Which is most detrimental to a movie's quality?

  1. I’d say in most cases it’s a bad script, but a truly awful performance can ruin a good script, and a truly great performance can elevate a mediocre script.

  2. Plot would be more like story structure and pacing, whereas script would be more like the actual dialogue and/or voice-over. So if a film is badly paced or it has a scene that seems unnecessary that's a plot issue, but if the way the characters speak is cringey, unnatural or perhaps unfunny (in a comedy) then that would be a script issue...

  3. Easy. Bad Editing. If you don't edit well, then you can't create a movie well. Star Wars was nearly going to be really boring until it was saved in the edit.

  4. I said Bad Plot, though I specifically mean when there is no takeaway/message from the movie. You can make an awfully acted and filmed movie with a great message and I will adore it. And vice versa.

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