LPT Request: I am a high school student taking college level classes. they gave me a university email address. what sort of stuff can i do with it that i should know about?

  1. discounted spotify premium and amazon prime student are subscription services that come to mind! I would check out your local thrift stores if that’s your thing as well; all of the ones around me have student discounts.

  2. You also get a discount on Apple Music which for now includes Apple TV for free. Use the UNiDAYS website you can find many discounts on there.

  3. Was about the say the same - has so many great discounts from laptops, headphones, clothing, food, Spotify, subscriptions, etc. so sad mine has run out now I’ve finished up at uni :(

  4. To piggyback off of this comment - you can forward your student account mail to your regular account and essentially access UNiDAYS and student beans for life. I’ve been out of uni for a decade and still use these regularly (if FBI is watching this move along, nothing to see here). Although I guess Honey does that for you now.

  5. Depends where you live - in NY you can get free museum visits and some other cool stuff - the university website might have a page that tells you everything you are entitled to

  6. Fellow New Yorker here, know that in NYC you can visit a lot of museums at a "pay what you want" price if you have a valid NYS ID. I paid like $5 for the Museum of Natural History, because their entry is a "recommended price" of $25 for the basic entry

  7. Was looking for a comment that mentioned Adobe! I'll add that 3D software like Cinema 4D and Maya have severely discounted/free options for students too.

  8. Lots if engineering softwares you can get student versions for. I'd be willing to be lots of other disciples softwares have free student versions. All you need is the .edu email.

  9. Try getting an account at the Samsung Education store - you have to order online, but you get up to 20% off a whole bunch of electronics (I saved several hundred on my tablet, for instance).

  10. If you're a musician, or even if you just want to dabble in music production or recording, musical scoring, or even video editing. You can get pretty big student discounts on musical software like Ableton Live, Apple's Logic, Protools, and many video editing software.

  11. If you do CS stuff see if you can get AWS educate or the github student developer pack. It might depend on your university for the first, but the github one gives you tons of free stuff.

  12. You can cold-email serious professionals with questions about their work/research and have a chance they'll respond...giving you some awesome perspective and connections early in your education.

  13. notion.so is a great tool for organisation and collaborative working. I used it to track assignments and store my notes from lectures. It has a free plan, and a premium plan but you can get the premium one for free with a uni email.

  14. GitHub education pack gives you a shit ton of software for free just by having an email with an edu domain, i recommend checking it out

  15. Unrelated- but if you know what you’re going to major in, try and make sure you aren’t taking any classes that won’t count towards your major if at all possible. I took i think 36~ college credits in high school. I only needed 6 social science credits for my major and ultimately graduated with 24 because I didn’t know better in high school, don’t be me

  16. Depends entirely on your scholarship/financial situation though. You have an opportunity to be surrounded by experts in all sorts of different fields, take advantage of it as much as you can. Take classes that sound interesting, pick up a double major or a minor or two, learn another language, never know when it could be useful. What I ended up doing and using after school definitely wasn't what I planned on when I was a teenager starting college

  17. Opposite experience here, credits towards my major mostly DIDNT count. They wanted major coursework done there. BUT general credits gave you a better class enrollment time which was very valuable.

  18. there's also GitHub student Developer pack, and WAY lot of complimentary services with it, definitely should check out

  19. Some public libraries also offer free online access to NYT and/or other news accesses. If you don’t already have a library card in the city you’re studying in and you’re moving there for college you can get access to even more free things than just through your campus library alone. I believe my local library accepts student ID as proof of residency to get a library card. Might be worth checking out.

  20. First thing I did was port my emails from my student email to my regular one so that if I ever lost access to the student account I could still see the emails. This helps alot since I can still use the email for discounts even though I am no longer a student.

  21. Check it a couple of times a week so you stay on top of what your profs need you to do/if things are changing in your courses.

  22. See if the university/college has deals for free Office 365 (word, powerpoint, excel, etc...), Adobe or other stuff

  23. I remeber using Unidays.com website for tons of different discounts from retailers in all different categories and also amazon prime membership discount. Good luck!

  24. You could probably use the university’s rec center and/or compete in intramural sport if you’re into that jazz

  25. Anyone remember when you had to collect signatures at your University and petition Mark Zuckerberg for your school to be able to join?

  26. Sign up for free or discounted Adobe and other software that you can learn and use as a basis for a profitable side hustle

  27. Anything with a student discount that uses your email. Also, you should have access to the university library. Use it. Both for academic stuff and just books. There are so many more things you have access to academically and book-wise with an active university email that you wouldn't normally.

  28. Forward all emails to a private one because when you're out of there you won't have access anymore. My husband lost access to some accounts that way...

  29. Appreciate the don'ts. Also, don't use it for internships or job hunting. Or for any communications that you intend to keep going for more than the next few years. I'm often in a position to hire people and you'd be amazed how many fresh out of college students I have resumes for that still use their old college email addresses as the main point of contact. And more often than not, my emails get bounced back because they've already graduated and left.

  30. I just signed up as a student after reading this thread. You get 6 months free, and then it is half-off a regular subscription for the remainder of your time at school.

  31. Do not connect it to anything you want to keep for a long time. University email addresses usually get deleted sometime after you graduate. So anything like subscriptions or accounts you'd eventually lose access to.

  32. If your college is recognised then you can get access full and FREE ACESS TP ADOBE SUIT, CANVA, MICROSOFT OFFICE PACKAGE AND various other software

  33. People saying Amazon but I applied for this and they said they now require a picture or copy of your current semester schedule due to abuse.

  34. I pretty much never use my university email. Only thing I really use it for is communicating with people about university. And the school often sends out updates through email.

  35. Just keep in mind you might not have it forever. The college might change the email or repeatedly try to revoke it after you graduate.

  36. I miss Eduroam, when you’re in a city that has university buildings all around it’s basically free Wi-Fi all over, so useful ! (And university hospitals!)

  37. One thing you should not do is tie it to anything important or long term because you may lose access to your university account forever once you graduate or leave the university after x amount of years.

  38. The best thing is major discounts on publications like New York Times and the New Yorker. As a high school student you may not exactly be reading the New Yorker every week, but it's a full 50% off I believe.

  39. College stuff. You want porn or adds or other weird stuff popping up in there? No, just use it for college or college related stuff

  40. yeah not planning on doing anything bad, i just know there are places that offer free or discounted stuff if you have a .edu address

  41. I've been using Apple music at a discount for years since I subscribed using my university email, somehow worked for 3 years after college too (though I think it'll stop this year). Other than that online library subscriptions geared towards college goers, software tools, research papers, etc.

  42. I'd tell you to claim Vivado software from Xilinx, you can create the acc. with a university mail. This is only because that HDL program is so fucking terrible you'll either become pro at hardware description language (if interested try to learn SystemVerilog) or you'll stop the installing process on the hour 2 of instalation. You're welcome.

  43. If they are using Gmail to manage your email, you probably have unlimited Google Drive storage. They started cracking down on smaller colleges in July 2022 to set a school managed limit but so far it hasn't hit the bigger universities. To my knowledge, some University of CA schools participate but none of the CA state schools do. USC and Stanford are eligible. Alumni of the school get this perk too.

  44. don't know if this still applies but google drive is unlimited (or very large capacity) for uni mail

  45. On the flip side, be sure you are aware of all limitations. Not that you don’t want to use the address, but just so you can plan. My university made a big push for “email for life” several years ago. You could continue to use the account as an alumni for free. Your address not tied to any provider.

  46. If you enjoy watching the NFL, you can get NFL Sunday Ticket as a stand-alone streaming service for $120/season as a student (or $30/month for 4 months). Typically, you’d need to have DirecTv AND pay ~$400/season for Sunday ticket.

  47. If you sign up for any discount subscription services because the email proves student status make sure you provide an alternative email as well because you will be locked out when your course ends.

  48. It'll get you access to university logins for third party accounts and other systems the university uses. So say you want CAD files from a Machine vendor that makes robotic arm berrings or something soecific and obscure like that. If the university has an account with them then you could request a login useing the email as the verification path and download the files. Anything really. I just made that one up, but you get the gist. It's a skeleton key into all sorts of things out there. Cool to have 😉

  49. Subscribe to things that are free to university students. I had subscriptions to WSJ, NYT, WaPost that way in Uni. Good luck & have some fun for an old like me.

  50. Looking through the thread wanted to add: I know you can get autodesk fusion 360 (anyone can but you got more perks with the .edu when i was a student), MATLAB, and wolfram Mathematica with an edu email

  51. If you’re into electronics or studying for, you can request for free chips (ICs - integrated circuits) from TI.com, Analog.com et al. Free shipping.

  52. If youre taking IT or CS related courses sometimes your uni will have softwares that you can download for free. Like windows, ms office suite, etc

  53. If its an outlook email it probly has free Microsoft office included very nice if you're not always on your computer.

  54. you might be able to get student versions of expensive computer programs, rendering programs, sometimes they expire after a year but free is a decent deal

  55. Pretty much every place has a student discount on their website. Be that free or just a % off. At least any place that a student would really care about. Things like software are probably the most common. Adobe products, Microsoft subscriptions, coding applications, virtual servers for study.

  56. As others have said search around for free software. Otherwise definitely use it for any on campus clubs, groups, activities, and the obvious emailing teachers and classmates about project information. Pending on your school one of the best perks is the ability to search people by name for their emails if logged into Outlook or Gmail or whatever your school uses especially if you write it down. Additionally emailing industry personal with a slight caveat are more receptive to answering questions when from a student email. That said your student email is temporary and controllable by your school so use your personal private email when applying to jobs off campus and other things. That said it will almost end up becoming your main email until you graduate and it’s perks are endless.

  57. You can use that email for all sorts of goodies. Free software is huge, as others have mentioned: adobe, AutoCAD, rhino, etc are the ones I used. Try to get discounts on anything you buy: laptops, shoes, clothing, anything. Want to be the hero of the family? Use that email for your Hulu service.

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