Why can’t I ask for help I know I need?

  1. Please ask your parents for help. you're 24 so what? you're still their child. they offered to help you in time of need so take it and REPAY them back with your well being not just by money. show them that you love them. all good parents ever want from their child was their well being and having a good life. it's ok to feel down and sulking but you already make the first step to set your life by getting rid of negative thing right? just do it again. this is just a minor setback. if you can make it once you can make it again.

  2. I am sorry you are struggling with this. Please consider talking to a pastor or counselor right away. It sounds like you have a bit of pride. A "I can do it myself" feeling which is not necessarily always a bad thing. One thing I find frustrating with some that I have had to deal with it a constant need to have their hand held for anything. However, ALL of us need help from time to time. Refusing help could be just as hazarous as never thinking for ones self. Well all fall. Don't ever be afraid to lean on someone. I hope this helps. God bless.

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