LPT: if you're driving on the holidays don't speed. Law enforcement that works on a holiday are already mad that they're working so they will write you a ticket.

  1. Having been a firefighter for many years I can say that most emergency responders that I know just accept that working on holidays is part of the job. A better reason to not speed on holidays is many agencies have maximum enforcement in place on those days with an increased number of officers on the road.

  2. Lol, came here to say this. In my experience, those of us that have those kinds of jobs understand that those are some of the sacrifices.

  3. Not to mention your local ER will surely be running with the bare minimum number of doctors and nurses... Speed kills.

  4. OPs title really makes LEOs out to be evil dickheads taking out their holiday rage. I think they forgot about the whole TONS of drunk drivers out during the holidays. I don't think every drunk is hitting shit or causing issues but I do think they should be yoinked off the road. Hence maximum enforcement on days typically spent hammered.

  5. Yeah we just work through the year completely ignoring holidays then just before the fiscal budget comes out we get that stat holiday pay in a big lump sum. It's pretty awesome and I don't mind at all.

  6. Hell no. I worked shifts regardless of holidays. I missed Halloweens with my bros, thanksgiving with my loved ones, luckily I get weekends off now and seems like I'll get Christmas and boxing day off this year.

  7. This! Sooo many people are drink driving/speeding/driving stressed on the holidays and it's not worth it. I had a relative, her husband and two kids all die in a wreck due to a drunk driver on Christmas- the baby died a week later due to injuries. They never arrived for Christmas dinner and the impact on my relatives means Christmas has never been the same for them. The drunk driver and his friend both survived.

  8. By law, they can only pin you for one of them. So you should try to do as many bad things as possible, really!

  9. I like to do my stupid stuff on a proper track or private farm roads with no other cars. On the street I don't really speed unless traffic flow requires me to. It's much more fun going fast when there's no chance of random cars around. Plus if you're at a proper track and you do wreck, there's usually ems and fire crews working there as well as a lot of the cars having cages and other safety things so you aren't as likely to get seriously hurt.

  10. They get paid time and a half and most volunteer, believe me they aren't mad. Holidays are also some of the only days they don't like to give tickets.

  11. I got a speeding ticket a few thanksgivings ago. They had to dismiss the ticket because the officer put the wrong year in the hearing date on the ticket.

  12. They usually do it as overtime and get time and a half. They aren’t doing it out of the kindness of their heart to help the community.

  13. This isn't a real lpt I was an officer for few years. The holidays didn't determine if I was writing tickets. Honestly usually I was so busy doing domestic calls for service on Thanksgiving I rarely had a moment to write a ticket. Unless you brazenly did something wrong on the road you were probably safe. Thanksgiving is nothing but domestic violence calls one after another usually.

  14. Just don't speed. It's mathematically not worth it. It's physically not worth its consequences. You will arrive slowly. You can never arrive in a casket.

  15. Now that I drive slowly I realize how much time I really saved speeding back when I was "reckless". Now I hit so many more reds, which means more idle gas wasted, more brake pads wear, and of course more gas spent accelerating from a stop when I could just use a bit more gas to run the yellow.

  16. This. Hauling ass will get you pulled over and a ticket, and it generally ends there. Driving 5 under on a remote stretch of highway will get you followed, stopped and searched.

  17. If you speed, isn't it completely irrelevant what day it is? In Germany if you get caught speeding you get the same ticket on every day.

  18. A girl I went to college with said she was pulled over because of profiling and racism. Didn't have anything to do with going 50mph in a school zone (15mph) that was letting kids out with blacked out windows (illegal in my state). All her windows were dark to the point that you couldn't see who was inside if you wanted to, but racism was definitely why she got pulled over in that case

  19. Unless you live in South Africa, then the law enforcement see it as a great opportunity to get a Christmas "bonus". (I'm referring to bribes)

  20. If anyone lives in Michigan you know this doesn't apply to us, I usually see some semi trucks going 10 over and cars regularly pass cops going 10 over sometimes more.

  21. Not a law enforcer, but have worked on many holidays. I have never been angry about it. But you should not be speeding at any day.

  22. i drive extra safe at night cuz i cant see but during the day, i be speeding. especially if im feeling like putting on my zooming playlist lol

  23. This is bullshit. Officers are actually generally more lenient on the holidays. Good job pulling this out of your ass.

  24. Or, you know, don't speed because it could kill you or someone else on the road if something happens and you don't have rime to react/stop.

  25. Driving in any way could kill you or someone. Driving slow doesn't mean some drunk idiot won't tbone you and kill you. How about improving your awareness and reaction time and invest in better brakes and tires to stop quicker?

  26. This is a pretty broad statement, I’m sure there’s some LEO’s that like working holidays.

  27. How bout let’s obey the laws everyday so as to decrease the strain and stress already imposed on our LEOs? Pretty much a no brainer. If you don’t want interaction with our fine men and women in blue, Don’t. Break. The. Law.

  28. While we are giving put holiday driving tips. FYI Thanksgiving has the highest number of drunk drivers that day than any other day. You would think it's new years but most people know they are getting drunk and make plans accordingly. Not so for Thanksgiving.

  29. Better reason: more of the "other drivers" are drunk than any other times of year. In the US, for example, the night before Thanksgiving is often the single booziest night on the calendar. Stress from travel, stress over seeing family, meeting up with hometown friends before the next day, depression over the holiday, and more all combine to make it a day to avoid travel at all costs.

  30. Eh, around here as long as you are driving with traffic and under the super speeder speeds and don't have a plate from up north they don't care.

  31. I think most shift workers like that accept it is part of the job and adjust accordingly. Plus usually there is time and a half involved and with say Christmas holidays

  32. *LPT: if you're driving don't speed. The speed limit is set for a reason and exceeding it increases the chance of an accident.

  33. I was late for a ferry on Boxing Day. I'd allowed 8h for a 5.5h journey but I was still coming up on the sailing time. I wound up speeding 50km/h above the limit for half an hour straight. There was no other traffic on the road and if another driver appeared I dropped back to the limit.

  34. LPT: If you're driving, don't speed. The world doesn't revolve around you, drive safely to protect others, not out of fear for getting a ticket 🤷‍♂️

  35. I don't know. We went to a beach 2 hours out of town on Australia day. In the carpark, there are 6 police bikes lined up. Walk out onto the jetty to survey the land for a good spot and find the motorcycle cops passing a pair of binoculars between them, checking out the sunbathing chicks.

  36. Or they may be sick of scraping another dead body out of a squished car. That stuff is haunting.

  37. LPT: if you're driving on the holidays don't speed. Law enforcement that works on a holiday are already mad that they're working so they will write you a ticket.

  38. Thanksgiving and Christmas are also end of month and/or end of quarter, so there's all those sweet budget quotas to fill.

  39. This is the dumbest lpt ever. First, always obey the speed limit because it is set for a reason. Second it promotes the childish idea that law enforcement is based on your behavior after getting caught, and on the mood of the leo. If you are speeding you should be cited. In the rest of the civilized world this is done totally automatically with radar and cameras and no Leo is involved.

  40. you pulled this out of your ass. Have you ever even talked to a first responder? No of course not because if you did, you'd know what you were talking about.

  41. My grandfather was a state trooper and loved to tell the story about the time he pulled someone over on Christmas. Guy was speeding and very angrily started with the “it’s Christmas” argument.

  42. Driving the speed limit when traveling is kinda scary cause you get tail gated by big ford trucks with drivers who don’t care about speed limits and they accelerate very aggressively at the first passing opportunity and glare at you like you are a criminal for holding them up.

  43. Perhaps because you're supposed to be getting out of the way when safe to instead of slowing everyone dowm lmfao. You should work on your self awareness.

  44. I’ve been a cop for going on fifteen years. I’m not a a patrolman anymore but I know from this from my experience when I was. Most of us, which are decent, don’t want to stop anything and simply try to strategically plan our sneaking back home to enjoy a meal with the family. That being said, yes there are absolute traffic tyrants out there, typically in the very small two-officer departments, that will absolutely cite you for anything. However, it’s usually not the fact that it’s a holiday and this is their typical pattern.

  45. Uh, no. This is fucking stupid. It's just a part of the job to have to pick up holidays, it gets spread around. And if you don't want to work it, put in for leave. Source: am a cop.

  46. Real LPT: if you're driving on the holidays don't speed. Law enforcement that works on a holiday are already mad that they're working so they will write you a ticket.

  47. Well.. you shouldn't speed in the first place. Speeding is one enigma of our society that I just can't seem to understand. We all know it's common knowledge. Speeding or driving in excessive speed is wrong. Well, practically nationwide, there is typically a general rule of plus 5 and minus 5; which if you're driving 5 miles over the posted speed limit, then it is generally the textbook definition of speeding. So, in an essence, you are typically fine to drive up to 5 miles beyond the posted limit. On the latter, if you're driving less than 5 miles below the posted the speed limit, then it would generally be considered as impeding the flow of traffic.

  48. 99.9% of them don't do that. But 99.9% of the people speeding and getting a ticket can't accept the fact that they broke the law as soon as the needle exceeded the limit. Anything after that which doesn't lead to a ticket is luck.

  49. I mean, when you're working a holiday away from your loved ones, with a quota to hit, it can be stressful. When I was doing enforcement, I never had quotas. That's when I actually enforced ACTUAL safety violations like doing twice the limit or something. When it's raining, or it's a holiday, I wouldn't even bother to get out of my vehicle. I'd just follow them for a bit to make them get their act together and hopefully not do that again

  50. hahahah they WANT to work for THAT OVERTIME MONEY... (but they are still vunts so they will still give you a ticket)

  51. Plus, it's a perfect storm of being nearly the end of year, so that cops and the like which have their quotas to meet for fines are less likely to let you off with a warning.

  52. I want to live in a world where laws and justice don't depend on the whim of a single guy who's just as fed up with his job as I am.

  53. LPT: if you are driving on the holidays, don't speed. Pigs will absolutely abuse the absurd amount of power the system grants them if you give them the smallest opportunity because they get off on it

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