Anyone recently under review have any updates to share?

  1. The morons running this operation shouldn’t be in charge of a mop and bucket. I got the usual Monday “oh noes, your access is suspended and account is up for review”, then a message saying there’s more tasks I can qualify for, then another email saying I can get a bonus opportunity payment for extra hours worked within the next 6 days in my area (fat chance they’ll have my account status reactivated by then). I keep qualifying for these new stupid tasks, but barely get a handle on doing any because they waste so much time reviewing accounts. And they keep paying me completion bonuses for getting 100% qualified on them.

  2. I got the bonus email and a new task offer this morning as well, even though I've been locked out since last week. It's just insulting to send out these bulk emails to people who can't work because of them.

  3. I sent the support team a follow up email regarding suspension email. They replied back stating_"Thanks for your patience your account will start functioning once we are done with the review of your work"

  4. Received this email, said I should have access back later today. The link provided has no feedback listed to review so I it sounds like it was a false alarm for some of us. (US Maps)

  5. That's a BS reason to get locked because the longer we are on the Maps program the more opportunity we have to get disqualified from task types. It's like they are punishing the people who have been on the program longest.

  6. You are still under review? That seems like a long time, I've only been under review once in over two years and it was about 4 or five days i believe. But that was also under Lionbridge, not Telus.

  7. Yeah, this is my first time under review as safety in over 3 years. Not really sure what the deal is, they told me I was "under Quality Review for low performance in my most recent feedback review." Though, they haven't actually sent me any feedback or quizzes at all in a long time. So I'm not really sure what the deal is.

  8. I stopped getting tasks Tuesday June 14. I got an email notice telling my I was under review on Thursday June 16. I figured they wouldn’t work on it over the weekend. I was hoping I’d be cleared and could work today. I was only able to get 8hrs last week.

  9. Hi. I did not receive any email about being reviewed but it's always NTA whenever I log in to the platform. So, I really don't know if I'm being reviewed or whatever.

  10. Sorry to hear that. How long was your account under review before they fired you? Wonder if they are doing a mass-firing. My account has been under review for 14 full days now and got an update that it’s under review “again” today. Two weeks ago it was for poor performance (which I didn’t have) and today it was a general review. Zerochaos did this before they fired everybody.

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