LPT: Cook/heat up your tortillas in the skillet before making a taco, burrito, etc.

  1. Ya that was my first thought having lived with Mexicans, there's no pan involved lol, straight on the gas burner grates for a few seconds each side

  2. That's only best for flour tortillas. I've been told by "real Mexicans" that they don't do and that they mostly use corn tortillas.

  3. I learned to do this from my older family members when I was a kid. The first time my wife made Tacos, when we were just starting to date, I did it and she freak out. She acted like I was absolutely insane.

  4. I have one of those electric griddles, and whenever my family does tacos we put it directly on the table for the tortillas.

  5. My wife thinks it’s weird that I warm them up. I now heat mine up and just give her one straight out of the package. My kids don’t understand the difference yet.

  6. Here’s my jam: dip the corn tortilla in water quickly (so it’s wet on the outside but not saturated), then throw it on the hot comal (or pan) and flip it when it starts to brown. The water steams it enough to soften it up but it gets nice and crisp on the outside, along with a bit of char. Best way to revive store bought tortillas.

  7. I'm saving this for later. I'm trying to cut back on oil, but cooking them without oil tends to dry them out too much. This is sort of brilliant if it actually works.

  8. I've tried every other common method of heating up tortillas but this one, im sure it works because I've seen Kenji do it. It still just feels wrong to wet a tortilla lol.

  9. My husband is Mexican and insists that the only way to heat them is directly over the burner on the stove. I am white and grew up eating tortillas warmed in the microwave, he still cringes whenever we eat tacos at my parents house 😂

  10. Burner is best for the toasting it and whatever the tortilla equivalent of a Maillard reaction is that actually changes the flavor up a bit. You aren't just warming the tortillas when placing them over a burning like you might be with a microwave. While there is nothing wrong with warming your tortilla in the microwave, i just think the benefits of directly burning it or placing it on a skillet are much better.

  11. Most of the tortillas you buy in the store are in fact cooked, not raw (they wouldn't have those brown spots without being pre-cooked...). But they are better warm than cold for sure.

  12. Well, along those lines here is my tip….we keep a comal (cast iron flat pan) for heating tortillas on our stove 24-7-365. My wife tried to put it away once and we got into a big augment as that’s where it stays, on top the stove and ready at a moments notice. My Grandmother heated tortillas directly on the gas stove grates and that’s all I knew as a child. I was at an ex-Girlfriends house years ago and heated tortillas on top her gas stove grate and as I turned around her and her sister where looking in horror at me heating my tortilla😂😂😂….they had never knew or seen anyone ever heat their tortilla on top the stove grate. I can still see the look in their eyes after 35 years lol!!!

  13. I was astonished to receive enchiladas with raw tortillas at Pure, a local Atlanta/Columbus taqueria, the other day. Yuk!

  14. Cold? No. Room temperature covered in peanut butter with a banana rolled up in there? My daycare kids, it's their favourite lunch.

  15. This is one of the things that makes southern california mexican food better than most other parts of the country (on average. Im not claiming that there isnt GREAT mexican food in many other cities/regions).

  16. As a Belgian who does this and also shows people how to fold their burritos, I should have my gringo card and be allowed at all fiestas.

  17. I literally was warming up tortillas on my gas burning as I read this. I just got a gas stove and I'm so happy to be able to warm tortillas right on the burner!

  18. I remember the first time I ate a proper burrito after a childhood eating flour tortillas out of the fridge. Blew my fucking mind.

  19. That's the thing, they're not raw at all. You can absolutely eat them room temperature (yes, not authentic, I get it, but they're not uncooked). It's not like eating a frozen pizza at all. Warming them up on the pan just makes them more flavorful and pliable.

  20. As some people pointed out, it’s not raw, it’s just cold. But still the flavor is completely different. Thanks for the support 😝

  21. the electric griddle would probably be the best given your circumstances. Toaster oven is second best because they'll get too crispy. Butter is unnecessary. For corn tortillas you have more leeway, when they're pliable and hot they're ready. Keep an eye on flour tortillas they're much easier to burn. I usually slide them around constantly but they might be easier to do on a griddle (i heat them directly over fire). Just flip them every 15-20 seconds until they start getting brown and are soft and pliable.

  22. On the griddle. Butter is not necessary because the water that’s already in the tortilla turns into steam and softens it up. If a tortilla is old and kind of dried out you can run it under the faucet briefly to coat the outside with water, immediately put it on the griddle, and let the steam rehydrate the tortilla.

  23. Turn your griddle to high and let it get hot, like very hot, immediate sizzle and you feel the heat on your hand. If your CORN tortillas are a bit old or feel stiff put some water on them. Then directly to the griddle. When it's not stuck anymore turn it over. Like making pancakes.

  24. Lots of tortilla gatekeeping going on. You like it cold? Eat it cold. You want it heated? Heat it. Someone said heat it in butter. Fucking do it. You don't owe anyone anything.

  25. One time I asked for a tortilla at a restaurant and I watched the cook put it in oil— but not cook it for long enough to fry it. Just made it an oily tortilla. It never occurred to me until that day that someone would not know how to warm up a tortilla

  26. I do this and add al, the layers while my protein finishes cooking. I’ve got it down to once I finish building the burrito it is time for the protein and time to eat. It’s a little th8ng but I like eating w hubs vs wanting him to eat his hot so to speak while I finish buikding the others one by one sucks. Assembly method only after that 💡

  27. Nah man, fold it in quarters and pop it in the toaster. Unfold and refold to hit the inside. Good to go in less than a minute.

  28. Directly over a flame is for sure the way to go orrrrr get a paper towel damp and then wrap the tortilla in it like a cigar and microwave it for 10-15 seconds.

  29. Are steamed tortillas okay? My Mom has a stovetop streamer pot thing for warming the store bought tortillas we get for burritos.

  30. Heat in a skillet, turn, cheese on top, turn with half meted cheese, remove skillet from fire, let skillet cool a tiny bit so the metled cheese unsticks. Turn and serve. Perfection!

  31. As a fan of tacos, I’ve actually seen many techniques used in Mexican cooking depending on the type of taco or meal.

  32. I buy the uncooked tortillas in the refrigerated Mexican cheese and sauce section at walmart. It takes like 30 seconds per side and comes out waaaaay better. They are always sold out of the 6" ones though.

  33. For flour tortillas, a quick hack is wrap 4-6 of them in a small kitchen towel (enough to cover them) and microwave for a minute. It steams them quickly without any fuss.

  34. I microwave mine to make them less prone to cracking, make the taco, then pan fry them with a pinch of butter for a few seconds. Delicious

  35. A skillet's great but I usually throw them on a plate and cover with a damp paper towel and microwave on high for around 8-10 seconds per tortilla. Works great and while not quite as good as heating on a skillet it's much faster and still greatly improves the tortilla.

  36. I eat raw tortillas with literally nothing on them all the time. Most breads are good raw. However, when eating a taco, yeah I warm them up.

  37. If I use one of those mesh splatter guards for the meat, I throw the tortillas in that and it steams them nicely and imparts some flavor from the meat. I also do this with the buns when making chili dogs

  38. I tried making a tortilla straight on my electric stove once. Then I went out immediately to buy a cast iron comal. I also have a tortilla warmer which you can use in the microwave but I still find it’s hard to cook evenly. Usually some “raw” spots left.

  39. Please don’t do that again. Get you a skillet. Warm it up a little. Place the tortilla on it. Believe me. You’ll love it.

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