Describe your favorite movie poorly and i‘ll try to guess it

  1. Guy finds out he likes kinky sex, but doesn’t really like kinky sex, then kills a guy who likes to have kinkier sex, all while falling in love with another unrelated and nice girl

  2. My favorite (Back To The Future) was already mentioned, but here's a great one from an old newspaper listing:

  3. Hmm sounds pretty much like a Batman movie, but i‘m not sure if it‘s Batman Returns or The Batman. Due to the fact that the topic „orphan“ is more of a central theme in Returns, i‘d say it‘s Batman Returns

  4. Old guy staying at his family's house eats cheeseburgers when he shouldn't be eating cheeseburgers (he gets kicked out for eating cheeseburgers)

  5. It‘s been quite some time since i wachted it for the last time but this sounds like „Where the Wild Things are“

  6. Father and son go two different ways of becoming the boss men. One is wholesome and epic, the other is frustratingly sad.

  7. Young narcissistic dude is mean to his wife, has unprotected sex, needs to stop committing robberies and get a job. Has a mid-life crisis and steals again, the victims try to kill him and his family, and he, in an organized group, steals everything from them, damages town buildings, commits arson and destroys their mental health, escapes from the town, and ends up living in a sewer, stealing from a grocery store to feed his family and friends, and has a dance party as the credits roll.

  8. My favourite films are listed on Letterboxd and I’m not saying you’d check my account and cheat, but I have trust issues, so here’s one I like a lot but didn’t make make my list…

  9. A man lies his way into a position of power he's unqualified for but by the end of the movie he becomes the person he pretended to be

  10. This sounds quite familiar, but i think i can‘t quite get my finger on it . The best thing that comes to my mind is „the invention of lying“

  11. I love this but I think my interpretation of that movie differs quite a bit from yours. Guess it's time for a rewatch!

  12. Two americans meet each other in a foreign country, hang out a bunch, and then don't get together

  13. A girl who sort of has supernatural senses is going thru a coming of age arc after her dad dies and her weird uncle moves in. Her and the uncle bond over shared violent tendencies and also theyre totally into each other.

  14. A kid has a pet cyborg who will do whatever he asks him to and they have many adventures together including having to outwit another cyborg who wants to do bad things to the kid. Also the kid's mom is in the mental institute because nobody believes her about the cyborgs.

  15. A crash land leaves a survivor who tries to find a warm place to live only to be met with hostility from the habitants of the planet

  16. A non white person enters a white family house after which the family tries to attack the person whilst pretending to be not racist, even though they are. At the end, a form of law enforcement saves the day.

  17. 1.) Man can't stop being unable to differentiate his ex from new women simply because their hair colour's different...

  18. You want to punch this guy you knew from high school over and over until you become a better person

  19. I know I love it but I forget the whole thing approximately 5 minutes after I watch it. And that keeps happening over and over.

  20. Two sisters decide to travel with some motorcycle salesmen to live out their dreams in Paris, leaving their mom and younger brother behind.

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