Tyler1's interesting take on advertisements on Twitch

  1. I dont have ads where I live. Youtube, twitch, etc. But when I use a neighbouring country ip using a vpn (usually singapore), i get bombared with ads. How the fuck do you guys live with the constant shit popping up before you want to watch ANYTHING?! I just cant imagine...

  2. It would actually be impossible without ad blocks. I don't even watch live tv anymore. If I can't download it online, I'll just DVR so I can fast-forward through commercials.

  3. I'm glad international companies for some reason don't want to advertise for us Finns. its pretty rare we get any ads on twitch and we watch twitch a lot. pretty much only ads I get are from EA and thats almost only when new battlefield comes out.

  4. ublock origin + a pihole with a bunch of custom filters + for twitch I wrote my own proxy that manages 3 sessions at once and just feeds me the playlist from whichever session isn't currently getting ads.

  5. Most of us don't by finding ways (as you hinted towards, using a VPN to tunnel into a country that doesn't get served ads). As an American who grew up on television, I cannot watch tv anymore ESPECIALLY American sports broadcasts such as the NFL or Basketball. So many fucking ads. Nope cannot do it.

  6. I live in Turkey and i usually don't get any ads and if i ever get any, it keeps on showing me the same ad when i tune into other streams, i guess it is about whether the company chooses to advertise it to your country or not

  7. I feel like a lot of chatters don't realize how much these streamers make and how little they make in comparison (if they work). Everyone should be using adblock as much as they can on everything. Ads are a blight on society. The subscription/donation model is good enough, the ad shit is unnecessary and streamers suggesting otherwise are greedy as fuck.

  8. Let's say we ban ads. How would we know about new innovative products? We wouldn't. There are plenty of good games out there who never made it because they didn't have enough money for marketing/ads.

  9. not in-game though. he'll actually try harder to win as he reaches closer to challenger even if the team is down a couple thousand gold 10 min in. if it was diamond, tyler would auto slouch and play for fun

  10. Use 3rd party apps like Xtra and you get both no ads and bttv emotes on mobile. Im starting to watch less and less on pc because of this

  11. Download adguard it's on iOS and Android. You only need the free version and no ads on twitch app and other apps

  12. It wouldn’t be so horrible if there were more than 3 fucking ads and were skippable after 5 seconds. I’ve been spammed the same 2 30 second indeed ads a million fucking times. I’ve blocked the two streamers they have featured in them since it’s the only fuck you I can give. I will never use indeed again.

  13. If I don't watch it for the 100th time how will I know why she got the covid vaccine? Or know about littlesiha new emotes?

  14. Lol I remember his sponsored stream from Bud light or whatever and he just says "btw this drink is disgusting"

  15. Imagine bragging about giving $5 to a millionaire, it happens every single time there's an ad break. I don't want to give up the secret in case Twitch catches wind, but if you use both Twitch Alternate Player AND the new Twitch adblock on Firefox you don't get ads at all, not even the "hiding ads" pausing or the infuriating purple screen. Use it while it works, Twitch will find a way around it eventually.


  17. I am from EU so I don't know if it's true or a meme. Do you guys really get 8 ads or something? Serious question.

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