The Cinephile's Movie Iceberg

  1. cleo from 5 to 7’s placement is strange lol the lowest tier but more popular than so many of the ones higher up. even if it’s based on accessibility it still doesn’t make sense.

  2. YES! When you stop “watching films” TOO seriously but just chill and try to find (any) beauty and enjoyment in those that happen to fall your way.

  3. I would add "Woman in the Dunes" to the third or second to last tier. It's so underrated and such a good and visual film. Definitely should be added to more "must watch" lists everywhere.

  4. Well said and fully agreed! I went ahead and started working on an update and added it in the 3rd to last. I think it sits nicely there beside the likes of Tokyo story.

  5. It definitely had all the hype. I could see it getting bumped up a spot. I just wonder if the same demographics that would watch those films in section 1 would watch a Korean film that won "best picture"

  6. I agree wholeheartedly - maybe worth switching but stalker has 201k people watched and almost 10k fans compared to High and low's 70k viewed and 1k fans just on letterboxd alone.

  7. I am down on the bottom of the page -- actually, I'm off the page. My snobbery knows no limits. I watch films so obscure, they were never on DVD. I watch films so obscure, you can't even torrent them. And if somehow you do manage to find a copy, there are no English subtitles anywhere. I only watch films that have been seen by single-digit numbers of Letterboxd users. I am such an extreme snob that nobody has even ever seen my favorite films. I am such an extreme snob that I can't even explain to you the level of my snobbery.

  8. is this serious? how do you have cleo from 5 to 7, one of the most well known movies of FNW, something even those not acquainted w the movement have seen, in the same tier as satantango, an 8 hour hungarian movie?

  9. that bottom category is laughable lol, none of these are esoteric. the real move wouldve been to fill it with some insanely inaccessible like experimental films or extreme cinema or something

  10. I think you need a final last tear with experimental stuff on it “ah you still watch narrative film?” or something. With like Michael Snow and Yoko Ono and all that art gallery type stuff.

  11. I've seen movies in all the tiers but I would say my tastes are in between Film Bros and Film Snobs depending on my mood.

  12. everthing everywhere and lady bird are in casual above movies in film buff that grossed several times its gross. Baby driver, mad max, and 2049 are straight blockbusters

  13. I'm not convince by the placement of some picks (in particular the most known Tarkovsky being 2 tier above the second one), but mostly I feel like several tiers are missing at the bottom.

  14. It sure is a movie that does exactly what it set out to do. I've mentally filed it away under "Movies that are more fun to talk about than to watch and if I ever recommend it to someone they might stop talking to me."

  15. masaki kobayshi, satyajit ray, sion sono ... hell, even agnes varda at deepest? these are all massively acclaimed directors. they're studied in colleges worldwide. is it supposed to be outsider art?

  16. I screwed up in the iceberg but I'm going to put the updated one up soon! It's Fassbinder's Berlin Alexanderplatz

  17. I think the hole goes deeper. Sexploitation, Blaxploitation, Pink Films, bad movies, Really bad movies, B-Movies, Neil Breen movies, Art Movies, Underground filmmakers, silent movies, early movies, Silhouette animation, more European/asian/latin films, etc.

  18. This made me love the fact that I'm a cinephile more than ever. Thanks op. I freakin love movies, don't I?!!

  19. and then there is me, identifying with all the categories of this iceberg while also only watching a few select films from each one.

  20. Oh man, it gets SO MUCH deeper. The bottom tier seem to mostly have narratives. Check out Michael Snow or Mara Mattuschka or Bruce Nauman or Takashi Makino & Manuel Knapp. Cinephilia knows no depths.

  21. Very inaccurate imo. The movies in the bottom tiers still have tens of thousands of views on LB and are on many of the most popular lists. The bottom tier should be movies from directors like Anne Charlotte Robertson, Catherine Breillat, Jonas Mekas, Stan Brakhage, Shuji Terayama, Takashi Ito, Ousmane Sembène, and Raúl Ruiz. You could go even more esoteric but then you run into accessibility issues.

  22. This list is stupid. Stop trying to put people in groups and let them enjoy what they want without feeling judged…and don’t be the snob that judges everybody else for watching an MCU movie.

  23. I like films in all the categories, this is just for fun. This is almost like a ranking of popularity/rarities of films that cinephiles love and call masterpieces

  24. I'm only in the second alter, but I already downloaded The Best of Youth to watch in a near future. Guess I'll descend a lot, then!

  25. or arguably ascend! lol. I envy being in your spot though, you have so many gems to discover on and off this list.

  26. I feel like Psycho earned its place in the top of the iceberg as a movie everyone knows, everyone parodies, it’s just a part of mainstream pop consciousness at this point

  27. I'm pretty sure you can show High and Low to any casual movie watcher and they will like it. It's a detective movie and a very engaging one at that.

  28. Very much agreed. Love it for being accessible yet seldom recommended in Korusawa's catalogue compared to the other big ones

  29. i remember watching the tree of life with a friend and we came out of the theater and she was bawling and i had no idea what i had just watched

  30. I haven't even watched all the films in tier one, can we add a lower category with Happy Madison and Disney Channel original movies?

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