First full year in LA and I got a bill from the DMV stating I owe $294 for a registration fee (one car, 2019 vehicle, purchased used). Not what I’m used to from other states, so I’m looking to the real Angelenos to educate me. Is this high fee typical? Should I anticipate ~$300/year?

  1. All based on the age or the price you paid for the car when your registered it. It’s unfortunate if you transferred it to CA and told them what you paid for it when new. Because that is close to a new car reg. Price.

  2. Yep. Welcome to LA. You pay to live here, then you pay for paying to live here. Oh, and if you don’t pay, boy are you gonna pay.

  3. Just wait until you have to pass an emissions test first and the guy tells you you've got a leaky transmodulator that'll cost $300 to fix before you can renew.

  4. Yup. Even more when it’s new. And you’ll eventually have to start getting it smog checked when it’s old enough.

  5. Registration for my 22-year-old nondescript wagon (purchased new in 2000) is $154 this year. Reg fees were lower in years gone by. So, the reg fees don't necessarily get a lot lower as the car's value lowers over the years; at least, it's not proportional.

  6. Yep, my 2007 Honda's registration notice just came in for $155. It has been creeping up by ~$20 per year for the last few years. I figured that we must have voted for something years ago that is making it continue to go up, but I don't know if that's actually true or not.

  7. Let me tell you…it beats the hell outta moving to Georgia from California and Paying 3k a vehicle just to bring them in state….that sucks.

  8. One reason our car registration fees are so high is that we haven't traditionally paid for our roads and bridges through tolls. Even now the Speedpass is optional and you can get where you're going without using any Toll Roads. Registration fees are the part that takes solely from residents. Gas taxes are the part that takes from visitors as well.

  9. If you think it's bad here, go to certain counties in Virginia and you will pay property tax on your cars value, plus car registration.

  10. Smog check on a hybrid- somehow that makes no sense... but if you want tags 🤷🏻‍♀️. And don’t loose the tags because you will have to pay a fee to have them reissued

  11. Hybrid cars still give off emissions. Smog checks for hybrid cars uses a whole different system. You only have to get a smog check on your vehicle if it’s more than 8 years old and the lost tag fee is only $23. Could be worse

  12. I got to drive around for a couple of years "free" because some numbnut at the DMV didn't like my out-of-state paperwork, and wouldn't register my car. Fine, I said, fuck it, and just kept my out-of-state plates until finally some mechanic at the place I was getting the oil changed said he could "handle it" and did. I'm registered in CA now, and yes, it's high $200s for a 2017 car that WOULD HAVE BEEN registered in 2019 if the numbnut hadn't been power tripping. I figure they saved me about $500, so thanks!

  13. Lol this is nothing. Welcome to CA. I pay more than quadruple for car insurance, and registration. And once you see the quality of driving, you’ll understand why. Good luck and Godspeed

  14. oh the DMV registration renewal fees are like the blackbox of taxation. Every city\county is different PLUS rules make no sense. SUVs are cheaper than pickups because pickups are commerical!? CO2 surcharge $21 + School district textbook surcharge $11 plus pothole fee $3 plus measure &#^!q extra 1.2% ! CHP fee?! what?!

  15. It’s right. Now if somebody can explain why you have to pay registration every year, and not just when you first register the vehicle I’d appreciate it. Like, what is costing the DMV $300 yearly on your car?

  16. It's a tax. Did you stop driving after the first year you bought your car? Obviously not. Roads need repair, emergency responses are needed, new roads are built.

  17. Absolutely nothing, it's a tax grab. In my home state it was $80/vehicle/year, regardless of what the car actually was.

  18. If you ever buy private just have the previous owner write on the pink slip that they sold you the car substantially less than what you actually paid. There's no way for the DMV to actually know how much you paid. That's what we do with motorcycles at least.

  19. It's because California doesn't have property tax on vehicles. In other states, it's much cheaper to license a car, but you pay property tax on the vehicle based on its value. So, it is all basically the same in the end. Just pick your poison. States get their money one way or the other.

  20. Yes, this is the only state I'm aware of that actually charges you a percentage of your vehicle's value every year as a tax on your registration.

  21. I’ve been paying between $450-550 in the last 5 years, between a BMW 330i and a WRX. The WRX has a vanity plate, which also adds to the cost.

  22. It's based on the purchase price the first 5 years, I think. Then the registration fee drops, but then DMV makes you get your car pass SMOG unless it's a full EV I guess. You can write off part of your reg during tax time tho!

  23. That sounds cheap. Yes every year your back plate has a month in the top left corner. That’s the month it expires and needs to be renewed. Get a little less every year.

  24. sounds average. at least you don't have to smog yet. probably next year. and extra $75ish to the registration. be prepared

  25. I have a 1972 Chevy that costs me $135 for my yearly registration, so yeah, it sounds about right.

  26. Sounds about right I use to pay 60-83$ back in TX and when I saw the cost here, I asked my wife, why so much? She replied this is the normal price 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  27. My registration fee was close to that, however my renewals were close to $50. When I moved to Minnesota, it was also a registration fee of $300 for a used (& owned) car. So in my experience this isn’t just an LA thing.

  28. The more expensive your car is the more expensive your registration is here. I found that out the hard way when I bought a Maserati and my registration renewal was $900…….

  29. Registration is really just another tax here in LA. The state I'm from, registration paid for the system to track registration and that's it. It was like a flat $25 or something. Welcome to the god-awful government of California.

  30. One of my cars is 1200 a year. Another 900. Then if you have your like boats or jet ski you pay reg and PROPERTY TAX on it every year.

  31. That's an excise tax, not a property tax. It's not the same as if you're being taxed for real estate. And it's not tax deductible, as property taxes are (to a limited amount).

  32. $1200 is a ton but the math shows you’re getting off “easy”! If your car is worth 10x what I paid for mine (200k vs 20k), but they’re not making you pay 10x registration fee ($3k), I say that’s a win 😅

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