remember when video games were plumbers shooting fireballs at evil turtles?

  1. My guess it’s for horny teen boys who’s parents monitor everything they do online. That or some sexually repressed dudes over in the Middle East…

  2. Honestly I think these are just revenue generators. They probably reach the crowd that enjoy masturbating to cartoons and may pay money to do so. There are certainly better examples of video games today.

  3. Funny, I knew a girl in college who was a cosplayer. Found out recently she's now dating a girl. They are both quite pretty. (though I think my cosplayer friend is probably more bi because she's been with guys before)

  4. Honest to God hope you fellows aren't upset at this crappy click bait add/ game. Yea it's dumb, but it's the point.

  5. Not opposed to these kinds of games. If they're crap, they're crap , but it's not like the market is being flooded with crappy, semi pornagraphic dating sims.

  6. Cluch your pearls when Mass Effect letcha fuck a lesbian alien, that was also a space witch? There are far worse games with far worse content than whatever the hell that is. Trust me, I was once a teenage boy with unsupervised access to the internet and I turned out fine.

  7. Seen these before. I don't think wokeness is the motive for the lesbianism in the ads. I think they're just catering to lesbian fetishists. I've played the actual game and couldn't find lezdom anywhere.

  8. It’s just one of the many dumb mobile ads. Most games are still plumbers shooting fireballs but have more story and gameplay. Mobile games are just shit most the time nowadays. Remember angry bird or flappy bird, those are the types of games you barley see on mobile.

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