What's a minor and insignificant thing that annoys you about our club?

  1. The fact that the tunnel is flat now. I know why we did it, because it's more accessible for tours and because it was redeveloped, but I loved the dramatics of the players coming onto the pitch from below. Dressed all in Red, like they were coming from the bowels of Hell. It looked cool as fuck.

  2. If i ever get my own mancave some day i will try to recreate the old player tunnel at Anfield as an entrance. Stairs down and then stairs up, white tiles, red doors and a this is anfield sign.

  3. The way the "THIS IS ANFIELD" sign is the only thing you can see coming down the tight tunnel and everybody is able to touch it without having to stretch.

  4. Even if he doesnt say "Er" about Man U, the moment he chose to wear their shirt he should have lost the privilige of becomming an ambassador of Liverpool. He can kiss Jose Enriques shoes.

  5. Michael Owen is a boring cunt who was only good as a footballer for about two years. Winning the ballon dor for just being quite quick is an insult to the ten other players who were much better than him at the time. As soon as you realise he’s just a very limited man with no moral fibre who has seemingly raised an equally vacuous child his misdemeanours are more hilarious than they are annoying. Ultimately, his self serving has mainly limited his opportunities rather than accelerate them.

  6. All websites are trash now. All of them.. Popups, subscribe to the mailing list, allow essential cookies, we value your privacy, autoplay videos....

  7. LFCTV is a disaster I’m reminded of the same time every year. Has to be a better way for the club to provide preseason content.

  8. Agreed. No idea why they can’t simply sell a ‘pre-season pass’ bundle for like £5 and call it day plus have an app that actually works.

  9. The most annoying thing for me is that I subscribe to LFCTV via Virgin, but its not available on the Virgin TV Go app, and my subscription doesn't count on the LFC website, so unless it's at home on my actual TV I can't watch anything

  10. I had the 2 week trial but the website was so awful for the first 3 matches that I had to use an illegal stream, try and support the club but they make it very hard

  11. They seem to keep cutting out Nunez highlights on the Inside Training videos! What are they trying to hide about the big man ?!

  12. I think considering the shit he's had online, they're just cutting out anything that might get used against him. Normally they'd leave mistakes in because people aren't insane, but they really have it in for Darwin so there's no need to give them ammunition.

  13. Probably his movement tendencies and what he likes to do before shooting. No point putting that out there. Same reason you can never really see positioning or passing progressions of our squad on the inside training.

  14. Not really an annoyance, but I miss the days when we used to sing YNWA before the players walked out on to the pitch. It was a nice way to intimidate the opposition while they stood inside the tunnel.

  15. Yeah I don't understand why in CL we sing while players in the tunnel, and in EPL we sing right before kickoff. Any reason for that? I'd hate it if it's to accommodate some stupid rule by UEFA or EPL

  16. Chinbeards! Last year we had Vvd, Fabinho, TAA, Luiz, Mané, Curtis, Firmino. Maybe more. What is going on there? Should we all be growing one?

  17. Our new kit font. ONLY the letter "e" is in lowercase, the rest of the alphabet is capitalised. WHY. It drives me insane every time I look at it.

  18. The shirt thing has nothing to do with the club though, it's an individual thing that happens with all club's players.

  19. The one thing that was driving me mad with our names though was ALBERTO.M on Moreno's shirt.

  20. All the NB kits were long sleeve optioned. As were the Warrior ones. Because I always bought a long sleeve one. Nike don't do them. Devastated.

  21. Years ago, when smartphones were brand new and you could get custom ringtones and text alerts, I emailed the club website suggesting they jump on this and start selling some commentary clips or sounds of the stands for people to use as call/text alerts. I seem to remember that was not too long after Stevie G scored the third goal we needed against Olympiacos to get us through the group stages, the year we went on to win on pens, and remember the commentary from that, and wanted that every time someone texted me. Also, I sort of hoped to get a freebie.

  22. Stevie G scored the third goal we needed against Olympiacos to get us through the group stages, the year we went on to win on pens,

  23. Probably that logistics mean we most likely won't be able to expand Anfield past 61,000 once new Annie Rd End is completed. We deserve and would easily fill an 80,000 Anfield if it was possible to build

  24. I think eventually it will happen. As long as the current residents are being treated and compensated fairly

  25. We are getting closer tho! After the Annie is done, I really hope for a Kop and Dalglish Stand expansion!

  26. I'm honestly fine with that, it makes it feel a lot more special. Despite the distance, this love still works kind of thing.

  27. The most insignificant annoying thing to me is the fact that we don't keep a consistent shade of red in kit, branding, etc. I've got six or seven home kits over the past 20+ years and none of them are the same color. None of them match any of the official mugs or other stuff I've been given over the years. None of them match the red at the stadium. Nothing matches.

  28. I think it would be tricky if the shirt designers would have to be locked in on a shade of red when they can change most other things from one year to the next. And if they had been locked on a red it probably would have been lighter rather than darker and we wouldn’t have gotten the lovely 17/18 shade.

  29. I hate that the jersey changes every year… I loved those 2017/18 jerseys, and I get why they change every season ($$$), but still! NBA is starting to do the same thing and I hate it too haha and how the away kits seem to be used as an experiment or something. Highli

  30. Our transfer team has set the bar too high for incoming players. The recent close to immediate success of Konate, Diaz, and Jota means that everyone thinks Darwin is gonna smash in 20+ goals next season.

  31. To speak on your names issue: they are consistent. They let the players pick what they want to be called/the name they want represented. But I do understand your point. Hard to teach your friends about the team when the names don’t follow a pattern.

  32. The amount of times the klopp chant does the rounds. I love it but it gets annoying after it’s 10th repeat.

  33. I don't like how the trophy wall has a picture of the first division tropy and premier league trophy next to each other. Now that we've won the league in the PL era i feel like it should just have the premier league trophy.

  34. Yeah this gives me a minor aneurysm whenever I see it, feel like it was surrendering to the United etc creative banter of “0 premier leagues”

  35. Probably more than a minor thing but the under investment in our women's team is embarrassing. Glad we got promoted but what a joke to be one of the biggest clubs in history and our women's team being relegated

  36. I'm gonna guess the reason is that our owners are investors in the end and women football isn't a sure investment. Not sure but a speculation.

  37. This is the correct answer. I really hope that now they are back in the top flight they'll get the investment & support they need. Saw today that the Merseyside derby will be played at Anfield, that's a good start!

  38. The fact that Mo got the nickname "Egyptian king" instead of something like "the Pharaoh of Liverpool". Feels like such a bland nickname, when the Pharaoh connection is so easy to do, and it does annoy me more than it should

  39. How shit our ticketing systems is compared to pretty much any other club.. wanna join a ballot? 3 hour wait for you..

  40. The fact that the tally from Hillsborough has increased and there has been no justice, Michael Owen as an ambassador, bandwagoners from our recent success making us all look like cunts everywhere they go, LFC TV, our partnership with Nike, pricing on the club store (we are supposed to be the people’s club ffs), and the club’s website.

  41. About 15 years or so ago, I emailed the club and offered to redesign, redevelop and rearchitect the ladies team website. The ladies had no focus back then and their website was utter shite. I was trying to help and get my name on something big.

  42. I really just hate our partnership with Nike. Aside from being an abysmal and at best morally questionable corporation, their products feel really cheaply made. I own some Adidas and Castore tops that are much better for a similar price.

  43. Any corporation big enough to provide shirts for Liverpool FC is going to be a shady one so I understand what you mean but I don’t see the point in that argument.

  44. I much preferred the New Balance kits. I used to play rec league, field and keeper, in those and some of the Warrior ones and they all held up. I really only wear them now during games, so it's pretty lite, but they felt quality. Plus the NB one fit me so much better. I bought one Nike kit so I could have Hendo's name on the back with the PL winner's badge and I think I wore it once and the fit was very odd. Hangs on the wall now so it's not big deal I guess.

  45. Honestly, that's not insignificant. I have refused to buy any jerseys since we got Nike, they are not even "at best morally questionable", they are undoubtedly one of the big baddies in modern corporations. However, I actually loved our first kit with them (20/21) and wish I could own one, but I refuse to buy Nike things.

  46. How expensive tickets are and how little effort they put into stopping resellers which makes the ballots essentially useless

  47. Maybe not so small or insignificant, but our shirt sponsor being a huge bank with a fair amount of sketchy dealings bothers me quite a bit.

  48. Fair, but when you're looking for someone to give you just over £60m a year, you're not going to be getting sponsored by Brian's Ethical Bakery or Linda McCartney sausages.

  49. Hard disagree, liverbird only is how it was in the glory days and looks cleaner. The latest full crest has far too much going on. The most important parts of it are the liverbird and eternal flame which are both on the shirt still.

  50. When they removed the baths from Anfield. It used to be that you could go into the toilets at half time and there'd always be a bath or two spare. You could clean yourself up, no bother. Winter time you'd warm yourself up before the match started. You'd turn up early, get your bubble bath and listen to the stadium slowly come alive. There'd always be a bath spare. Then they got rid of them when Hodgson came in because he is a towel thief. Hodgson has been gone for 10 years now and they think if they dont raise ticket prices we wont notice.

  51. We have a great badge, but it’s quite messy, especially when it’s that small on a shirt. The bird alone is a lot more clean, I feel. But I think that’s something people feel very different about.

  52. Not sure why, but the hybrid pitch idea bothers me. I realize its predominantly grass, but it feels like the purity of playing on a completely natural surface is gone. I dont know. As an American everyone is going to the completely fake turf whether they need to or not. I just like the "one with nature" thing grass provides.

  53. The premium jersey is iron on everything while the fan jersey has embodied crest and silkscreened sponsor. What gives?

  54. The cringe ways some fanbases express their support to their hometown players. Look at any LFC post containing Salah and Mane for example, it always turns to a war between Egyptians and Senegalese. Fucking stupid.

  55. That we haven't fully taken advantage of social media as a means of marketing. The current strategy is fine, but it could be so much more imo, with LFC probably one of the biggest brands in sports at the moment.

  56. Having one of current biggest “ambassadors” for the club being anti immigrant whilst the Liverpool has always been known for its immigrants

  57. Silenced the HK local fan groups for raising out police brutality. Really?? Even with the history of hillsborough?

  58. Availability and cost of kits. I (in Canada) routinely have to buy from the UK site and pay shipping and import duties. I'm a sucker for the club and will shell out for the premium "vapor" version (the other "stadium" version is just polyester and gets so stinky after 5 minutes), but to have to drop all that extra cash to no benefit of the club is really tough to swallow. And $200+ for a jersey is brutal for working class fans ffs.

  59. Your complaint about structure/consistency of shirt names is so redundant. It has nothing to do with a club, and a club forcing those rules would not be a healthy employer. Virgil for example doesn't want his surname because it is his fathers surname of whom split from his mother and he doesn't not have a positive relationship with. It's all down to a players choice

  60. I also used to like them, until I realized that it's not very good for visibility, when there's a sea of red jerseys in the background. Making the nets white makes it significantly easier for your peripheral vision to spot the goal thus making your spacial awareness better and increasing your chance hit the target.

  61. The sponsorship with Nike. Every New Balance shirt I own I fucking love, well made, well designed and they feel unique. Nike just feels like one of many off the production line. Even the standard socks are £20!

  62. The fact that we are called the reds, and the scums are called red devils, It doesn't piss me off nor boil my blood, it boil my piss

  63. When I was about 8 and oblivious , me and a few mates from school wanted to form a band. We thought the Red Devils sounded cool. Never been more thankful for my dad putting me right

  64. You are taking this too seriously buddy ^ And if you wannabe go down that road, which we shouldn't, the players who had terrible dads at the point were they refuse to have their names on their back should really just change their surnames. It's really easy to do, and they could also easily get their agents to do it for them if they wished. But as I stated in the post: Their choice is way more important than anything else. It's a PET peeve, a small, insignificant thing that's just irritating to the eye. I am completely chill, it's just for fun

  65. Don’t the players decide that for themselves? Would be a bit weird if a player who used to have Darwin on his shirt would be forced to do Nunez in Liverpool. For some players it’s also very important, like how Dele Ali doesn’t want his last name on there because of his dad.

  66. We don’t have the money to spend other clubs do. Citeh opens up the bank vault for Haaland. We negotiated for months to keep Mo. And he got nothing near what he’s worth.

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