Imagine you are a movie producer with an "Unlimited" budget for your project. Choose the Director, 3 actors, a genre and the theme of the movie?

  1. I think it kinda already exists for me in the form of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; I can’t imagine a film ever being made more up my alley than that. So if I had to choose something else, it would be a sequel to that film following the main three (DiCaprio, Pitt, and Robbie) post-OUATIH-ending. No real plot or conflict, just a portrait of early 70’s Hollywood

  2. First I need a time machine for my dream project. I want to go back 20 years ago and make a Cleopatra film with Angelina Jolie starring in it. For a director, I want David Fincher to helm it.

  3. I want a Paul Thomas Anderson movie starring Gary Oldman, Joaquin Phoenix, and Olivia Coleman. It would be a serious drama a la There Will be Blood or Phantom Thread, set somewhere between 1800-1960 (though I don't have a plot idea yet.)

  4. If we’re talking fantasy, I’d choose Mike Nichols to adapt Catcher in the Rye with a young Leonardo DiCaprio. Catcher in the Rye can never be made into a movie so I gotta choose it, and I think Nichols could do a great job dealing with the loss of innocence, sexual frustrations, and overall angst that the book deals with. I’m also just a big Nichols fan, can’t lie. Young Leo is one of the only good actors who could have passed for 16 so he’d be my pick for Holden

  5. Nah I would be comfortable with never having a Catcher in the Rye film adaptation. Sounds like the antithesis of everything that book, Salinger, and Holden Caulfied is about. If there ever was one I would want it to be low-budget indie. Zero recognizable actors. Unknown director. Fully authentic and raw to its core.

  6. Just let Matt Reeves go ham with some kind of space, Blade Runner, cyberpunk, sci-fi noir type movie. Denis Villeneuve is great but I feel like Matt Reeves may have done just as well with the Blade Runner sequel or another Dune adaptation. Definitely would've done a better Cowboy Bepop live action. Even some Warhammer type shit(I'm not a huge Warhammer fan but had a roommate that did and that viral fan-made animation still gets stuck in my head).

  7. I would choose to let Ari Aster and Robert Eggers direct a Horror movie set in southern USA in the early 1800.

  8. Alfred Hitchcock, Carey Grant, Christian Bale, Grace Kelly, Thriller. Some sort of heist movie. Bale in the 1960s wouldn't look too out of place.

  9. Denis Villeneuve directing a Star Trek movie that is more like The Motion Picture in terms of scope and tone (more of a hard sci-fi story) he can even keep the actors from the newer Star Trek films.

  10. Yorgos Lanthimos. Mads Mikkelsen, Nicole Kidman, and Joaquin Phoenix. Don’t even care about the theme I would just love to see them work together in a dark drama.

  11. I’m always skeptical anytime the idea for this sequel is thrown out there but the Daniels are a really solid pick to direct this

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