When will Logic stop getting so much unnecessary hate?

  1. What chard said ^ I’ve learned to not give a fuck bc I like his music. At the end of the day nobody outside of the Internet cares either and I have better things to do than worry about some ignorant stranger talking shit on twitter about something I enjoy

  2. Why post it here though? We can’t control this person or the 714 people who liked it? I was never a fan of Logic because of popularity, I liked him because his music helped me with my own struggles. As long as the Internet exists, people are gonna hate. Especially if it’s the popular thing to do to hate on a specific artist. Are we fans because we love the music he creates or are we just trying to gain respect from the Internet?

  3. You’re absolutely right. I was upset about it, and I wanted to surround myself around people that aren’t lame, and are wise and mature enough to understand how wrong that picture is. I also wanted to hear some words of wisdom like yours about the situation. I gotta learn that what other people think of the stuff that I like is irrelevant. What truly matters is that I enjoy and connect with it. If the music speaks to me, then screw if someone else thinks it’s crap.

  4. i wish it didn’t get under my skin as much as it does. he is my favorite artist (obsessed is an understatement) and he is possibly one of the most underrated artists ever. i will never understand.

  5. Yea I don’t understand how people can hate on this man either. He’s so humble, down-to-earth, such a wise person, and living his best life. Not to mention most of his discography is extraordinary as well. In the last year and half, Bobby has learned to not care at all about public opinions though, so I don’t think we should either. As long as we appreciate his career and don’t care about what other ignorant people think about him, we should be fine.

  6. when i was in high school i couldn’t accept that people had opinions about logic. i used to get insanely tight at people, didn’t even wanna talk to them. LMAO

  7. When these teenagers become adults and realize that hating on things people like isn’t cool. It’s just lame.

  8. Well the OP is @Rap which is notoriously toxic, especially towards Logic. It's really annoying but it is what it is I guess

  9. literally. he still has such a bad rep. i talked about him in school a few weeks ago and my classmate was like “logic is mid” and he only listened to 1-800…. like obviously if you’ve only heard the most overrated song snd nothing else, you will think his music is mid lmao. people are so extremely judgmental when it comes to that song, too. when i read the GQ article with the story behind that song (taken from his memoir) i was in tears.

  10. Probably never. Logic has kinda memed himself with the whole Biracial thing, I don't know what it'll take to shake it off

  11. I love logic but this is sadly true. I can understand why he made an effort to bring awareness to it, but at the end of the day he should have let his music done the talking. Once he brought up the biracial issue he, in a way, said “you should take my music seriously because I’m part black” when it should have just been about the music.

  12. I personally don't feel that it is unnecessary bc logic after Under Pressure and The Incredible True Story kinda went downhill (besides No Pressure and Planetary Destruction), at least lyrically. Sure he doesn't care what other people think, but that doesn't necessarily mean that his lyricism is as amazing as you guys make it out to be. Leaving lyricism aside, he seems to be just ripping off some flow or a sound rather than coming up with his own flow and sound. This doesn't necessarily mean that he has to make a sound no one has ever heard before, rather he should be inspired by a piece of music and put his own spin on it, not try to make something sound as close to what he is ripping off. He should have done what he did on No Pressure and make his music look like it was inspired not an imitation. As well as what he did on Planetary Destruction where you can tell this was inspired by MF Doom, but it doesn't sound really close to any other MF Doom song (not that I can tell anyway). Don't get me wrong it's not like I don't like logic, but I do understand why his music might not be everyone's cup of tea.

  13. There’s a bunch of rappers nowadays that be sounding the same though, so Idk if that’s the main reason bro, but I do get ur point

  14. not even everybody. ppl attack him for coadm and supermarket although supermarket and some of coadm were meant to be taken satirically in some way. fantano is another reason for this

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