Alex Choi, guy who recorded the Tesla jump of his friend Response.

  1. I knew this kid in college for a little bit, he's a complete fucking asshole. Really rich parents and does not give a shit about anyone but himself.

  2. There's a video of Alex Choi on YouTube almost murdering a motorcyclist while trying to do a donut in his wrapped Lamborghini on Mulholland. He's a shitty person, does dangerous shit in cars for social media likes and I don't believe anything he says.

  3. I met him at my local parts store and called him an asshole for almost killing that biker and never owning it like a man. Fuck Alex Choi, just another reason now.

  4. Trust-fund kids are really selfish when they come from banking/political oligarchs and have their own 0.01% bubble of what life is.

  5. I went to high school with him. He used to be shy and nice, then he got his drivers license and pulled up to school in a wrapped mclaren. He completely changed

  6. the guy whose car was damaged said his steering column was busted, and i can only presume so were his axles. There is NO fixing that. A "fix" means a new car.

  7. He should not be having to get his car fixed… AT ALL. These guys think we all get all blinded by shiny things like their followers… Context counts.

  8. "I was just there when this tesla started racing up the street so I pulled my camera out and recorded it! .. the luck!" .. sadly he will probably just continue to be who he is. But fingers crossed maybe he gets trolled to know end for being a douche.

  9. Just happened to have his camera ready, and 20 other friends with cameras at the top of a random hill at just the right time. And the totally random car, not knowing anyone at the top of the hill, flashes it’s lights to signal everyone it was taking off.

  10. he just so happened to also set up a tripod and camera just in time to capture the magic along with his iphone

  11. Popping over to his YouTube channel, looks like he exclusively posts about street racing, street car stunts, and breaking the law. So, wow, what a coincidence he just happened to have his camera ready.

  12. Yeah, the “my event was over at 11 but I just randomly happened to be there with my video camera an hour and a half later” line caught my eye.

  13. There is maybe one thing worse: liars. Did he really have no idea what was about to happen when he pulled out his camera as the Tesla set up at the bottom of an infamously steep hill? He has some culpability insofar as the only reason the driver performed the stunt was because he had a crowd of active spectators who had organized at the top of the hill solely for that purpose.

  14. The sad thing is that his line of idiot stanboys will give a hundred or two dollars from their parent’s credit card to finance whatever bullshit stunt he has planned next month.

  15. This guy is the worst kind of hypocritical “YouTuber” lacking all self awareness. There are multiple videos of him almost killing people with his cars. He’s run rampant all over LA for years and never faced any consequences.

  16. the only reason people do stunts like this is for views, clicks, notoriety. I don't even know who Alex Choi is but ive seen his name like 10x over the last few days on the sub. Seems like his stunt worked.

  17. Okay guys car is getting fixed for free. Thats nice but he’s gonna be without car for how many weeks? He’s acting like this guy is getting a favor done for him when he is without a car in LA for who knows how long.

  18. Dude I’m sure the insurance is covering the guys car not this wack ass people. And hopefully he’ll get a rental for free in the mean time cuz this is fucking bullshit

  19. Wish that guy at Long Beach meet would have actually Kicked his ass. I love cars too but this dude is just begging for attention.

  20. Choi’s fucked, he has video of the culprit but is making up stories to force attention away from it. Dude is illegally withholding evidence from the manhunt. I don’t know him personally but I’ve been around the car world and some things he’s influenced. I can vouch for his assholery… Alex Choi is exactly what’s wrong with Los Angeles

  21. What if someone was walking their dog up the road that night and the car comes hurtling over the top and literally smears their body along the pavement?

  22. 100% they should charge this guy with conspiracy or as an accessory, get a warrant to search his phone and electronic devices and find out who the driver was. This pussy will sing once he is facing real charges.

  23. guys guys, his tesla meet was over at 11, and this jump happened at 12:30, so obviously he isn't liable /s.

  24. This guy sucks man. His entire youtube channel is just him jumping cars and driving like 13 year old in Forza. If you look at his past videos, he's flexing that he's "driving his illegal audi on the street," Posting joy ride videos on public roads with no visible safety checks, and organizing car meetups in front of random businesses, and being a general nuisance. If I was a betting man I'd guess he's trying to cover for his friends and say the dude driving was a random. Plus his claim that he had no idea the tesla was gonna hit the jump makes absolutely no sense because why would he be recording if it wasn't? Like "Oh yeah, let's get this footage of a Tesla driving responsibly through the same stop sign David Dobrik jumped his Tesla over!" Bull. Shit. Dude definitely has video of the driver, so if he is random, why didn't he send that over to the police immediately? Why does the police have to ask first?

  25. After finding out who this guy is, the more I'm starting to dislike him. I wouldn't be surprised if its him and his friends who go do dumb shit up in Angeles Crest, driving aggressively behind everyone.

  26. Alex Choi looks like somebody who has never faced consequences in his life. Probably time somebody holds this 90 lb douchebag accountable.

  27. IIRC, there's a video from a few years ago of a motorcyclist almost hitting him on ACH because he decided to make a u-turn in the middle of the road.

  28. He’s not responsible but left a $2k donation? Why leave the donation if not responsible? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  29. Alex Choi moment. One of the guys from Top Rank Importers was right. A lot of these influencers are sometimes a huge stain for the car community, especially in SoCal.

  30. Hey Alex. Don't you know Ben Baller already ratted you out on IG because he was getting tied into this? You didn't just "point a camera at a Tesla".

  31. YEAH!? “Without warning” and the Tesla flashed its light to let the camera man know that it was launching!!’ And be ready

  32. Alex is a bitch and I will say it to his stupid face. Little bitch, wack ass joke of a car. Give Asians a bad name. Fuck you homie don’t care about how much money you have. You will still get cancelled bitch.

  33. Think they're talking about the parked Subaru that got hit by the Tesla. Both cars totaled by this stupidity.

  34. File a defamation lawsuit? What a fucking coward. I hope this shithead gets arrested for conspiracy. Seriously have no idea why he isn't getting pulled in by the LAPD. It would play so well for basically all voting constituencies.

  35. Right? No warning but lets all set up at different angles to capture his jump, and then ill upload it to my youtube channel for views.

  36. Why are you having a car meet up at the top of the steepest hill in Los Angeles in the middle of the night on a residential street? Revoke their license. Maybe jail time.

  37. If he was there to be able to get it on camera, then it happened on his meet. Fuck him in particular he's not sorry it happened he's sorry he can't make any money for it. Fixing the neighbor's without charge is the absolute least he could do, by the way.

  38. He is making money off of the increased awareness around his name and channel (his brand) even if he demonetizes the video. We can easily calculate how much more money he’s making off of this — marketers do this everyday — so he needs to stop victimizing himself before people begin suing for more.

  39. No one who saw the video and the response thinks it’s a coincidence. Man YouTubers are on another level sometimes.

  40. He’s really claiming he had no idea this was going to happen? He just happened to be there with a camera pointed at a street and a Tesla just happened to fly by. That’s his story?

  41. Lol FAQ: the jump did not happen during my meet cause it was over at 11 but happened at 12:30 while I filmed and coordinated it.

  42. just another influencer doing dumb things for clout. social media needs to start banning idiots.

  43. Benballer recently had this idiot on his podcast. Not surprised that virtue-signaling fake-ass associates with kids like Alex Choi.

  44. He was on the news last night and claimed he was leaving some place and was told to go there to see a Tesla jump so he showed up and took a video! Claims to not know the driver! Hmmm

  45. Fuck this asshole. As if he innocently found himself filming a tesla on that hill that had nothing to do with the tesla event he himself orchestrated.

  46. Real talk, how do we get police to seize all video footage taken from him at the scene for analysis? How do we get the legal system to hold this spoiled fucking brat liable for the COPIOUS amounts of reckless and endangering behavior this dude does AND RECORDS. There's fucking evidence waiting to be combed through.

  47. This is akin to gaslighting. Pushing back on the many who reasonably believe he orchestrated (at least in part) and threatening to sue anyone who dares point a finger at him. No one believes he just happened to be standing on a street corner and managed to film this. I hope he gets dragged through the system.

  48. Maybe I am missing something. This car was rented, who the fuck rented it? I have rented a car before, and there is no way it is done autonomously, even for a cheap KIA. Whoever was the renter (whether he was the driver or not) should be in jail, no?

  49. I've been saying "Fuck Alex Choi" for years. Once even to his face. I'm glad to see public opinion on my side for once. Alex in particular has a certain disregard for particularly bothers me. All the supercar channels bug me (probably jealous in some ways I will admit) but Alex Choi takes the cake.

  50. How long did it take him to travel to echo park from the Tesla meet? Who gives a shit about “seeing the hill David Dobrik jumped?” He didn’t know that the driver would take the jump? Talk about plausible deniability…

  51. “It’s saddening to do douche things surrounded by douches and then have people point out what a douche I am. Why won’t they just let me make money money money by being a douche prince???”

  52. How about "I've taken down the video, forwarded all physical evidence to the police, and am prepared to testify in trial against those who appear to have been criminally negligent"?

  53. He's the kid who supposedly put this "meet together". So it begs the question- In the same way Travis Scott had some culpability for the tragedy at his concert, could this dumbass kid share in the responsibility???

  54. Oh he's such a victim! go cry me a freaking river LOL. "All I did was point a camera." Like 2000 is going to fix that Subaru.

  55. Unless this MFer lives homeless on that street and started recording a Tesla because it appeared to be acting “strange” this dude can kick rocks.

  56. With that be said….. Don’t got to smash that like button like the Tesla did to that Subaru and subscribe for more videos Yo!

  57. There's no such thing as a defamation strike. He's just being a little shit because he doesn't like what was said and did a false copyright strike.

  58. Echo Park on Baxter. If you’ve ever been over there it’s a incredible steep street and is even treacherous driving like a normal person on any given day.

  59. technically he could file it against the Subaru driver for saying Alex helped orchestrate or coordinate the stunt. That is, as long as Alex proves he didn't coordinate the stunt AND Subaru driver acted maliciously in his comment

  60. Nobody believes that shit and this dude has participated in dangerous car stunts on public roads before.

  61. Is he saying he just so happened to be pointing a camera at the road when a Tesla sped up suddenly? And he was AT a meeting with Tesla (or maybe he’s saying other Tesla drivers, like a club) earlier that day?

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