It’s been a rough couple of watches to say the least

  1. I’ve only ever seen the original, but I’d love to torture myself by watching all of them. Especially that one with Fat Pinhead

  2. I haven't seen it in ages but I have a really fond recollection of Inferno as being this gritty neo-noir with cenobites and thinking that was the coolest crossover.

  3. I ended up ordering through my Vintage Stock out of a store from Texas both Julia and The Turning Point. Both pretty hard to find so I understand your troubles

  4. Rewatch a favorite! I’ve started making sure that half of the movies i watch in any given month are great by rewatching favorite movies whenever the new ones I watch aren’t great.

  5. Hey have at it! I really only wanted to check it out because of that trailer plus the fact that Rob Zombie made a PG film.

  6. It’s not as dogshit as that trailer was, but it was just so freaking boring! The first 90 is dreadfully slow, then kinda gets interesting as it becomes closer to what the show was

  7. Haha, that happens… I hope it will get better! I’m excited for Blonde, and I’m going to watch it some day

  8. It’s pretty out there, I think Jay Bauman from RedLetterMedia has a great write up on it that I fully agree with

  9. Honestly yes and no… it’s well made and Ana De Armas gives it her all. I just hated the final product and a lot of the pretentious air about it

  10. Nope me too. Such a brutal experience. I couldn't care less how accurately it portrays the person it's "based on". I very much agree with Mark Kermode's take on the movie

  11. The performative outrage over Blonde is the most Twitterbrained shit I've seen in a long time. People are just so eager to jump onto the 'correct' opinion whether or not they've actually seen it.

  12. I really did love it. Had it at a 4.5 in the first half, slowly went down to a 4 as there are some messy parts.

  13. Lots actually, it just felt too disrespectful and overtly pretentious too. There’s questionable direction decisions that I thought were just terrible. Ana de Armas gives it her all, her accent comes through every now and then but it didn’t distract me like it has to others. Visually looks nice too, there are some really great compositions and whatever cameras used was nice. But then there are some really dumb things that he does with the camera too.. so it’s so polarizing right now it’s almost worth checking out to get in on the current flavor of the week

  14. Is this your first time on the internet since it came out? There's no way you haven't seen the constant hate that movie has been getting. 2.3 on Letterboxd, 5.9 on imdb, 36% on RT... you somehow missed that and all the hate threads on reddit? I haven't seen it. Don't know if I'd like it or not. It might be great. But there's no way you've "heard pretty much nothing but good things about Blonde" lol

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