How long would you wait for a response before getting worried?

  1. I get like this quite a bit too. Me and my partner tend to message pretty quick sometimes. If she hasn’t replied in about an hour I just assume she’s busy or asleep. Since most the time we don’t say when we sleep so we just leave it to assumptions.

  2. We’re only one time zone apart, so usually I start getting worried after like 10-12 hours of not hearing from him, unless I know he’s sleeping or his phone died😅 If I know he’s travelling somewhere by plane, I get worried if I don’t hear from him within an hour or two after the plane was supposed to land. I also get a bit worried if he’s been on a night out and forgets to send a text before he goes to bed. I do have anxiety though, so I probably don’t have the healthiest baseline hahah

  3. My partner and I talk really frequently despite a 15 hour difference (he works graveyards) and we're pretty used to updating each other about what our day is going to look like so I'd only really worry if he doesn't tell me what he's going to be doing and I don't hear from him after 20-24 hours. As you said, the answer totally depends on how often you communicate and your style of communication, so you shouldn't feel like it was weird for you to start getting worried when you did. I think this is something you should bring up w/ your partner, just so that you can have some clarity on how you'd both want to deal w/ similar situations in the future!

  4. We're in the same time zone, we communicate daily and we reply to each other relatively quick, so I'd start to be a bit concerned around the 10-12h mark, and worried after 1 day of no contact. Discounting other factors like sleep, busy work day, driving/travel, or on the rare occasion where I know his cell service will be extremely limited (like camping).

  5. When it's been 24 hours I do get a bit worried cause I am a overthinker and the thought of something happening to him while I can't help is one of my biggest fears, but after like 2 days is usually when I would reach out to friends to see if they heard anything. Only did that once though and that time I found out he had forgotten his phone during a weekend with the family, it was a huge relief.

  6. I’m the worst when it comes to this, Firstly because in the beginning we would text and call constantly never wanted to hang up then it slowly decreased and it worries me within hours I can logically think in my mind “ he’s at work stop worrying” but my anxiety kicks in and I’m full on panicked no matter how much I try calm my self. I’m now very aware and understanding that when he’s stressed out and depression hits him he goes into him self and I’m learning to give him space and chill out but that’s not to say it’s not low key a bit hard for me. Right now it’s been 2 days for me not quit for him yet because of time difference but I’m just waiting it out patiently and I’ll shoot him a text soon to see if he’s okay, this is actually really big for me right now because it’s teaching me to stop freaking out so much and be patient which I guess I really needed to learn.

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