Heart attacks on dramatic rise for 25-44 age group

  1. I mean, it's plausible that they are attributable to the lack of excercise, fresh air and medical/preventative care that people got due to lockdowns and other covid policies (or a combination of both this and vaccine-related myocarditis).

  2. I like the cope in the other subreddits. "I-it's covid causing it" or "It's anxiety caused by a deadly global pandemic and not seeing others wear their mask."

  3. Man that’s a bit concerning that the people paid to write the news don’t know how counting works

  4. I am not ready to fully blame the vaccines for this, but I am ready to launch a full scale investigation into it. Imo none of this was studied appropriately or was well thought out.

  5. It's disturbing that they don't even consider the vaccine as a possibility. it's like the third rail for them. i'm sure the media company is brought to you by Pfizer.

  6. I know 3 people under 50 that died last year, 2 of them where friends of mine. I have seen a lot of death in the newspaper where it states suddenly.

  7. Right? It could be the shots. It could be all the missed doctors appt and screenings during the lockdown shit. It could be all the weight gain and unhealthy habits people picked up during lockdowns. Or it could be all three of these things working together to cause the increase.

  8. Anecdotally both my dad and his best friend had heart attacks 3 weeks apart in June 2020 before any vaccines but after contracting covid

  9. One thing many doctors raised an alarm about even early in the pandemic was the sharp decrease in cancer and heart disease screenings throughout as patients delayed and skipped appointments. They warned of a spike in cancer and heart problems in 2-5 years.

  10. I just hate the politicization which creates a climate where vaccines aren't mentioned. Data collection has been affected.

  11. Thank God the OP forgot to flaired this “vaccines”, because then we would have gotten that horrible auto message about how effective the vaccines are.

  12. While I personally lean towards this subs opinion as to what the reason behind this is based on my intuition, is there any proof out there for either side that the opposing view camp cannot easily dismiss? I haven't been keeping up with the developments because I can't be arsed to sift through the bs

  13. Heart attacks (caused by clogged arteries) are different than sudden cardiac arrest (i.e. Damar Hamlin). Myocarditis would lead to sudden cardiac arrest due to electrical issues created by scarring. It wouldn’t cause your arteries to clog up.

  14. Not a doctor! But myocarditis is technically inflammation of the heart muscle; if the inflammation is severe it can lead to death of the heart muscle (or parts of) which would lead to heart failure, to death. I feel like it would be more of a strength problem then a current problem. Although cells of the heart do have their intrinsic system, as they can start their own impulse; I think the dead muscle wouldn’t be able to pump hard enough; you’d end up with back flow in the lungs or poor perfusion of the body, multi organ failure. And well that is not reversible.

  15. I’m unvaccinated but I will say my dad had a heart attack in June 2020 before the vaccine rollout and then his best friend had one 3 weeks later, both of them had contracted covid so make of that what you will

  16. I see no causation. But yeah believe what you want. Covid is the only culprit, right? Not and other things that are well known to lead to heart attack.

  17. I think alot of this could be a combination of diet and the lockdowns that green lit the unhealthy lifestyle of not being active. I sat in a hospital board meeting back in 2003. This is probably still true, that obesity is the number one disease and killer in America. Cardiology wings are needing to be expanded now because of this fact.

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  19. "They are not safe. They didn't conduct proper pharmacovigilance studies. They have no longterm safety data and the existing safety data is looking pretty concerning."

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