What is your favourite car chase ?

  1. The entirety of Mad Max: Fury Road, but specifically the return chase. Masterfully executed action, tactile driving and location, and a wonderful sense of momentum.

  2. To live and die in LA. The high tension and energy never really waivers during the nearly ten minute chase scene. There’s just so much going on during the scene and Friedkin puts it all together in such a masterful way.

  3. The interval of Valimai. Imagine stunts being like Mad Max but the Color palette is like The Matrix and is set in the modern world. The movie sucks though

  4. there are some Verrrrry good high tension car chase scenes in Nightcrawler, its one of my favorite movies but those scenes just add So much anxiety which perfectly fits the tone of the movie

  5. Ok I don’t know if this is an unpopular opinion or not but all of the chase scenes in baby driver is some of the best directing and editing I’ve seen ever

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