What’s your least favorite film from your favorite director?

  1. I have to agree with this. Really glad they finally released it on DVD though, just so I had the chance to see it.

  2. See for me it’s Spartacus because to me that seemed to be the movie of his to have the most studio interference. It doesn’t feel to me like a Kubrick film and I forget it’s even in his filmography.

  3. I misread the question and thought it was asking your favorite film from your least favorite director. I was judging you very much in that moment.

  4. I think War Horse is worse. It feels almost like a parody of Spielbergs most over sentimental tendencies but boring.

  5. Monsieur Verdoux is interesting, because Chaplin actively resisted and derided the sound movement for so long. Even in Modern Times, which was released well into the sound era, he was strategically using sound to mock the concept of sound in film.

  6. Last Night in Soho is now my least favorite but it also used to be The World’s End. It’s just not as funny as Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz and has far fewer setups and payoffs

  7. Weirdly, World’s End is my favorite of his films. I love the mid-film shift and I kind of really love how sad it is. Also probably Simon Peggy’s best performance? That speech he gives at the end to the glowing light thingy is transcendent.

  8. I'm gonna be honest--I haven't liked an Edgar Wright film since Scott Pilgrim. I feel like that's a fringe fuckin' opinion, but after seeing Last Night in Soho, I've only become more sure of it. Hated The World's End, HATED Baby Driver, and just didn't vibe with Last Night In Soho.

  9. Have you seen Crimson Peak? That’d be my least favorite from Del Toro. I haven’t seen Nightmare Alley yet though

  10. The Grandmaster is honestly a masterpiece and better than Happy Together and Days of Being Wild IMO. It’s rather messy but also so powerful. Best way to describe it is a martial arts version of Once Upon a Time in America.

  11. Stalker is perhaps my least fav Tarkovsky. It's essentially the backs of some dudes' heads and a whole lot of trees for 3 hours. Mirror is definitely more my vibe.

  12. Koreeda is also my favorite director and I really enjoyed Our Little Sister. My least favorite of what I've seen is After Life. I know it's highly respected but it is cold compared to his other films and too scattered and abstract for me. My favorites are the emotional gut punch family stories like Nobody Knows, Shoplifters, and Like Father Like Son.

  13. Alex Garland reinvigorated my sense of awe for films but Men has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

  14. Tie between The Lost World Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds, meh not exactly the worst movies ever, they are watchable but I expect a lot more from Steven Spielberg.

  15. Anomalisa, but only by default, even though I consider all three of Charlie Kaufman’s movies masterpieces deserving of a 5/5, Anomalisa is obviously the weakest out of the three.

  16. I know he has fear and desire, the killing, and killers kiss, but not counting those three, a clockwork orange is my least favourite film by Kubrick. Thought it was good, great even, but didn’t love it the way I loved 2001, The Shining, etc…

  17. So, besides Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, Kill Bill, Death Proof, Inglorious Basterds, Django, Hateful Eight and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. My least favorite Quentin Tarantino movie is definitely Pulp Fiction.

  18. Making my way through Scorsese’s filmography. I’ve seen 17/25 including currently watching Hugo. The worst one I’ve seen is Mean Streets, which is a favorite for some and near the top for many. The lack of an interesting or coherent plot is why is dislike it, not to mention the dialogue isn’t anything near his future three mob related movies. The reviews I see that like the movie often say things like “it’s raw and sensual”. Guess I don’t get it.

  19. It's definitely more of a hang-out film or character study than a traditional three-act structure film (if you remove the dialogue, the script would probably be a few pages long) and it took me a few viewings to get into it but it's now one of my favourite Scorseses and his first great film, IMO.

  20. I really didn’t like Mean Streets at first but I was seriously blown away on a rewatch and it jumped to a 5/5 for me. Excellent performances from De Niro and Keitel, it’s influenced by Fellini and is meant to be a sorta just plotless hangout movie but the runtime goes by fast, it’s just stylistic bliss and has so many of Scorsese’s greatest moments as a director. It sets up the key themes of his filmography (green/red - eden/hell and also the catholic guilt). It’s a great one

  21. I'm with you on that one, I also expected something that could fit his style, but I could not for the life of me connect with the movie. Sure, the blocking of the camera is good, but having been exposed to GoodFellas, Casino and Raging Bull before I saw Mean Streets, crippled the viewing.

  22. My favorite director too; I’ve seen 21 of his 25 features and Shutter Island is probably the “weakest” for me, but I still enjoy it. I guess I get how someone would find Mean Streets a bit inscrutable, as others said it’s more of a hangout movie, but I love it.

  23. Of the Scorsese films I’ve seen, Mean Streets is probably my least favorite as well. I would still say it’s a decent film with some great scenes, but it just doesn’t compare to his others

  24. I see a lot of people who don't like Mean Streets but I just fell in love when I saw it for the first time. Do you not like it as much as the others or do you just not like it?

  25. wow, that's interesting, I actually like the second half of the movie much more. but yeah, tarantino's choice to have two (mostly) narratively disconnected halves is super jarring. I do think the effect is really cool though, how in one movie he can at first set-up/pay homage/make-a-satire-of a specific genre only then to totally switch things up and subvert it all. but yes, definitely one of his weakest films.

  26. Kill Bill 2 by Quentin Tarantino. It has some great moments (Elle and I) but overall it is quite meh. Take what I say with a grain of salt because I think Jackie Brown is his best film, and it drives me crazy how many people say it’s his worst!

  27. I just taught a class on Bob Fosse. I warned everyone against seeing Star 80, his last film. It's so ugly. It's about a Playboy model who is murdered by her ex boyfriend/pimp. Not an upbeat film. Not well made either

  28. Jackie Brown from Tarantino. Still, a great movie, but he just has such an incredible resume, there has to be a “worst”.

  29. Guardians of the galaxy by James Gunn. It has a co writer and you can fucking tell. Either that or Oz the Great and Powerful, cause it’s just a worse army of darkness

  30. Is Sanjuro a like the least scenario? I love Sanjuro it’s my fifth favorite of his, and Kurosawa is my second favorite director.

  31. Don’t worry he won’t get far on foot by Gus van sant. I hated it so much, there was nothing I liked about it, not even the look, which is typically the redeeming thing for other van sant films that lack in other areas

  32. Maelstrom is the only Denis Villeneuve film I could probably say I don't like. All truly love all of his other stuff

  33. These aren't necessarily my favorite directors, but they are directors I've seen the entire feature film filmography of, or at least most of it.

  34. Panic Room is solid - worth watching for sure. And definitely better than any and all versions of Alien3.

  35. Hayao Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle. The only one of his films I dislike, and by dislike I mean absolutely hate and cannot understand how anyone can think it’s good

  36. My favorite director currently is Tarantino. I’ve only seen the really good movies so sadly Reservoir Dogs is my least favorite. If we’re not counting both Kill Bill’s as one mega film then it’s Vol. 2. Once I watch his entire filmography though, I’m expecting Death Proof to be my least favorite. All his movies are good though.

  37. I don't know If I have a all-time favorite director/film that immediately jumps to mind is Inherent Vice. Aside from Hard Eight (it's fine), I love just about everything from PTA except for Vice. I feel like QT or the Coens would've been a better fit for that film honestly.

  38. Ugh. Not sure if would call Spielberg my favorite... but he's directed more of my favorites than anyone else, so I'll go with him.

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