism exists. So does racism, homophobia, and all the other phobias. However, Jews are not currently "oppressed" or "marginalized" or anything like that. The same can be said for most minorities today, especially in America. I can't speak for any Muslim countries, however, where there are severe crimes occurring on a daily basis.

  8. Oddly enough, in the DunderMifflin sub I got downvoted to all hell for stating that Michael was not a racist, but that he is just an idiot. These people could not handle the fact that making a generalization or ignorant statement does not automatically determine that one hates a specific demographic of person based on what they look like.

  9. “Dear Latino/a” We’ve found the racist, privileged, bigoted teacher. I believe the proper woke terminology is, “Latinx.” Fire this teacher immediately.

  10. Dear White Racists, Your life does not matter, and you are a pile of filth. Please don’t bring anything to school that will harm us

  11. School choice when I’m a parent will be so important. I’m making sure they don’t have to deal with public school indoctrination and crt racism!

  12. You need to be careful about private schools as well. In a lot of cases they're ground zero for all this nonsense.

  13. My kids want to go back to school and I want them to, but as I’ve explained to them (and they largely agree) I don’t trust the schools, administrations, rules, hell I don’t trust the teachers anymore. When they were talking about secretly vaccinating children without parental consent I knew we were well off the rails.

  14. Latino and Muslims not getting a good deal. Not terrorists, rapists and drug dealers. Why not "your life is beautiful"?!!

  15. This reminds me of when my dad committed suicide when I was 12 and my sister was 16. All through the wake, funeral and months after people would always say "It's not your fault."

  16. This teach may want to start running her ideas by an objective colleague before committing her prejudice to paper and decorating her walls.

  17. Interesting the majority of this isn’t about race at all. Seems like they try to make everything about race. Undocumented isn’t racial,LGBTQ isn’t about race,Female isn’t about race,Muslim isn’t about race. Funny how it’s all pushed as racism!

  18. It needs is another paper at the bottom saying "All the statements above are sarcasm" to highlight how bigoted the teacher is.

  19. Imagine going to class as one of these races, and having a reminder of the negative stereotypes against your race. Every single day.

  20. Man. lol. I just imagine somebody saying all these things putting air quotes for every remark about the groups they’ve segregated.

  21. If I were any of these I’d hate this teacher immediately…also because I’m not one of these, I also would hate this teacher…gtfo

  22. These always make me wonder who the real racist is. This is what these people think when they see anyone from these demographics. If anyone is keeping the stereotypes alive it's people like this.

  23. The next one they put up will say " Dear straight, white , christian Americans who never hurt anybody - go fuck yourself."

  24. They forgot to put “Dear White Men, you’re just as terrible as everyone says you are” that’s a joke btw, what this lacks is realism. Jeffery Dahmer was gay, a female will get assaulted, someone will eventually commit genocide, a radical Muslim will be a terrorist, some Latino will be a rapist and convicted of smuggling drugs. Not everyone is that way by no means but you can’t say if it happens that it’s not a real thing. Yeah we shouldn’t classify people generally as any of those stigmas but you can’t say that it will never happen statistically either and generalize people as that. A white guy will be racist but most aren’t.

  25. How do you post shit like “there are no walls” to ESL students on a wall at a school? Just madness.

  26. “Now excuse me class while i bend over to suck my own microdick as i also at the same time scream/gargle in absolute spite towards my ancestors”

  27. “Fake social rules” yeah fake social rules like having a penis makes you a man and pretending otherwise is a sign of mental illness that should be addressed and not enabled.

  28. So I don’t understand this, I do but the logic……..well just makes me smh. So what was so wrong with “All Lives Matter”? But I guess that didn’t allow for the pick and choose narrative.

  29. How'd an undocumented kid get into your public school? I'm guessing the teacher has never had yo register a kid of their own for school.

  30. so what this tells me is that if your a white man then your life does not matter, you're a terrorist, your life is ugly and should not be allowed to expand and you should be ashamed for existing, women can grope you (they do very often) you're a potential rapist and probably a drug dealer too, there are walls so you cannot go or do certain things. yep sounds about right.

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