Happy birthday Kenan Thompson!!! What’s your favorite Kenan sketch?

  1. I would pick What's up with That? in a heartbeat, but it's mostly due to the absolute chaos that takes place while he's singing. Jason Sudeikis' dancing and flying into the frame makes me crack up every time.

  2. I think Tom Hanks Black Jeopardy is one of the best sketches of all time and it all hangs on Kenan's performance.

  3. The "What's Up With That?" Sketch gets funnier the more of them they do. First time I saw one I didn't get it.

  4. Both of those are fantastic. I play both on YouTube pretty regularly, but “What’s Up With That” is the one I show to people.

  5. I love the Family Feud Oscsrs edition where the guy playing Jordan Peele tells him sketch comedy is fine, but eventually you have to move on and he breaks character.

  6. Yea there’s literally nothing clever about it, but when that hi-hat comes in ever so quietly I just lose it

  7. :) <3 Oh my god yes! I'm convinced Kenan nailing that sketch is the catalyst to why they've reprised that Mulaney-skittish-about-a-yucky-transaction musical template five times (or however many it's been).

  8. Sacred Straight with Shia Labeouf let’s him cook… “You wanna gangbang? You gonna get gangbanged. Like a bunch of times”

  9. It will forever be whichever one I see live this weekend when myself (live) and three children (also live) get to watch the live show live from New York while sitting in the live studio audience. Live.

  10. You are the only person in this thread to mention French Comedian Jean K. Jean. Boggles my mind. To me, this is so clearly the answer. Zut alors! Incroyable!

  11. I love his character Reese De'what, who introduces the Classic Movie cut scenes. I don't know why, I'm a bad guesser, just ask my wife.

  12. Black Jeopardy. It's an absolute masterclass on race sociology. And it's funny as hell. That doesn't happen much anymore.

  13. What’s up….I said What’s Uuuupppp….Kenan, it’s your birthday, I hope you have a great birthday and this is my favorite SNL bit ever….What’s Up With That

  14. Thank you for spelling his name right! He’s been on the show for long enough that it hurts when this subreddit misspells his name

  15. When Chris Redd was playing Jordan Peele on Family Feud: Oscars, telling Steve Harvey "sketch comedy is great, but after a few years of that, you need to move on"

  16. Everything he does is hilarious to me, but I guess Reba and Andy (hanging like my nuts) for a one-time skit, and Ooh wee what up with that for a recurring. Happy birthday Kenan!

  17. so much respect.. me and the inlaws were blown away by the fast forward bit on the zoe kravitz ep. literally me and my fil just stood up and clapped

  18. In the far distant future when Kenan decides to leave the show, my dream is that his final episode of SNL is a 90 minute long "What's Up With That".

  19. Where are the musical numbers? Come Back Barack and Permission are the ones that come to mind but he’s always great in those…if we’re not counting those, Big Papi on WU.

  20. Definitely the Booker T. Washington High School sketches with Principal Frye. “Hey! Shut up! Shut da hell up!”

  21. The bit he did years ago spoofing the sign language interpreter who didn't know how to sign. All I kept thinking was that if it hadn't happened in real life, no one in a million years would have thought up a situation that funny.

  22. I really liked the cult mockumentary one, where there’s some new agey cult with the cult abuse and sort of turning into like organized crime undertones and they’re interviewing people about it…he’s the former cult member who just joined for the sex and was VERY satisfied with his experiences in the cult lol.

  23. I know it’s not his best sketch, but there was a sketch called something like “New cast member or Arcade Fire?” And Tina Fey had to guess if someone was a featured player or a member of Arcade Fire. They go a couple rounds and the last one stumps her so they call in Lorne Michaels. Lorne stares them all down and says “is it the black one?” Kenan was the only black person in the sketch. His reaction was so funny.

  24. The Celebrity Jeopardy skit where he played Bill Cosby which he later reprised for the SNL40 Celebrity Jeopardy skit

  25. The one we’re the host said, “Oh, Kenan. Your still on the show?”. In reference to all the SNL Alumni. That was around 15 years ago….

  26. Reading all these other ones reminded me of an old favorite: Grady Wilson, a character who's promoting a series of sex tapes for married couples (Burnin' Up the Bedsheets, Fifty and Freaky, etc). Just the visual of a gray-haired Kenan in a t-shirt and boxers demonstrating goofy sex positions makes me laugh every time.

  27. Is he the cast member that has been on the longest? And What's up with that, they need to bring it back.

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