Which actors would you like to lead more films?

  1. i love JK Simmons and i agree he’d be great in a leading role, but also think he often shines the most as a supporting actor that can be played off of the protagonist/antagonist

  2. Paul Dano is the lead in Spielberg’s new autobiographical childhood movie, along with Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan

  3. Ur so right. The scene in annette where he’s conducting the orchestra is like best scene in any movie ever. He crushed.

  4. I was pleasently surprised to see him in Top Gun: Maverick because it feels like these days he almost exclusively does "Hey its Jon Hamm!" bit parts and cameos.

  5. Giancarlo Esposito is pretty much just playing variations of Gus Fring now, which is fine cuz Gus is a great character and Esposito is fantastic has his, but he has so much range that I wish he could show more often.

  6. I’m surprised he’s not considering he kills it in everything, Mads even won best performance for Death Stranding

  7. I think Prisoners is one of the best movies ever filmed. Jake’s scene talking to David Dastmalchian in the doorway is a scene that exemplifies good acting to me.

  8. Jessie Buckley is my favorite actor to watch right now. Putting her in the lead is guaranteed viewing from this guy!

  9. Agreed. The only thing I’ve seen him star in is ‘The Guest’ which is funny at best. But he’s sooo good in ‘Legion’ I just want to see him in a solid movie.

  10. Billy Crudup, Amy Ryan, Noah Emmerich, Molly Parker, Kurtwood Smith, Isabelle Fuhrman, Michael Wincott, James LeGros, Nicole Beharie, Steve Zahn, Olivia Thirlby, James Badge Dale, Luke Kirby, Emily Browning, Mira Sorvino, Rory Cochrane…

  11. Seann William Scott. The guy’s legacy is as American Pie’s Stifler and he’s recognised for a bunch of other (mostly comedy) movies.

  12. David Dastamalchian bodies every role, even in mediocre films like Ant-Man. But in films like Prisoners, The Dark Knight, or The Belko Experiment, he always gets a criminally low screentime

  13. Jim Cummings for sure. He’s acted in his own films and has shown himself to have a great leading man look…I’d love to see how he fares in other starring in other directors’ movies.

  14. One of my favorite actresses is Rooney Mara, and I would love for her to have some more lead work because she plays a lot of supporting roles, although I am excited for that new Audrey Hepburn biographical with her.

  15. Paul Dano, Michael Stuhlbarg, David Thewlis, Javier Bardem. I’d also like to see more elderly actors in lead roles, like JK Simmons or Judi Dench

  16. More Olivia Colman!! I know the academy considers her role in the favourite as the leading role but it clearly is Emma Stone. (It was worth it though cause it got her an Oscar) I’d like to see a movie where she’s the actual leas.

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